Our Alien Ancestry, Chapter 2 - The Project

We are pleased to host on our website this remarkable initiative in the exobiology field. A team of Australian researchers with different backgrounds are launching a series of video conferences to share their view on the Alien influence to the world. This event was brought to our attention by Lea Kapiteli, our long-time contact.

The Concept

After several sold out events, we are bringing this to the world as a sequentially themed conference (Online & Live) exploring how the world will shift through the Alien involvement in our past, present and future. Chapter 2 is the second in a trilogy that addresses the Pleiadean presence, partnership, legacy and “magic box” escape clause. As with the first installment, this four-speaker presentation is thematic and is put together by a panel of esteemed researches and experiencers. There is a story in all of us, but these many stories tell one, very long, fated tale.

  • Steven & Evan Strong: Our role is to lock in a strong empirical base in rocks, whether megaliths like the Standing Stones, the huge astronomical walls in the Snowy Mountains or the galleries of hieroglyphs at Kariong, or the hundreds of sacred and star rocks, all of this and so much more resonates to an ancient Alien and terrestrial alliance.

  • Lea Kapiteli: A personal recollection of an incarnated soul witnessing the fall of AtlantisAll of these talks are underpinned by a prophecy of a seminal ascension in Earthly vibration and ensuing massive change in everything, as happened when Atlantis fell so swiftly as a form of collective Karma, which Lea was part of in past incarnation and will take us through how everything fell apart and is about to again. Living on Earth once before as an Atlantean, Lea divulges into agonising details of Atlantean culture, their perceptions, values, and how other civilizations (humans and aliens) viewed this enigmatic race. Their ten-thousand-year empire wiped away in mere moments, but the remnants of their legacy lives on.

  • Barry Eaton: Accessing the perfect historical record: your past livesWith each soul accountable for its next incarnation, Barry Eaton takes us inside through connecting inwards and contacting your personal past. Such information is priceless in finding inner harmony and perspective in giving a positive base to cope with the oncoming transformation.

  • Mary Rodwell: Having dealt with what happened before we now move on to “What Comes Next,” with Mary Rodwell and her fascinating work with children chosen by Aliens to nurture, advise and prepare for what happens after the Schumann resonance maintains a vibration numbered in three figures perpetually. Mary will give us a very personal account of why, who, when and shows how her research is yet another part of a huge galactic puzzle/experiment that is all falling to place.

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