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NIBIRU - The Date

Diego Antolini
What appears to be a 'terrestrial' historical process is in fact an interplanetary one. The Earth's role in the Solar System (which, according to the Mayan Cosmology, had a central star – the Sun – and at least ten planets) is to maintain the resonating frequency, along with the other planets,
09/05/2018 18:51:06

NIBIRU - The Science

Diego Antolini
The genesis of the "Nemesis Theory" or of the Sun's dark companion, dates back to 1983, when Professor Louis Alvarez (Berkeley University, California) advanced the theory that the disappearance of dinosaurs was caused by a mighty impact between Earth and a giant meteorite.
02/05/2018 18:59:44

NIBIRU - Ancient Documents III

Part III

Diego Antolini
Sitchin writes of the existence of a document which would contain a message from deep space. In it, a complete description of the Earth's position, the coordinates and the direction to reach Earth is explained..
25/04/2018 16:13:51

NIBIRU - Ancient Documents II

Part II

Diego Antolini
In the Native Americans’ Folk-lore of the creation of the world there are several references about an unnatural “intervention” in the birth of man, which match perfectly with Sitchin’s studies:
18/04/2018 17:23:52

NIBIRU - Ancient Documents I

Part I

Diego Antolini
According to Aristotle, for instance, the Pythagoreans with their studies on numbers had a mathematical idea of the Universe very similar to the Egyptian and the Mesopotamian civilizations (the more so if we consider that Pythagoras learnt much of his wide esoteric knowledge first in Egypt, and then in
12/04/2018 19:56:10

Multiverse And Parallel Universes

[Excerpt from The X-Plan Group's conference: “The Alien Language as a Spiritual Concept, and the Science of the Multiverse” – Assisi, May 2011]

Diego Antolini
There are stars that possess enough mass to collapse within themselves, thus forming black holes. Within the black holes there is a point called “singularity” where the laws of Physics could cease to be. In that point the curvature of the Space-Time becomes endlessly large, and modern science is not
14/03/2018 22:47:50

NIBIRU - Prophecies II

Part II

Diego Antolini
Among the effects the arrival of Nibiru could cause on Earth - inversion of the Poles and axes sliding - a deceleration of the planet's motion is feared. Such deceleration would lead to a complete, three-day stop of the earth's rotation, as the "Prophecies ot the Three Days of Darkness" state:
05/02/2018 03:47:44

NIBIRU - Prophecies I

Part I

Diego Antolini
The tale of the Opening of the Seven Seals describes a series of events that occurred or that are still ongoing (the first five Seals) or that still have to come (Sixth and Seventh Seal) shortly. About the last two seals, their opening will cause plenty of catastrophes and destruction, marked by the sound of
05/02/2018 03:38:41

NIBIRU - Genesis

Diego Antolini
Recent astronomical data confirm the discovery of another planet in our Solar System, a planet whose orbit is so wide that its transit between Mars and Jupiter would occur only every 3,600 years. The Sumerians were aware of the existence of a planet, which they called Nibiru or “The Planet of the
04/02/2018 17:49:08


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