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We Don’t Ask You To Believe, We Ask You To Think


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CEX-I Chile
CEX-I Chile
It is a new project by The X-Plan Group
La Commissione 31.10.2020
A.I. Platform For Social Aggregation

A New Project by the Order of the Templars of Jerusalem

TXP Press
Fonte: Order of the Templars of Jerusalem - Principality of Monaco
The Order of the Knights Templars of Principality of Monaco presents a new artificial intelligence platform for social aggregation with women and for women that will be available worldwide. The platform could also be useful in the very near future as data flows recipient for a targeted
26/06/2021 15:07:42

Cosmic Love - A Higher perspective

A Starseed’s conversation with higher self

It's the same as cosmic love that we all beings perceive “The infinite unconditional union” On earth the masculine and feminine come together in union to come close to divine source. Once in union they become the reflection of the divine source and they are able to procreate
24/02/2021 19:27:27

The Hanging Time

Never, in the memory of man and as far as we know, we have been in a time like the one we are living now. To the mass, it is called Time of Coronavirus. To me, I call it “The Hanging Time”.
26/04/2020 08:24:07

Roberto Rengifo and the Polar Antarctic Origin of Mankind

Rafael Videla Eissmann
Upon the completion of the first centenary of the concept promulgated by Professor Rengifo at the General Session of the Scientific Society on December 29, 1919, in Chile, we commemorate through this text the fundamental premise on the Origin of Mankind in the Antarctic Continent.
10/12/2019 22:44:29

Neobatri and Valmalenco

The Valmalenco Files #2

Lea Kapiteli
however there was something different this time. Through my mind, I heard one of the xeno-emissaries, Neobatri, reach out and took a high interest in this subject. Immediately, she began giving me information about that area, talking about how space was (in her words) 'broken'
10/09/2018 16:12:31

The Cross And The Lightning

Classification: CEX-I/II

Diego Antolini
A Cross is also the symbol of both Bologna and Genoa, both are red on white background. Bologna displays the lion's head (lion is a symbol of the Sun, and fire), while Genoa has two Griffons to the sides of the cross (the Griffon is, also, a symbol of the Sun and light.)
16/08/2018 10:00:33

Fire Upon Italy: The Bologna And Genoa Incidents

Diego Antolini
The Italian Government changes and so does its policy. The ceasing of immigration flow through Italy is one of the top agenda, and Italy rose its voice in Europe on several other issues. During this period of change, or desired change, Italy is stricken by two "incidents" within the space of eight days
14/08/2018 22:25:59

We Were Never Alone

The Valmalenco Files #0

Diego Antolini
2018. Nexus Italy's Tom Bosco and The X-Plan Group join forces to study the Valmalenco phenomena. This leads to our second field investigation – the first for Tom – in Valmalenco. We arrived there in the middle of June, again for three days. But this time we were led to certain
06/07/2018 00:53:32


Diego Antolini
This section will host, from time to time, special contributions from researchers and authors of the Unexplained and Paranormal Phenomena, as well as preliminary investigations carried out by The X-Plan Group before they become official.
04/02/2018 07:03:01

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