The Monster of Scheggia: Cover-Up

Part 2


In this paragraph we present a detailed reconstruction of the sighting place, the topographic coordinates, and a series of photographs and maps which describe the area and the sequence of Oddo’s close encounter with the “Monster of Scheggia.”

This reconstruction has been researched, compiled and written after the first on-field investigation that The X-Plan Group carried out in Scheggia in 2007.

The area of Scheggia, Italy, is outlined in the image below. Scheggia is a small town set in the middle of the National Park of Mount Cucco, a vast and thick forested area near the Central Apennines.

The satellite image below shows (in red) the area of the sighting.

The image below shows the graveled road where Oddo Brunamonti stopped to collect lumber, and was watched by the creature for the whole time. To the bottom right, almost at the end of the road, the abandoned house where the shepherd witnessed the presumed capture (?) of the creature and its hauling via the unmarked helicopter can be seen.

Image #1 – The road viewed from the Western side

Image #2 – This is how the creature could have watched Oddo Brunamonti working from the hill top.

Image #3 – This is what we believe could be the place where the creature stood for more than two hours to observe Oddo Brunamonti.

Image #4 – The spot where the creature ran away after its attempt to attack Oddo Brunamonti

The 3D model below shows how the creature's body could have looked like based on Oddo Brunamonti's recollection of his encounter with the monster, and by the estimates of the "experts" who took the cast of the footprint.