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"The Giant of Kandahar", statistiche
L'articolo "The Giant of Kandahar" ha raggiunto le 30000 letture e i numeri sono in continuo aumento. Il Gruppo The X-Plan ringrazia tutti gli utenti che da ogni parte del mondo hanno contribuito a raggiungere questo traguardo

La Commissione

Lea Kapiteli - Starseed #8

Episode Overview

La Commissione
More insights of Lea's life as an Atlantian researcher at the time of the Lost Continent's fall, as reported in her book "A Soul Remembers"
02/08/2020 09:23:38

Lea Kapiteli - Starseed #7

Episode Overview

La Commissione
Lea fully accepts her Starseed nature, and her mother at last decides to contact a researcher that could help understand her daughter's case. Lea meets Mary Rodwell.
01/07/2020 18:17:26

The Virus Within - PANPHOBIA #3

Episode Overview

Our reality has been re-shaped right now, we just don't realize it because we're too busy wearing masks...we are too distracted...Fear is the magnet, the catalyst the attractive elements to get us sick...and what is our worst fear? It's Showtime folks. Welcome to the Corona Circus.
22/06/2020 09:20:11

TXP Live: Nicolò Di Lella Ep#7

Episode Overview

La Commissione
Conflicts that surround our life are the result of suppressing events that our mind- separated by the soul- imposes upon us. This great suppressed energy must be somehow released. But without suppressing everything flows in the Eternal Now, which allows us to accept and love. Our consciousness would eventually bring the
20/06/2020 16:33:50

Our Alien Ancestry, Chapter 2 - The Project

TXP Press
Chapter 2 is the second in a trilogy that addresses the Pleiadean presence, partnership, legacy and “magic box” escape clause. As with the first installment, this four-speaker presentation is thematic and is put together by a panel of esteemed researches and experiencers
17/06/2020 11:08:18

The Communitron #3: COVID-19

Episode Overview

The Communitron asks, The X-Plan Answers: COVID-19, What Is It? Are Humans That Gullible? Was The "Pandemics" A Success?
16/06/2020 18:25:45

The Virus Within - PANPHOBIA #2

Episode Overview

NeoX Studio
We are blinded, stumbling toward the edge of a cliff, clinging onto something that we believe is salvation...Ignorance
26/05/2020 19:04:24

The Virus Within - PANPHOBIA #1

Episode Overview

NeoX Studio
What we don't know, we fear, What we fear, we despise, What we despise, we hate, Hate leads us to anger, the annihilation of all freedoms. Diego Antolini (The X-Plan Group) speaks about the origins of the global "Pandemics" farce.
17/05/2020 23:53:30

TXP Live: Nicolò Di Lella Ep#6

Episode Overview

La Commissione
The desire to possess is nothing but the limit of our current vision of Economy. How can we free ourselves from the cage that keeps our consciences low and vulnerable to fear and egotism? The Universal Love or the awareness of being part of the Creation, in fact each of us being creators of our own reality, becomes a
16/05/2020 14:58:04

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