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La Commissione 31.10.2020

Cosmic Love - A Higher perspective

A Starseed’s conversation with higher self


Damini Calls her higher self to connect with before she goes to bed: 

Higher self: Love and Light to all 

Damini: Love and Light…… Gratitude….. To all beings on Planet Earth and Cosmics. 

Damini: What do you have to say about the last night event I had 

(Event: Damini was watching a Netflix series suggested by her fellow lightworker, It was late night….. In one of the scenes Damini saw a man dancing on a song to impress a girl he wanted to marry……… The song was a well-known song from a Bollywood movie which Damini frequently heard but the moment song started; tears rolled down her eyes) 

Higher Self: The answer to this question has already been discussed (Higher self is referring to the conversation I had with my fellow lightworker as I continued to purge out to the unexpected trigger later that night) You are in a Human vessel hence you are bound to feel the emotional urges just like humans.


(Conversation with the fellow lightworker was on many layers surrounding the topic as we touched upon the past experiences as humans before awakening to our true self) 

Damini: So, this means just like other females on earth of my earth age I am also feeling an urge to have a union with a masculine? 

Higher self: Yes, you did sign in for this experience. 

(As Damini thinks about a possible union she wanted to understand what it means to be in Love for a masculine on earth? Is it in resonance with the
cosmic love that Damini perceives as a female and a cosmic being?) 

(Hence to figure out Damini asked her masculine friends “What does it mean to fall in love for a man?” 

Damini got many different answers but the core perspective was puzzling to her) 

Damini: You noted the answers given by the masculine. What do you think is the reason for such perspective? 

Higher self: Humans are in survival mode; they are living in a reality based on their fear and ego. 

Damini: What is love on earth. What does it mean to be in love for humans in a masculine and feminine union? 


Higher self: It's the same as cosmic love that we all beings perceive “The infinite unconditional union” On earth the masculine and feminine come together in union to come close to divine source. Once in union they become the reflection of the divine source and they are able to procreate. Hence the scripture says “You are created by God” or “You are created in the image of God” 

Damini: Such a beautiful experience. But then why such union is not understood by humanity? 

Higher self: Humanity is under the influence of false reality, hence unable to understand. 

Damini: What should humanity do so they don’t miss such a beautiful experience in their union? 

Higher self: Union should be unconditional. Both masculine and feminine should first practice self-love and be satisfied with the experiences they have as a human be it good or bad. Union is the source of creation and it should be respected whole heartedly and never forget to express gratitude for what you have at present. 

Damini: I thank you for such an interesting input on Cosmic Love. 

Higher self: Love and light to all beings. 

24/02/2021 19:27:27
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