COVID19 - CAT-Bonds and Staged Pandemics

On March 8, 2020, Diego Antolini recorded a video in collaboration con NEXUS, one of The X-Plan Group's partners. In this video Diego spoke about topics that at the time were not yet widely discussed but that today are the subject of many notable doctors and researchers. In particular Diego's video addresses the following:

The World Bank and the CAT-Bonds issued in 2017 against a pandemic outbreak, to be expired in June, 2020.
The Coronavirus' Geopolitics and its "targeting" spread
Africa and the Middle East vs the Western Countries
The ""Capital States" and the murky role of the WHO

"After few months of deceiving campaign carried out by the mainstream media whose purpose was to spread panic, fear and confusion using the widespread ignorance of the masses, some renowned people are finally coming forward to tell what they really think, see, and know:
*That the Never-Fully-Announced Pandemic was staged
*That the alleged number of deceased because of Coronavirus are deliberately exaggerated by the mainstream media
*That the virus was created and well known in the USA since at least 2015, if not earlier"

Diego said when we asked him to comment his video,

"And more so, what is not being said yet, it's that the growing restrictions to the lives of citizens will only open the doors to a Med-Totalitarian regime that aims at using pharmaceuticals and A.I. to take control of the population, including governments. This can be avoid if the people gain knowledge of the lies that are being told to them, and take action by showing no fear against these dark powers who try to suppress our humanity."

English subtitles have been added to Diego Antolini's video by The X-Plan Group. Click here to watch it.