The Loreto's Holy House And The Cross Of Beirut

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Project: Religious Mysteries

Location: Loreto, Marche / Cross of Beirut, Numana-Sirolo (Marche)

Category: Religion, Folklore, Symbolism

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Title: La Santa Casa di Loreto (The Loreto’s Holy House)

Language: Italian

Subtitles: English, Chinese

Platform: You Tube

Length: 5:51 min

Highlights: "Come la casa sia stata portata per intero fino al colle di Loreto rimane uno dei misteri più grandi della cristianità"

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Description: The X-Plan Group visits the Holy House in Loreto (Marche region, Italy), one of the most important icons of the Roman Catholics.

According to the legend, the whole house where Mary received the annunciation was hauled by angels from Nazareth directly onto the Loreto Hill where it is now. Other sources, however, speak of a wealthy family whose name was Angeli (Angels), who had a key role in the transfering of the structure. There is also a numerical code that allegedly links the Holy House to the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt.

TXP moves to Numana/Sirolo (Marche region, Italy) to observe the Cross of Beirut, today almost fallen into oblivion. It shows the Christ in one of his earliest versions, completely different in stance, expression, and attire from the classic version displayed in every church of the Catholic world.

The legend behind the Cross is directly connected with Charlemagne, the Emperor that unified Europe from the Francia Picena in the...Marche region (Rif. Theories of Prof. Giovanni Carnevale.)