Lea Kapiteli - STARSEED #0


Lea Kapiteli is a Starseed, a being whose nature is partly human and partly alien. She realized this since her early age, when she had a series of physical encounters with a "Purple Lady", Antajisan, who helped her to remember her true origins.

For some time after these early experiences, Lea had to deal with her growing up in a society that refused to believe, or simply discarded certain phenomena as plain fantasies. She came to the point to reject her "other" side almost completely, until she learnt how to cope with her peers, her earthly family, and herself.

That's when she began her astral traveling and met Antajisan again. The "Purple Lady" introduced Lea to Mezreth, a powerful energy being who welcomed Lea and gave her support, and knowledge.

To this day, Lea is still in contact with these two primary entities, but there is a lot more in and around, yet to be told.

The X-Plan Group has interviewed Lea Kapiteli for about a year before deciding to set up a video recording about Lea's experiences.

The Pilot, or Episode #0, is live on YouTube now.

In the next episodes we will hear Lea opening up and sharing her view on Astral Traveling, Past Lives, ETs nature and technology, the past and the future of humanity, and more.

We hope that these videos featuring Lea Kapiteli will resonate within your soul as the journey into your multi dimensional nature.

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