TXP Joins the Center for The Advancement of Humanity

The Center for the Advancement of Humanity is a spiritually based center who is striving to investigate and explorer many of the world's greatest mysteries as well as the secrets of our universe and to share back in all forms of media the very best information we have uncover. We are a network of centers beginning to open up all over the world.

The X-Plan Group is now a part of the Center and will be acting as the European Department for the investigation and reporting about various world mysteries and
the paranormal.

Diego Antolini said,

"When Joshua Shapiro told me about its Center I was impressed by the mission and the goals it set, and I am glad that he gave me and The X-Plan the opportunity to work with him in this project. I wish Joshua and the Center for the Advancement of Humanity all the success it deserves."

The X-Plan Group welcomes this collaboration with the Center and hope to give it a substantial contribution to the study and research of what has yet to be understood by Mankind.

The Center's official website: