Reptilian Dreamscapes

Fonte: Damini

On December 23rd, 2020, one of our contacts, Damini*, a Starseed who is in close contact with the Arcturian race, had a vivid dream. Among the various messages, experiences, and dreams/visions that we receive, this bears strong links between the Human race, the Reptilians, and the actual situation on Earth. For this reason we decided to publish it. We added to the end notes some scientific data regarding reptiles and...junk food, that could shed some light on the symbolism of the dream.

*Fictitious name we have used to protect the subject’s true identity


“First, I saw a big train…. Similar to the out-station trains that run in India,
(I will share the pic for your reference)
(at this moment I was the observer)
I remember listening to a male voice talking about some Princess story, and the Princess’s image was all around the train,
(Think of the promotion of a movie)
the color I remember was Blue,
(Think Beauty and the Beast, except that the princess was blonde)
then the train stopped at one station…… the station was crowded, and then I remember watching a girl. She was probably of my age, with brownish black hair and seemed to have a rogue personality. She entered a compartment…… It was a first-class seats compartment but not like the usual ones you see in India. The seats were of a black color, it was a rather sophisticated compartment.

The girl got in and she saw another girl, she probably knew her and she started bullying her.
From the other end of the compartment I remember observing a lady who was watching everything that was happening. She was wearing an orange
saree and she was middle-age, black hair, around 5’4 in height.

After that I saw the girl sitting in some reception-like area,
(We are still in the train, I remember movement)
it was a dark brown furniture setting,
(Think of some Hollywood movie scene)
a lady – I don’t remember much about her – was sitting at the reception desk, and probably two or three bell boys were around. After that I remember the girl talking to someone on the phone, and she got pissed in that conversation, and she fired a gun which was in her hand,
(It was a high caliber bullet gun)
no one reacted……… all behaved like it was normal to them. The ceiling now had a hole and I could see through it the sky moving.

Then I saw myself in the train sitting at the window and watching outside.
Here I remember watching something weird yet cute. I saw many white fluffy furry ball-like beings, (Think of Pokémon vibe)
with cute oval black eyes; the environment around was like a fairyland, and I remember some kids were around.

Then I saw myself getting down to a station… it was crowded, and I saw a cop (may be a high rank constable) standing on the hinge keeping the two train compartments joined together.
I was shocked to see him, and he was saying that he was chasing some criminal, probably with the intention to arrest him. I remember thinking he was after that girl who shot the bullet.

Next, after a brief moment, I saw myself getting out of a party…. I was wearing my shoes…
It was like a semi formal ball party which had just ended, and the guests were leaving walking down the stairs.

Then I found myself in a lab, a private set-up, walls were white and a saw a big incubator with a human in it…. A white Caucasian male of around the age of 50. The technicians were busy regulating the incubator. There were two females and three male techs around. I remember a male technician telling me that this is how the Reptilians maintain their human form…
The white man was in some kind of water which was being treated by some chemicals…. I don’t remember which chemicals properly but I do remember Cl (Chlorine) in one of the combinations.

These chemical formulas were flashing on screen of the regulator devices. Then the “rogue girl” I saw in the train before came in and started messing up with the regulators. As did so, the male inside the incubator choked to death, and then his body was removed………
And I saw his body changing into the shape of a crocodile! It was half the size of the initial body. Then the rogue girl threw a fist full of ash on the crocodile, as she called it Shiva Vibhuti out loud,
(It is a sacred ash which is made of burnt dried wood and is used in Hindu, Vedic and Āgamic rituals, in this case it would be a ritual dedicated to Lord Shiva who is the God of Destruction and Death)
and she said it would prevent him to come in its further real Reptilian-Human hybrid form.
I saw the ashes kind of burning the crocodile skin. Then I told her “Yes, I know about Shiva Vibhuti, in fact I hold the energy of his wife Parvati,” and the dream ended.

This dream was shocking, very vivid.“