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La Commissione 31.10.2020
Paracelsus and The Quintessential of Life

The Hermetics III

Diego Antolini
Interesting as it is, the events of his life are only a corollary to his works. Not only was Paracelsus the founder of modern medical science, but Mesmer's theory of magnetism, the "astral" theory of modern spiritualism, and Descartes' philosophy are all concepts that have drawn from his fantastic and not
20/08/2020 22:01:21

The Count of Saint Germain And The Secret of Immortality

The Hermetics II

Diego Antolini
Over the next three years nothing is known of Saint Germain’s deeds. He reappeared again in 1749 as a guest of King Louis XV of France, likely working as his political agent. During the repression of the Brotherhood that occurred throughout France following the edict of the
08/07/2020 09:23:40


The Hermetics I

Diego Antolini
On December 24, 1784 Cagliostro founded in Lyon La Sagesse Triomphante Grand Lodge, based upon the rites of the Egyptian Freemasonry, and then opened other lodges of the same nature in Germany, Russia and France. On January, 1785 Cagliostro went to Paris in response to the invitation of Cardinal Rohan
25/05/2020 14:23:02

Sasquatch, A Walk-In?

Across The Dimensions...

Diego Antolini
In 1902 a group on twelve men on the border between Tibet and Sikkim disappeared without trace. A group of Indian military sent on the rescue found and killed a semi-human creature which was sent at the closer Empire’s official in charge, Sir Charles Bell. What happened next never made it to the official
30/04/2020 11:41:42

Thunderbird, Wrath of the Skies

Evidence From The Earth's Past?

Diego Antolini
In Cryptozoology, "Thunderbird" is a term associated to winged creatures of large dimensions, typically identified with the Thunderbird of the Native Americans traditions. The name seems to originate from the thunder-like sound that the flapping of the wings of these giant
01/03/2020 20:49:43

The Kraken Shall Rise Again

What Dwells The Ocean Depths?

Diego Antolini
Since ancestral time sailors and seamen have spoken of a huge tentacled monster emerging, during violent thunderstorms, from the unfathomable depths of the ocean. They called that creature "The Kraken". They were familiar with octopuses and squids, which were marine animals with tentacles, but
17/01/2020 21:05:09

The Giant of Kandahar And The Lost Race Of The Nephilim

Diego Antolini
The soldiers distanced themselves, assuming the anti-ambush stance, when something leaped out of the cave at a speed that caught the Task Force by surprise. It was a human being at least 12, most likely 13 feet tall:
05/07/2018 09:58:59

The Bigfoot Enigma

Excerpt from the Study "The Bigfoot Enigma"

Diego Antolini
After the UFOs, the Bigfoot enigma can be nevertheless ascribed as the most controversial topic which is debated at various levels within the scientific (including the para-scientific, i.e. cryptozoological) and the media community
10/07/2017 10:02:05

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