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CEX-I Chile
CEX-I Chile
It is a new project by The X-Plan Group
La Commissione 31.10.2020
Valmalenco - Runes

The Valmalenco Files #4

La Commissione
On the opposite direction of the Meridian there is a place with carvings on the rocks which resemble ancient runes. In that same place The X-Plan Group witnessed "The Bubble" phenomenon back in 2018. Now the investigation moves forward...Reaching the top of the Pizzo Scalino via the "Passo degli Ometti"
07/07/2020 09:46:07

Valmalenco - What Is The Meridian?

Valmalenco Files #4

La Commissione
The "Meridian" was discovered by The X-Plan Group in 2017 in a hidden valley off the known trails at the bottom of the Pizzo Scalino. To these days, under the scorching sun or buried in snow, that piece of rock remains untouched. Its origin, purposes and use are still unknown
05/07/2020 21:23:53

Feng Shui And The Pizzo Scalino Mountain

Valmalenco Files #3

La Commissione
The X-Plan Group met with Master Jeff Lee in Shenzhen, China. Jeff has been an expert of Feng Shui and a researcher in Metaphysics for about 27 years. He lives and work between Hong Kong and Shenzhen, but his clients span all over Guangdong Province, Southern China
03/08/2019 22:05:27

The Loreto's Holy House And The Cross Of Beirut

Video Synopsis

La Commissione
The X-Plan Group visits the Holy House in Loreto (Marche region, Italy), one of the most important icons of the Roman Catholics. According to the legend, the whole house where Mary received the annunciation was hauled by angels from Nazareth directly onto the Loreto Hill where it is now
03/08/2019 21:40:54

The Monster of Scheggia: Hypotheses

Part 3

Diego Antolini
In this paragraph we present the principal scenarios that we have drawn based on the objective data and logical projections of the dynamics revolving around the “Monster of Scheggia” incident
11/04/2019 05:38:33

The Monster of Scheggia: Cover-Up

Part 2

Diego Antolini
In this paragraph we present a detailed reconstruction of the sighting place, the topographic coordinates, and a series of photographs and maps which describe the area and the sequence of Oddo’s close encounter with the “Monster of Scheggia”
04/04/2019 18:35:03

The Monster of Scheggia

Part 1

Diego Antolini
It’s a Sunday evening on May, 1997. Oddo Brunamonti, 60, goes to the woods nearby Scheggia (Gubbio, Italy) to fetch the lumber than a friend of his had previously stack on the side of the road. Oddo parks his car in reverse so to drive back easy after finishing the job, and steps out of the vehicle
28/03/2019 07:15:30

Who Was Watching Us?

The Valmalenco Files #1

Diego Antolini
Based on the previous night's observation we marked an area of about 200 yards radius, which had a mound in its center, for we believed the lights had come from that mound. The mound was dotted with trees and shrubs, but for the most part was made of rocky clearings. We split into two groups,
03/08/2018 16:44:00

The Quest for the Queen of Faeries: The Cry of the Sibyl

Diego Antolini
The image we have seen on the side of Mount Priora/Pizzo della Regina corroborates the Oriental tradition which describes the female goddess (Embodied by Ishtar first, and Isis later) as "covered with a veil", symbol of initiation necessary to acquire the Keys of Knowledge. The vision of the Sibyl
16/11/2017 11:59:51

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