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The Monster of Scheggia: Hypotheses

Part 3

Diego Antolini

In this paragraph we present the principal scenarios that we have drawn based on the objective data and logical projections of the dynamics revolving around the “Monster of Scheggia” incident.

Alien Hypothesis – The creature seen by Oddo Brunamonti could have been an E.B.E. or Extraterrestrial Biological Entity, something coming from outside our planet. A whole encyclopedia could be written about Alien visiting Earth, their reasons and means by which they contact humans, but here we just mention this possibility. The EBE could have been in the area to carry out a mission such as samples or data collection, observation of humans and animals, exploration of the many caves existing under the National Park, etc. In the latter case, the EBE “explorer” ‘s task could have been that of verifying the feasibility to build a base in the area (an underground base, that is.)
In this case the encounter would fall under the CEX-III level of our Sightings Classification (See https://www.thexplan.net/articles/256/SIGHTINGS-AND-REPORTS/en)

Chupacabra Hypothesis – The bipedal creature seen by Oddo Brunamonti could have been the fearsome and  elusive Chupacabras of South America. This scenario seems unlikely, for when we showed a picture of the Chupacabras to Oddo, he didn’t recognize it. The only similarities we found between the two creatures were the “red glowing eyes” and the killing of sheep, which is also a common element associated to the Chupacabras’ phenomenon. However in the Scheggia incident the dead sheep didn’t present the usual little holes through which the Chupacabras allegedly sucks the blood out of its victims, nor the mutilations or removal of internal organs, other common characteristics related to a Chupacabras attack.

Lab Hypothesis – The “Monster of Scheggia” could have been the result of a Laboratory experiment, a cross-breed between a human and a pongid, presumably. Such experiment could have been tested for some time in the wilderness of the Mount Cucco area, so to monitor and check the behavior of the creature, its adaptability to and reactions with the environment. It could have had a microchip implanted beneath the skin, or a collar directly linked to the lab via satellites, so to have its geographical position recorded at all times. For this scenario, the questions would be why choosing a semi-wild area and not a total wild area? And why Scheggia?

Mutation Hypothesis – In this scenario we suggest that the creature could have been one of the “Missing Links” between Homo Sapiens Sapiens and Primates. Big Foot, Sasquatch, Wild Man, Oh Mah, Meh Teh, the Yeti, etc have been reported in every part of the world since at least the 20s (insofar as the modern era is concerned.) This mutation would be a natural one, the product of a different evolutionary path than that of mankind.

Cryptid Hypothesis – The creature could have been an animal unknown to modern Zoology. Any of such specimen not having a proper scientific classification fall under the study of Cryptozoology.

In 2007 The X-Plan Group visits Scheggia for the first time (there will be two more in the next 10 years) and meet with Oddo Brunamonti. With his help, we were able to see the key places of the story and piece together the sequences of sighting, contact, and the path that both the witness and the creature took back in 1997.
We listened to Oddo, questioned scholars and researchers about the incident, and in the end we were convinced that the “Monster of Scheggia” was neither of a natural nor of an extraterrestrial nature. We believe it was a Lab Test in Cryptogenetics.

After presenting the facts in the way they were presented and investigated by us, we leave the reader, as usual, the final say on what he/she believes, or not believe, Oddo had really seen on that unforgettable afternoon.

POST SCRIPTUM: Between our second visit to Scheggia in 2008 and our third (and final) field investigation in the area in 2017/2018, we came across an incident reported on the Internet and known as the Giant of Kandahar. This incident allegedly occurred in 2002 Afghanistan, where a group of U.S. soldiers was attacked by a red-haired, red-bearded giant coming out of a cave. We wrote about this (See https://www.thexplan.net/article/378/The-Giant-of-Kandahar-And-The-Lost-Race-Of-The-Nephilim/en) and, while researching for more information, it struck us how little we know about the realities which exist in parallel to, or in some case, convergent with, our everyday life.

1) Is This The First Time You Saw or Encountered a Strange Creature?
I’ve had a quick glimpse of it and only at that time, yes. But few days earlier I was cutting logs and eating my lunch, when I saw the horses from a nearby farmhouse running away in terror. I remember I thought that there must have been a wolf in the area. I even spoke about it with my brother-in-law. On another occasion I heard a scream similar to the one the creature uttered that day. But this one came from far away, it was fainter.

2) Had You Dreamed About This Creature Before, or Have You Dreamed About It After The Encounter?
Never before. After the experience, however, I woke up every night for a month with that terrible scream in my head, and the image of that beast with its mouth wide open in front of me. It was a dire month for me.

3) Are You The Only One In Scheggia Who Have Had This Experience?
At least two people had seen the creature before I did, and I got rumors of few more witnesses around the area. Couple of weeks before my experience forty sheep had been found dead with their skull crushed. A shepherd had been attacked by that creature and survived only because one of his dogs engaged into a fight with the monster and died for his owner. The shepherd admitted to have seen only two glowing eyes coming out of the woods and charging him.
Another man, while riding his bike up a trail in the forest saw something of the size of a man leaning against an Oak tree. So he came back but found nobody.
A hunter was in the woods with his dogs when he saw the creature walking like a big ape among the trees. The dogs were so scared that they fled immediately and went straight back to the car.
I am also positive that the Park Ranger saw something. Not to mention those who have heard high-pitch screams coming from the woods at night.

4) Have Other Unexplained Phenomena Occurred That Could Be Linked To Your Experience?
Something weird happened to me about two or three years ago [TXP - Which means about six years after his encounter with the creature]: A red light descended behind the mountain which stands in the rear of my house. It was two of us seeing it, then it disappeared in the woods. The sighting lasted for few seconds, the object was coming down really fast. Then when it reached the base of the mountain, vanished. I don’t know if I can link this to the creature.

5) What Are The Details About The Creature That Made The Strongest Impression Into Your Mind?
Its long, reddish fur, the huge mouth with two rows of flat teeth, and the screams. It was a high-pitch sound like the one that Baboons make to one another when they feel in danger. This one, however, was stronger, of a more piercing sound. Then, when it fled, I’ve seen the trees bending as the thing made its way into the woods. That beast should have been very strong. And intelligent. When it realized that we started to hunt him down, he stopped the screams, and avoided to walk on muddy terrain so to not leave clear marks. Wild animals don’t attack man unless they are wounded or want to protect their cubs. Usually they run away. The behavior of that creature was not a natural one.

6) After Your Encounter With The Creature, Did You Change Anything About Your Habits?
I didn’t. Even if I was really scared, the following year I went back to the same area to collect lumber. I was born in the woods and I know every sound of birds and animals. I’ve never known fear in the woods before.

7) You Have Reported Your Experience To The Authorities. What Was Their Reaction?
I reported to them that same day, and they immediately went investigating the area. In the following days people came with cameras, made casts of some tracks, and asked questions to the shepherds. There was a police helicopter that flew over the area for about a month.

8) What Do You Think That Creature Really Was?
I spoke with a University professor, a friend of mine, and my idea is that it was a laboratory experiment, something created by men and let loose in the woods.

9) What Do You Think of The UFO Phenomenon?
I didn’t believe in it before. I thought that man was the only intelligent being in the Universe. After this experience, I changed my mind. I believe in UFOs, I believe we are not alone.

10) Do You Think In The Future A Similar Occurrence May Happen Again?
Yes I do. I don’t think they will stop, because there are a lot of interests behind these things. Millions of dollars are spent for this, I believe it can easily happen again.

*** SIDE NOTE: The pictures displayed in this article are visual examples of the chronology and facts described. They are not to be intended as a true representation of the events occurred in 1997.
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