UFO International - Reloaded

UFO International Magazine N. 78 (September 2019 issue, Zona Franca Publishing) has been released into the Italian newsstands. This marks another important milestone for The X-Plan Group, that has managed, compiled and edited this issue entirely. The research group has taken the management of the Italian magazine with the appointment of Diego Antolini, TXP Spokesperson, as Magazine Editor.

Diego Antolini said,

"It is an important step in the national publishing industry. My group and I will do our best to honor this project. The situation of the magazines in Italy is quite bad, there are no certainties. Should we have the conditions to work smoothly, we will engage in taking the magazine into a digital and international markets."

The September issue revolves around the Starseed phenomenon or the hybrid human/alien status of some individuals on Earth.
Among the notable authors, national and international, who contributed to this issue are:

Rafael Videla Eissmann (Chile)
Mary Rodwell (Australia)
Leonardo Melis (Italy)
Lea Kapiteli (Australia)
Jeff Lee (China)