The Minotaur's Code - Dr. Sir Leo Rebello

The X-Plan hosts Dr. Sir Leo Rebello in this exclusive video series about self-healing, awakening and health education.
In this first video Dr. Rebello introduces his work and gives people a breakthrough against the Experimental Genetic Injections falsely labelled as "vaccines."
Dr. Rebello's statements confirms what Diego Antolini has been saying on videos since May 2020.

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About Dr. Rebello (from his website

Prof. Leo Rebello has been interviewed by the Time magazine, the Los Angeles Times, Pravda, BBC TV and Radio, TV Asia, Star TV, Doordarshan, NDTV, All India Radio, the Times of India, Indian Express, Asian Age, the Observer, the Outlook magazine, the Week etc. Recipient of several prestigious awards and accolades, Dr. Rebello has written 51 books, delivered over 15,000 lectures in 65 countries and trained and treated over a million people since 1978.

He pioneered and started in 1978 a sixty-lesson Correspondence Course in Naturopathy in Bombay (much before IGNOU was started). Now he guides doctoral and post doctoral students. Dr. Leo Rebello is also the originator of Walkathons against Drugs, AIDS; Jogathon for Health, and as Advisor to Prohibition Council, Maharashtra, he has gone to various Colleges and Schools to create awareness on Substance Abuse. He also gives Counseling to Drug Addicts and AIDS patients, which helps reduce violence. From AID$ $care to AIDS Care is his assuring slogan.