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CEX-I Chile
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La Commissione 31.10.2020
GHOST FILE SZRB2018 - The "Silence" of the Red Building

Shenzhen Files #1

Diego Antolini
We first heard about the Red Building on the Internet. Nobody would really point at that metallic red-colored, candle-shaped (or horn-shaped) building which houses Bank of China without saying: "That building is haunted". Of course, why wouldn't they?
07/03/2018 20:31:08

GHOST FILE HK2017-3 – The Haunted Hospice

Diego Antolini
Truth of the matter is that, over the years, several contractors tried to tear down the old buildings to rebuild new ones, but they kept on experiencing strange occurrences, such as reports from workers who allegedly saw old people hanging around the premise while nobody has lived in that place for a long
12/01/2018 10:08:01

GHOST FILE HK2017-2 – The Red Ghost

Hong Kong Files Part II

Diego Antolini
Many stories have risen around the school over the years; one of them tells about a group of men who used to play war games in abandoned building constructions, and Tak Tak school was one of their chosen battlefields. While playing, the ones that were shot by the paint ball would have to go sit on the
08/01/2018 21:51:00

GHOST FILE HK2017-1 – The Unborn Children

Hong Kong Files Part I

Diego Antolini
The Central Hospital was particularly known throughout the island as being the city's largest provider for the abortion requests: it offered low-cost services to patients who could not afford expensive medical care in private clinics.
03/01/2018 22:01:43

The House of Hearts

[Excerpt from the Introduction]

Diego Antolini
Among the evidence we have collected there is a short clip sent us by one of the witnesses. The clip shows a Gallium thermometer whose temperature drops unnaturally fast from 38 ºC to 36.7-37 ºC, and there stops. According to the witness, this phenomenon would have repeated several times in sequence
31/08/2017 08:42:41

GHOST FILE SARCH2015 – The "Ghost" of Sant'Arcangelo (07/25//2015)

Diego Antolini
The photograph shows a human-like figure with blurred contours who appears to wear a Roman tunic. The figure has wide shoulders, and a hat or halo upon the head. The body proportions are not balanced with that of his head. The face features are not visible.
18/06/2017 19:26:46

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