The Minotaur's Code - Genetic Injections

Dr. V is a well renowned virologist with more than 30 years of experience.
He accepted to work with The X-Plan Group to unravel the deliberate lies concocted by modern medicine, especially the pharmaceutical companies and its minions, with regards to the nature of viruses and their relationship with human body.
Dr. V's life has been threatened several times for his statements. For this reason The X-Plan Group will protect his identity until the times where the truth is established, and brave scientists like Dr. V can come forward without risks.

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Full Transcript of Dr.V's Answers:

Q: Do vaccines help the immune system to protect against viruses?
Dr.V: No, vaccine doesn't protect anyone. All is about money, nothing else.
Q: What are the main effects of the mRNA "vaccines?"
Dr.V: Actually human beings shouldn't even take vaccine, because vaccination is not for human health, it's about destroyong your immune system. We have many examples of unvaccinated children. Those children never get sick, and the vaccinated are always sick. So we all know that vaccines destroy your immune system. When you come into life your immune system is at 100%. When you get vaccinated, it goes down to 80%. This is what happens when you get vaccines. So I don't advise anyone to get vaccinated for his optimal health.
Q: What are the differences that you are aware of, between the standard vaccines and these mRNA injections? How much scientific literature is available for scientists like you, who don't belong to the corrupt side, but you are fostering freedom of science, and the real science. So what can you understand of the main difference?
Dr.V: Let's say that standard vaccines just lower your immune system power, nothing else. It can sometimes give you health problem, but the mRNA vaccine is something else. This so-called "vaccine" because it shouldn't even be called vaccine -- this is a genic therapy -- it would change your DNA, people should be very careful about this.
Q: In which way the DNA structure can be affected by this mRNA genetic therapy?
Dr.V: This RNA vaccine can change you 100%, You can be someone else, this is how dangerous it is, so people should not go there at all, because this is not a game, this is something very serious. It will change you 100%.
Q: What are the possible consequences of these genetic injections and this therapy? How do you think people can change in your opinion, as a scientist?
Dr.V: RNA vaccines can make you become like a zombie when need to hit on another human being in order to survive because of your headache, because what people need to understand is that with the RNA vaccine you won't be a human being anymore, I mean everything a human being likes to do, you will hate it, you will become something, you don't even know what it is exactly, this is what we are talking about. This is not a game, and I repeat, this is not a game
Q: The link between these genetic injections and the shortwaves emitted by the 5G antennas, for example, or any other possible satellite technology
Dr.V: They are together. They are working together, the RNA vaccines and the 5G are connected because of the graphene, because the graphene is sensible to frequencies, or the fact that you are vaccinated, you are not a human being anymore, so it's like the 5G outside, when they would send a telepathic message in order to control you like  a machine, it will go through the 5G, and the fact that your DNA sends and receives messages, you will receive a message from the 5G. You will be like a robot. So, there is a connection.
Q: Nanoparticles and nanomagnets introduced in our body via injections. Is it Science Fiction or are we talking about a real scenario?
Dr.V: We are talking about a real scenario, and let me tell you something: They have already started since 2019, the first wave of Covid was created via the flu vaccine. This one was the first wave of so-called "Covid". It is not Science Fiction, it is something real.
Q: What happens if the graphene starts to circulate into our blood, into our fluids, and blends together with our various systems, the nervous system, the blood system, the bloodstream, the cardio-vascular system. What are the possible consequences of the graphene circulating inside our body?
Dr.V: In my laboratory we worked with the graphene, we used some rats as an experience to see exactly what it can do with the human body. Trust me, this is not good, at all. The consequences is something we couldn't believe. It's something we all got goosebumps because we couldn't believe it. This is not a game, sorry to repeat it again. The consequences is something you can't even imagine, this is too much.
Q: You cannot tell us, even just in a very broad terms what happened to the rats in your experiments?
Dr.V: Okay. What happened is that we took three rats, we injected them with the graphene, and what happened with those rats is that two days after they became very, very, very aggressive, so aggressive that one of the rats became a cannibal, and it killed the other two and then it killed himself. This is what happened. This is not a game.
Q: You didn't publish any of this yet, right?
Dr.V: We were not allowed to do it. When we tried, they said "Oh, you guys don't know what you are talking about", we never published it.