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La Commissione 31.10.2020

The Compression Force: A Remote Viewer's Travel

Diego Antolini

On January 1, 2021, we conducted an RV session with one of our close collaborators. The coordinates for the viewer were 2021. The topic, the world's situation amidst the staged "Pandemics" who is still consciously fueled by the media, and blindly followed by most governments around the globe.

What follows is the full transcript of the session. We refrained from making any interpretation or comments, leaving the ultimate judgement to the reader's opinion.

Session Begins.

Guide: Go to the place where you best can see this conflict, this war between the forces against humanity, and humanity.

RV: The conflicts originates from an extraterrestrial dimension. It’s a timeless conflict, it has always existed, and both sides are aware that it has now reached a decisive point like never before in Earth’s history, although in the dimension where they dwell time doesn’t exist. Both forces can manipulate Time, and there is a balance that must be kept.

One, the Parasitic Force, I see it like a shapeless tangle of darkness, not smooth, all entangled, very twisted, which alone creates, through its contortions creates points of static energy. The more it twists trying to disentangle, the deeper plunges itself into these static energy points.

And its anger increases, knowing that this force cannot free itself, but only keep twisting in on itself.This is why, when it will reach all the static energy points it won’t be able to do anything anymore. This growing anger is linked to its very nature, it knows that there is nothing it can do to change condition, it is a twisting, self-limiting force. Throughout the Planet’s history, it attempted to exit this status in every possible way, scientific, genetic, but it knows that that is its nature, the way it was created. And this awareness stirs its uncontrollable anger even more.
The other force, a well organized and harmonious energy, I could say a mathematical force, likewise was created in this way, it cannot modify its nature, it can only emit harmonies that organize all that they touch, planets or persons.

Both are impersonal forces, without ego. They are energies operating within the balance of creation, and were created. The only difference is that the Harmonic Energy cannot end, as it produces ever more harmony; while the other force, that has its ending in its very origin, can but twisting in on itself until the point where it will no longer be able to move. On reaching this point, its power will be no more.
This point is near, for as it twists to find a way out of its fate, it weakens.
The Harmonic Energy doesn’t have the impulse to attack. It is always there, in harmony, working with harmonic vibrations, it doesn’t have the will to fight against the other force. It is the dark, twisting force that has a will to survive against itself. It knows it will never be able to, and yet it keeps this will strong to cleanse its destiny. This force does not understand that to change its destiny it needs to change itself. By modifying itself, it will change its twisting and it won’t be a dark force anymore.

Were it to do this, it would be another being, but it cannot do it, so it perpetuates its anger and aggressiveness endlessly.

This conflict happens on a different dimension, but of course it influences Earth and our reality. Here is how the Dark Force manipulates the energies on our planet. There is a resonance. The creation is in a status of equilibrium, there are human beings with a dark side dominating their harmonic part, doing nothing to reverse this status, and therefore this Dark Force, twisting and twisting inside of them, grows and take up more space. It compresses and crushes, and since the Harmonic Force has no need to survive, can be totally annihilated unless the subject has a conscious will to embrace it.

This is the great danger, because if we as humanity do not choose to increase our harmonic side, the Dark Force, rabid and dying as it is, would have even more power to occupy the harmonic space of every human being. For there is a resonance, it doesn’t need to do anything. In that dimension, the DarkForce resonates inside and outside of us.

So those who do nothing to raise their harmonic part, vibrational, cellular, physical, mental, environmental, all that is within the human realm, including the physical aspect...Every human is surrounded by his own environment that he can interact with. By willing it, a human being can widen his harmonic side so that, once it becomes larger than the Dark Force, can influence the outside. The will to do it, and the knowledge on how to do it are both necessary, because even though the Harmonic Force spreads naturally, we possess Free Will, and if we don’t choose, we don’t make things any easier for it. If we don’t choose, the Harmonic Force stops expanding.

The danger is that the humanity as a whole won’t make it in time to set itself free before the Dark Force dyes out. And, therefore, when the Dark Force ceases to be all those who had it compressed inside will die as well. Ever more individuals are working to increase their harmony, now. Do not let your physical, mental, environmental space be taken by the Dark Force that it is rather active in its twisting and spreading circle.
Once the Dark Force’s twisting has completed its compression, the Harmonic Force can do nothing. This is what we call “The Battle between Good and Evil” within the human being.

We, and the Universe, are made of these two forces, and we must handle them via our Free Will. It is us who make the decision. They act according to their nature.

Guide: February 2021, the situation between these two forces on Earth

RV: On Earth the parasites, that are completely enveloped by the Dark Force, and there are many and have taken power around the planet, they have no more harmony inside. They resonate with the extraterrestrial dark energy which controls them, and they are desperate. They feel a terrible fear; they feel that they have to fight to the end to bring as much energy as they can, with the illusion to fulfill their agenda.

Fearing their extinction, they attempt to take as many people as possible within their energy, hoping that this could change their destiny. They don’t know why, they just hope. So all they do is to suppress the harmonic vibration everywhere, inside of man, within the environment, the climate, and into everything else.

The only chance is for those who still feel the harmony, to continue to pursue it so that each individual can act within his range to stop the compression, disentangling it until harmony can spread through as much as possible. All that comes from the powers, governments, media, etc, is to be seen as a compression and must be fought not as a physical fight but, simply, annihilated by cultivating harmony.

To believe in fear, to believe in all that it is said by those powers is the dark force’s best weapon. In February we will be in the middle of this compression and it will be difficult for those who feel the harmony. They must be faithful to themselves, choose, and hold on to that choice until the end. It is a battle within every human being, as the prophecies told. It is not a collective fight, the battle is within each person.

Guide: What do you see in March 2021? Go to the point in Space where the change will occur.

RV: The extraterrestrial dimension is where these forces are natural and where everything originates. When the change occurs there, when the compression no longer finds space within itself, it stops. It becomes static, it cannot act anymore. When this compression stops, the vibrations on Earth that are controlled by it don’t have a guide anymore. The parasites on Earth will no longer sense that vibration, will come to a complete stop. They will be unable to do anything, and will be completely paralyzed.

They can react in two ways: by going totally mad and doing things randomly, or getting paralyzed and thereby ceasing any function. I am into the point in which the Dark Force will have no more space, and will stop, remaining there, silent. While the Harmonic Force continues to spread, although it will not be able to modify the Dark Force.
The Harmonic Force will expand on the outside of the Dark Force, occupying all the space around it.

Guide: Please put this process into perspective with relation to the Earth’s time.

RV: Summer. On Earth, the dark forces are blocked, paralyzed. They don’t know what to do. Some continue to do what they always did, mechanically, like a broken disc; others, are like zombies, with no will. They will say it is a virus. What they are doing now, they will continue to repeat it until the end.

The harmonic people, those who have chosen, and know what is happening very well, they feel it, and their power increases. The sheep, those who have not embraced the light but they didn’t choose to be in the darkness either, will be touched by the Harmonic Force, and will understand that. They can still modify themselves from within, for their dark matter is not longer active.
There will be more than half of these sheep people. But there is still a possibility.

Guide: What do you see in Autumn of 2021?

RV: Still chaos, still chaos. The Harmonic Force didn’t take the power yet.

Guide: Winter 2021, cold, temperatures change, the end of the year approaches.

RV: Harmony is advancing, ever more people choose, touched by it. But there is still a part of people with the Dark Force. They are afraid because they see the advancing of the Harmonic Force.

End of Session

12/01/2021 18:01:05