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Progetto X-COVER
Il Gruppo The X-Plan ha avviato da qualche mese un progetto di grafica collegato a indagini, conferenze, articoli e altre attività. I progetti di lunga durata o di particolare importanza verranno annunciati con una cover che ne rappresenta il contenuto. Le cover potranno essere visualizzate sulla Home Page del sito alla sezione PROGETTI.

La Commissione

CONSPIRACY III: The Illusion of Reality

Part 3

Diego Antolini
Our planet, our Solar System, and the whole Universe are plunged into fields of vibrations, dimensions, energetic layers, to which is possible to enter only beyond our material body (otherwise we could also see them:) This is what the ancient oracles did, as well as the modern mediums today. This is what
03/10/2018 18:57:30

CONSPIRACY II: Rituals and Symbolism

Part 2

Diego Antolini
The manipulation of the medicine is the last piece of the Confraternity’s master plan (but it is of paramount importance, along with the mind control and more than the creation of a World Bank, World Army, and the World Government, because it regards the human being in its deepest aspect.)
26/09/2018 19:05:09


Part 1

Diego Antolini
Talking about the conspiracy that has been engulfing the planet for centuries (or, maybe, for millennia) under its tentacles is not an easy task, first and foremost because of the wall of secrecy surrounding its principal actors: the access to the information regarding the plans, the objectives
19/09/2018 15:06:06

When Their Eyes Fell Upon Us...

Excerpt from the Study "Into the Cosmic Maze"

Diego Antolini
That Earth (or Terra, as it seems our planet is known among the Visitors) has been an object of interest since prehistoric times is something that today we should take as an indubitable truth. Too many religions, myths and legends, folk lore from all around the globe indicate that “Visitors from
10/07/2017 12:08:27


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