The Scarzuola Symbols

The cooperation between The X-Plan Group and the portal begins with the first mini-article (“Il Giardino” – The Garden) of the Scarzuola series. will host the TXP investigation inside the Scarzuola, one of the most enigmatic places in Italy.

The “Scarzuola” is a series of articles where signs and symbols that Architect Tomaso Buzi has entangled with the surrounding nature will be read and interpreted. The area is charged with a mystic energy since time immemorial, and the current Keeper of the property, Marco Solari, tells us that “Everything starts with a dream, that Buzi has ‘petrified’ into a journey within ourselves...”

Thus begins the exploration, thus begins a collaboration that, we hope, will continue with more initiatives and events.

Read the first mini-article (Italian Language):

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