Cosmic Love - A Higher perspective

A Starseed’s conversation with higher self

Damini Calls her higher self to connect with before she goes to bed: 

Higher self: Love and Light to all 

Damini: Love and Light…… Gratitude….. To all beings on Planet Earth and Cosmics. 

Damini: What do you have to say about the last night event I had 

(Event: Damini was watching a Netflix series suggested by her fellow lightworker, It was late night….. In one of the scenes Damini saw a man dancing on a song to impress a girl he wanted to marry……… The song was a well-known song from a Bollywood movie which Damini frequently heard but the moment song started; tears rolled down her eyes) 

Higher Self: The answer to this question has already been discussed (Higher self is referring to the conversation I had with my fellow lightworker as I continued to purge out to the unexpected trigger later that night) You are in a Human vessel hence you are bound to feel the emotional urges just like humans.