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Feng Shui And The Pizzo Scalino Mountain

Valmalenco Files #3

La Commissione

Project: Valmalenco Files

ocation: Shenzhen, China

ry: Exobiology, Geomancy, Feng Shui

s Published: 1

le: Valmalenco Files – A Feng Shui Perspective

latform: You Tube

Length: 6:57 min

Highlights: "There is a dragon and a tiger along the mountain range"

Direct Link: http://youtu.be/q6PAeU3k004


The X-Plan Group met with Master Jeff Lee in Shenzhen, China.

Jeff has been an expert of Feng Shui and a researcher in Metaphysics for about 27 years. He lives and work between Hong Kong and Shenzhen, but his clients span all over Guangdong Province, Southern China where the Feng Shui practice is extremely popular.

We met Jeff at his Feng Shui Center and Buddhist/Taoist temple.

Our first question was:

Jeff, you have seen the images of the Pizzo Scalino Mountain (Valmalenco, Italy.) Based on its pyramid-shaped peak and its overall figure, what can you tell us about the Feng Shui in the area, or the geomantic energy present in there?”

Jeff: “According to the images I’ve seen, the shape of the mountain matches with one of the four noble forms we have in Feng Shui. Its shape is aristocratic, both the dragon and the tiger are there along its mountain range. From its shape I can tell that the area must be rich in minerals, and with a high energy.”

We took from Jeff’s last words to ask more:

We have indeed observed various minerals and substances in the Valmalenco area, especially crystals. Can the presence of crystals have a part in the apparition of lights and other unexplained phenomena?”

Jeff:”Absolutely yes. Crystals emit a huge amount of energy. The energy field of this mountain is very strong.”


Our last question was the most important one for us:

From our Australian source we know that the Valmalenco area could be the epicenter of a breach in the fabric of reality, which has allowed another dimension to intertwine with ours. Some of the creatures that have been sighted in the area might come from the other side, from another dimension. What is your idea behind this dimensional entanglement? Would you be able to feel whether the balance of reality had been really torn apart?”

Jeff:”I didn’t visit that mountain, however from the images that I saw, I could feel the energy coming from it, and I sensed that that energy is moving. If I were pHysically there, with my knowledge of Feng Shui I would be able to answer this question more accurately.”

The compass Jeff held in his hands during the interview is the Luo Pan (罗盘). According to the Feng Shui Master, the Luo Pan would react immediately in the presence of the magnetic energies of the mountain by spinning its needle incessantly.

This is the second step of an international project that The X-Plan Group has started in order to attempt a deep understanding of the Valmalenco phenomena using various scientific and metaphysical disciplines.

Watch Jeff Lee’s video interview on TXP You Tube Channel:


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