The Valmalenco Files - First Disclosure 5

Part 5 - Secret Military Aircrafts

Video: The Valmalenco Files - First Disclosure

Classification: CEX-I to CEX-V

Subject: Diego Antolini (The X-Plan Group)

Interview by: Abhishek Patel & Shuomo Chatterjee

Part: #5 - Secret Military Aircrafts

Content: There have been claims of UFOs and Alien Spacecrafts Sightings for many years now. Several Unexplained Phenomena have made us wonder about their existence on Earth for decades. Diego Antolini shows unpublished images that will make you think...

Editing, Graphic and Lettering by: Energy2Karma

Release Date: 12/14/2020

Duration: 5:52 min

Streaming Platform: YouTube Platform