The Minotaur's Code - We The People

A Live Stream Event

On April 23rd, 2021 The X-Plan Group presents a new chapter of Diego Antolini's research into the gigantic maze of lies and illusions constructed by an elite of few to control and manipulate people's minds. The Minotaur's Code features Tim Dever, founder of a movement that is proving to be a game changer in the USA's current process of reawakening. 

"...There was no entity that was responsible for investigating governments, businesses and people who were encroaching on unalienable rights and the rights of The PEOPLE. He realized that primarily governments, the very people that swore an oath to protect the rights and liberty of THE PEOPLE, were actually consistently the ones absconding with rights, so THE PEOPLE’S BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION WAS BORN..."
Tim Dever - People Bureau of Investigation (PBI) - Founder

"Governments exercise their power by law. People hold power by birthright. We live and die, we love and lie. And when all hopes are gone, we shall fight. We, the People."
Diego Antolini - The X-Plan Group

The event will be streamed live on YouTube and Facebook starting 3:15p Central Time - 22:15 European Central Time

Connect and Keep Your Mind Open

Diego Antolini is and independent researcher, entrepreneur and business coach. He is co-founder of The X-Plan Group, Lecturer with Alibaba and a Master Mason under the Grand Lodge of San Francisco, California.

Tim Dever is a researcher, entrepreneur and civil rights activist. He is the founder of the People Bureau of Investigation (PBI) and strongly committed to expose corruption by governments, stop tyranny and defend freedom anywhere in the world.