TXP Live: Nicolò Di Lella 12/27/2019

A "Message" From The Confederation

On Friday, December 27, 2019 Nicolò Di Lella will be Live on The X-Plan Channel with Diego Antolini.
Nicolò, who has been in contact with members of the Confederation since his childhood, is a carrier of a message "From Space to Earth". Like many others, his mission is that to disseminate this message in any possible way, shape or form in order to help humanity to raise Consciousness and step to the next level of planetary evolution.

The X-Plan Group, who has been working with Starseed Lea Kapiteli (Australia) since 2017, will begin collaboration with Nicolò Di Lella as well.
In this first Live episode, Diego Antolini will introduce the subject of Alien Language and Alien Spirituality while Nicolò Di Lella will bring his "Brothers from Space" perspective. The main question across the show will be why these Advanced Intelligent People has never made their full exposure to Mankind.

The Live will be on TXP Official Facebook starting 2100hrs (Italy Time.)
It will be both in English and Italian language.