Our Alien Ancestry - Chapter 14

Diego Antolini and The Valmalenco Files

On September 26 Diego Antolini will participate to the Chapter 14 of Our Alien Ancestry show, which explores the question "Have Aliens visited Earth before?" from every angle: archaeology, paleontology, recorded history, witnesses and contactees from all over the world. Every month for a full day, a panel of seasoned researchers and experiencers are invited to bring public awareness to one of the most important topics known to humanity.

About Chapter 14 - Alien Days and Legal Ways

To quell any doubts of E.T. contact with us, see some of the clearest images of E.T.s lingering around us and the eerie stories coming from the Valmalenco mountains.

When we get that utopian world we wanted: what kind of laws and social expectations should we have for one another?

"The X-Plan Group's main mission is to disseminate data and information to the general public, encouraging them to think independently and come up with their own ideas about the very nature of reality. I am very intrigued to join this event, it will also be the first time that our field investigation of the Valmalenco phenomena is brought to Australia. Our research moves on, relentless, and who will attend this event will understand the real meaning of 'There Is More That Meets The Eye' saying."

Diego Antolini

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