A.I. Platform For Social Aggregation

A New Project by the Order of the Templars of Jerusalem

Fonte: Order of the Templars of Jerusalem - Principality of Monaco

Templar Order world confédération, head quarter of Principality of Monaco - Business & Trade Department.

The Order of the Knights Templars of Principality of Monaco presents a new artificial intelligence platform for social aggregation with women and for women that will be available worldwide.

The platform could also be useful in the very near future as data flows recipient for a targeted election campaign, via the machine learning of artificial intelligence that is used within our social network.

Help us to share the ethical message in support of Christian values and the family, including parishes and religious communities, for the affiliation of women believers to the cloud. The affiliation will be on an invitation-only basis, and as an alternative to Facebook and Twitter it will provide free space for communication. The platform will be free for women through the affiliation to our Monégasque Templar Order world confédération institution, en registered in UN-ECOSOC and represented in 70 countries around the world. This affiliation will guarantee the possibility of proposing posts, services or products directly online, as well as a participation in the profits made by and through the platform, and the possibility of inviting other people to join.