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It is a new project by The X-Plan Group

La Commissione

The Minotaur's Code - A New World Disorder

TXP Press
On April 8th, 2021, Diego Antolini and Domizio Cipriani will share their view, their intelligence and their research on The X-Plan Group's You Tube about the current world's situation.
02/04/2021 14:23:18

TXP Live: Nicolò Di Lella Ep#13

Episode Overview

It's a never-ending journey, with no distance, no borders...to be Humans
19/12/2020 18:19:22

BLEND 1221

Into the Galactic...

TXP Press
The BLEND(TM) Project, brought to you by The X-Plan Group, is a contribution to the Galactic Harmonics.
17/12/2020 22:16:07

The Valmalenco Files - First Disclosure 9

Part 9 - The Aliens and The Future

TXP Press
What Will The Future Hold? Will Humans and Aliens Coexist? There Will Be A Union of Realms?
16/12/2020 23:36:21

The Valmalenco Files - First Disclosure 8

Part 8 - The Unexplained Phenomena

TXP Press
Why Do We See Things? Is It All Just In Our Heads Or Has Something To Do With External Forces And Electromagnetic Fields?
15/12/2020 19:39:11

The Valmalenco Files - First Disclosure 7

Part 7 - The Meridian Stone

TXP Press
What Secrets are Hidden in the Valmalenco Valley? Are They Simple Mineral Stones or is There More Than Meets The Eye? It is believed that Crystal Quartz possess the power to energize the human mind for attaining increased levels of higher consciousness.
15/12/2020 19:10:42

The Valmalenco Files - First Disclosure 6

Part 6 - The Government-Alien Connection

TXP Press
Why The Aliens Have Never Made A Mass Contact With Humans? Is Something Keeping Them At Bay or Do They Fear Us?
14/12/2020 19:32:51

The Valmalenco Files - First Disclosure 5

Part 5 - Secret Military Aircrafts

TXP Press
There have been claims of UFOs and Alien Spacecrafts Sightings for many years now. Several Unexplained Phenomena have made us wonder about their existence on Earth for decades. Diego Antolini shows unpublished images that will make you think...
14/12/2020 19:26:04

The Valmalenco Files - First Disclosure 4

Part 4 - The Alien Perspective of Consciousness and Energy

TXP Press
What is Consciousness and Energy According to Aliens? Is Technology Helping us Grow Stronger or is it Just Keeping Us Away From a Higher Consciousness?
13/12/2020 22:27:18

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