The Minotaur's Code - Transhumanism And The New Awakening

A Live Stream Event

On Friday 18, 2021 Diego Antolini and Paolo Pomponi (Alie AI's Art Director) will be live to share their views on Transhumanism and its present and future implications.
The New Awakening is a multidimensional process that involves several planes of realities, and which manifests in different ways, under different laws, depending if we look at if from the Body, the Heart, or the Mind.

"The Labyrinth blurs and clouds human's discernment, but a true awakening makes it irrelevant if the change occurs in the continuum of the Here and Now, where the system is not just simply observed by the observer, but it's created as it is observed."

Diego Antolini

Paolo Pomponi works inside the technologies market since 1986. Later in 1989 he buys the first mobile phone. From that time on, Mr. Pomponi wasinvolved with key projects in Italy and around the world to the point of entering Google's Infinity Project and Facebook back-end,

"where data are manipulated to viral from decisional algorithm that broadcast data to your social wall, search results, and news on your screen" (Paolo Pomponi)

Link to Twitch Live starting 9:30pm Rome Time
Link to the FB Live Event:

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