Roberto Rengifo and the Polar Antarctic Origin of Mankind

The Secret of Aboriginal America

Professor Roberto Rengifo advocated the Polar Antarctic Origin of Mankind. Such an extraordinary conception was based on the archeological vestiges studied by Rengifo in Chile as well as in the tracks of the rich aboriginal symbolism and iconography.

The studies developed in this regard by Rengifo correspond to El Secreto de la América Aborigen(“The Secret of Aboriginal America”). I. Noticias y comentarios arqueológicos (“News and Archaeological Comments”. 1919);II. Estractos de Actas de la Sociedad Científica (“Extracts of Proceedings of the Scientific Society”. 1920);III. Los chiles (“The Chiles”. 1920);IV. Extractos de Actas de la Sociedad Científica (“Excerpts from Proceedings of the Scientific Society”. 1921);Arte gráfico y poético de los primitivos y los chiles(“Graphic and Poetic Art of the Primitives and Chiles”. 1920) andEl papel del territorio de Chile en la evolución de lahumanidad prehistórica(“The Role of the Territory of Chile in the Evolution of Prehistoric Humanity”. 1935) which mainly focus on the following fields: I. The Polar Antarctic Origin of Mankind (of the “white and fair humanity”). II. The development of civilization from south to north in the Americas and from it to other latitudes of the globe. III. The presence of the Anteos, a civilization race that bursts in from America and arribes and populates Europe from the west.

In despite of the use of evolutionary concepts in terms of the transformism of the species, a fact that was framed in the Zeitgeist or “Spirit of the Age”, Rengifo breaks with the paradigm of the genesis of mankind in Africa and the development of civilization: Its origin is in the Antarctic continent and the stage of its development is the Americas.

The Origin of Humanity

In the General Session of the Scientific Society held on December 29, 1919, Professor Rengifo referred that the origin of humanity was in the Antarctic polar cap, and that having partially dislocated and sunk this cap, the primitive people arrived at the southern tip of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego1.

It is consequently, in the year of 1919 when initially arises this notion about the Polar Antarctic Origin of Mankind. This foundation is then developed in Los chiles (1921) where Rengifo established the consequent suggestion of the Antarctic origin of civilization2.
In 1935 Rengifo asserted that the Antarctic Archipelago was tens of thousands of years ago
was the great center of white and fair humanity3.

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Subsequently, Rengifo ascertained that the last important migration started from TalTal on the north coast of Chile, 9000 years ago, were the Uros that, being already all the other coasts and populated countries, looking for an uninhabited one reached the bottom of the Persian Gulf and where they founded the city of Uruk, bringing pottery and metals there; city that was the germ of the Aryan or Indo-European civilizations with which Proto-History begins, being all the above, Pre-History and being History only the last 2500 years, since the alphabetical writing was discovered4.

Rengifo went further still. He determined that from the north of Chile the Chilis extended to the east, to Chalingasta, and then to the north. They reached Chiria in northern Peru. Then, in full culture and in possession of metals, they occupied all of Chile to the south, to Chiloé and to Magellan, and turned around the Strait, spreading culture in the world, and especially in the Baltic and the Mediterranean5.

This is the Andean race of the Anteos or Antis, the primal dolichocephalic race of America. The Urmensch. The mythical men-gods.

The anthropological and historical proposal developed by Rengifo is backed by the presence of similar symbols, myths and traditions in the Americas, Europe and Asia, reaching India, the culmination point of the polar race’s expansion. Thus, in all these regions there are the same solar and Venusian symbols, the same knowledge, customs and similar types of megalithic constructions, such as menhirs and dolmens, an irrefutable proof of the vast expansion of this group in the time before history.

The Light on the Origins

Rengifo’s postulates are extraordinary: The germ of the Indo-German civilizations is discovered in Southern America, the continent of the White Gods, the Viracochas! And it is precisely in Patagonia where ethnologist and explorer Francisco P. Moreno discovered the dolichocephalic skulls that motivated the eminent French anthropologists Pierre Paul Broca to venture if the “light on the origins” will not be sought in the New World, instead of in the Old, or Paul Topinard, to express: It is as if to wonder if the Neanderthal would not be accidental in Europe, in Quaternary time, and if his real homeland would not be southern South America6.

Roberto Rengifo’s vision of the origin of mankind, his migration from south to north and the development of civilization is really the echo of the ancient Mythos- Legein of the mythical men-gods and their migration on a planetary scale.

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