The Minotaur's Code - A New World Disorder

On April 8th, 2021, Diego Antolini and Domizio Cipriani will share their view, their intelligence and their research on The X-Plan Group's You Tube about the current world's situation.

Geopolitics, what are the new alliances among the superpowers?
Space, why Mars became suddenly a priority?
Virus, a long planned psycho-warfare, who benefits?
Finance, systemic inflation vs rising of crypto currencies
Military, DUMBs, Secret Ops, and Operation Mockingbird and Project Looking Glass

But also Trump's MAGA, the Cabal, Q, and much more.

Diego Antolini is and independent researcher, entrepreneur and business coach. He is co-founder of The X-Plan Group, Lecturer with Alibaba and a Master Mason under the Grand Lodge of San Francisco, California.

Domizio Cipriani is an international financial advisor, entrepreneur, and Grand Magistral Prior of the Principality of Monaco "Sovereign Military Order of Knights Templar of Jerusalem. He is author of several books.

The Video will Start at 2100hrs, On TXP YouTube.

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