The X-Plan Group Breakthrough: Live From India

"Stealing From The Future" Premiere

On Friday September 18th, 2020 Diego Antolini, The X-Plan Group's field researcher and coordinator, will be the special guest in the launching episode of STEALING FROM THE FUTURE, a new project powered by Mumbai-based Energy2Karma Media House.

The episode will be hosted by critically acclaimed Saumo Chatterjee, known in India for speaking extensively about conspiracy theories.

Diego Antolini will be interviewed by Saumo live on Friday at 9pm (IST). The episode will be streamed on both Facebook and YouTube.
This is the link to watch this live streaming:

Diego said,

"It is for me and for The X-Plan Group a great privilege to have the opportunity to speak to Indian people about our work and research. India is one of the key areas in which mankind was developed, and considering the amount of information and data that have yet to be discovered and interpreted, we can say that we know so little about our origins, but India is definitely one of the few places where to look for it."

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