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REPORT #IMG_20180730_214037

Classification: CEX-I/II

Diego Antolini
This image was taken on August 5, 2018 from Chiesa in Valmalenco, (SO), Italy. As a very hot summer evening faded into the night, a sudden storm broke out, pouring rain and lightning. A massive one apparently discharged directly on top of the Pizzo Scalino, while to the left of the mountain 4 bright
24/08/2018 23:20:15

REPORT #4_6023577704337506942

Classification: CEX-I

Diego Antolini
Fonte: Classified
According to the witness, the globe of light was alternatively visible and invisible "as if moving in time leaps"
14/08/2018 23:04:20

REPORT #VID_4_6015023920485237956

Classification: CEX-II

Diego Antolini
Fonte: Classified
This footage shows the same object or phenomenon of the two previous videos, but here a second object of the same kind of nature can be seen. Between the two sphere the matter seems to be altered by an Unidentified Force Field (UFF.) It is unclear whether the UFF is a product of the action of the spheres
12/08/2018 22:34:53

REPORT #VID_4_6015023920485237955

Classification: CEX-I

Diego Antolini
Fonte: Classified
This footage follows the previous one. The unidentified object or phenomenon here expands its light radius and starts displaying fascinating chromatic fragmentations. The luminosity is more defined.
12/08/2018 22:18:05

REPORT #VID_4_6014668756754629817

Classification: CEX-I

Diego Antolini
Fonte: Classified
In this footage the unidentified object or phenomenon seems static or moving in a slow, floating pattern. The witness struggles to put the object into focus. The glow varies at different levels, from dark gray to bright white.
12/08/2018 21:53:52

REPORT #VID_4_6014668756754629778

Classification: CEX-I

Diego Antolini
Fonte: Classified
The object recorded by the witness proceeds with a linear pattern toward the Pizzo Scalino, where he would disappear right above the mountain peak. From the video the object seems to be an oblong spheroid with diffuse luminescence.
12/08/2018 21:35:47

REPORT #20180810_WA

Classification: CEX-I

Diego Antolini
Fonte: Classified
This object has been reported by numerous witnesses as it hovered above the area of Chiesa in Valmalenco, Sondrio, (ITALY). It moved slow and smoothly. To be noted the light in the middle of the object, while its dark shape stands out against the night
10/08/2018 23:16:31

REPORT #4_600

Classification: CEX-I

Diego Antolini
Fonte: Classified
The first two photographs show a disk-shaped craft with a dome which flies over a town or village at low altitude. Based on the angle and the position, it is likely that the craft is moving.
09/08/2018 23:42:41

REPORT #VID 20180803-172455

Classification: CEX-I

Diego Antolini
Fonte: Anonymous
These pictures were sent to us by two different sources which remain anonymous. In the first set of photographs the cigar-shaped object appears to fly at a moderate speed with a linear pattern. No trail is visible, no noise was heard. The photographs were accompanied by
04/08/2018 22:27:20

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