Lea remembers her life as an Ezoni (an E.T. being from a different world) at their early stage of civilization.

La Commissione

12/11/2020 21:07:18

Diego Antolini (The X-Plan Group) recalls the first contact with Lea and how Lea's story became intertwined with the Valmalenco investigation that was beginning in that same year

La Commissione

06/09/2020 18:10:44

More insights of Lea's life as an Atlantian researcher at the time of the Lost Continent's fall, as reported in her book "A Soul Remembers"

La Commissione

02/08/2020 09:23:38

Lea fully accepts her Starseed nature, and her mother at last decides to contact a researcher that could help understand her daughter's case. Lea meets Mary Rodwell.

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01/07/2020 18:17:26

Chapter 2 is the second in a trilogy that addresses the Pleiadean presence, partnership, legacy and “magic box” escape clause. As with the first installment, this four-speaker presentation is thematic and is put together by a panel of esteemed researches and experiencers

TXP Press

17/06/2020 11:08:18

As Lea's consciousness expands, scenes from her past lives resurface and begin to unfold. Her life in Atlantis stands out as one of her clearest memories. What was Atlantis? Who was Lea as and Atlantean citizen? What happened to the Lost Continent?

La Commissione

20/04/2020 12:38:37

Enter Mezreth, the Light Being who met Lea in the Astral Dimension and became over the years her mentor, friend and guide. Mezreth imparted scientific knowledge into Lea's mind, told her about his origins, and gave Lea choices to be made in her life on Earth as a Starseed.

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22/03/2020 13:25:30

Episode: #4 In This Episode: Lea breaks into her teenage years, and as her peers and family expects her to be like everyone else, she struggles to find a balance between her earthly nature and her stellar heritage.

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15/01/2020 22:20:12

Episode: #3 In This Episode: The passage from childhood to adolescence proves to be critical for Lea, who slowly detaches from Antajisan until totally reject her. The Purple Lady disappears from Lea's life, and her struggle to live a "normal" life is all in her drawings...

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02/12/2019 00:03:20

UFO International Magazine N. 78 (September 2019 issue, Zona Franca Publishing) has been released into the Italian newsstands. This marks another important milestone for The X-Plan Group, that has managed, compiled and edited this issue entirely. The research group has taken the management of the Italian

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15/09/2019 20:06:40

Series: STARSEED - Are We All Humans On Earth? Classification: CEX-V Subject: Lea Kapiteli (Australia)

Diego Antolini

31/01/2019 09:07:42

however there was something different this time. Through my mind, I heard one of the xeno-emissaries, Neobatri, reach out and took a high interest in this subject. Immediately, she began giving me information about that area, talking about how space was (in her words) 'broken'

Lea Kapiteli

10/09/2018 16:12:31

Lea Kapiteli is a Starseed, a being whose nature is partly human and partly alien. She realized this since her early age, when she had a series of physical encounters with a "Purple Lady", Antajisan, who helped her to remember her true origins.

Diego Antolini

04/08/2018 10:56:54