The Hanging Time

Never, in the memory of man and as far as we know, we have been in a time like the one we are living now.

To the mass, it is called Time of Coronavirus. To me, I call it “The Hanging Time”. The Never-Coming-Back Time, a time where the past is no longer a guide for the future. A time where all is frozen, all over the Planet, to different degrees of intensity. But the fear of Death rules in the same way on every country of the Earth, and rightly so, I believe.

Not certainly because of the virus, which whoever is a bit clever can see it is a lame excuse.

Fear of death, yes, because everybody feels the flow we were used to came to a brisk stop, and we don’t see what lays ahead. For now, we are suspended… So the fear of something new, the mystery of the dark looming ahead of us are feelings of an impending death to the people, and it is so indeed.

Not just physical death, as the mass media are claiming all the time in their attempt to brainwashing the masses, but a Death in a sense of deep Transformation of Humanity, and therefore great changes in social structures and productive processes, a far-reaching revolution of the Human life.

Are we perhaps at the end of times, as the Mayan Calendar predicted by 12-21-2012? Is it the Biblical Apocalypse? The end of the Kaly Yuga? In some way, trough different symbols, depending on specific cultures, we have been prepared to this, to the Hanging Time: maybe we are headed to the “Three Days of Darkness”, or the transition will be marked by other events, possibly orchestrated by men, like the Project Blue Beam.

That is not so important, for we are at this point already forced toward a precise direction. But we can still drive the outcomes.

It all depends on us, the people, on how our conscience will face the change, on how you will be able to abandon the fear and embrace this time as a Rebirth. Rebirth is the other face of Death, as all the great achievements of the human thought have shown us.

Let’s not allow ourselves to be oppressed by fear and by the “false prophets” of science and politics. Let’s free our minds and rise up our spirit to meet the future, with the joy of building a New World!!