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We Don’t Ask You To Believe, We Ask You To Think


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La Commissione 31.10.2020

CONSPIRACY III: The Illusion of Reality

Part 3

Diego Antolini


The world in which we live, and the physical reality which our senses perceive is a spectrum of frequencies within an infinite vibratory and multidimensional system. Our limit is the solidity of our conditioning, that is, the conviction that only what we can touch and observe is the existing reality.

Our planet, our Solar System, and the whole Universe are plunged into fields of vibrations, dimensions, energetic layers, to which is possible to enter only beyond our material body (otherwise we could also see them:) This is what the ancient oracles did, as well as the modern mediums today. This is what animals sense. They all tuned in their energy on a different vibratory plane, thereby accessing upper or lower dimensional levels.

Scientists are beginning to understand and accept this, and the quest for a Great Unified Theory of Physics goes to that direction. The Universe is not made of just four dimensions (Length, Height, Width, and Time), as physicist Giuliana Conforto says:

A good 90% of the total estimated mass is actually obscure and invisible, while only a 10% is visible thanks to the infinite rainbow that is light. The visible Universe that we observe, with its billions of stars and galaxies, is itself just a limited part of this little 10%. Within each body there is an invisible reality, but larger (90%,) an invisible substance that can be felt and experienced through emotions, intuitions, and sensations...

We are surrounded by an immense variety of frequencies that cross us, and cross Space and Time without our realizing it; they too ignore one another because they are so distant and different. Sometimes they cross each other, and interfere when they flow at a very close distance on the frequency band. Multidimensional entities are continuously around us, but most of the time we ignore each other; when our consciousness, willingly or accidentally, tunes in to their ‘frequencies’, then we witness the ‘apparition’ of a ghost, or of an alien. If their frequency is very different respecting the density parameters of our ‘vibratory plane’, seeing a ‘spirit’ walking through a wall should not be so surprising. According to David Icke:

These ultra dimensional entities, including the Reptilians, are all around us, and share the same space with us. Sometimes you can feel them, when the vibrations inside a room change, and freezing cold temperatures are felt. Or, in the case of positive entities, a diffuse feeling of love can be sensed. They are very close to our frequency spectrum, just outside of it. Credo Mutwa speaks of a ‘Dark Zone’ in the mind of the people, which keeps them from seeing such entities. I believe that this is somehow forced upon us from the outside, probably through the broadcasting of a certain frequency from underground, which suppresses part of our multidimensional, genetic potential...

The world as we see it, therefore, is only what we perceive from a given frequency. By ‘switching the channel’, the vibration, we would change the frequency as well. That would be for us our only reality, with other physical, psychic, material, and energetic parameters. Probably, in the same way as now, through our senses, we don’t feel any frequency other than that which we live in, we wouldn’t realize to have changed frequency, because the reference parameters would change with it.

This is why it is absurd to think that this is the only possible world, and that this reality is ‘the one and the only’, and that there is nothing beyond this live. It is wrong and limiting.

When Albert Einstein developed his Law of Conservation of Energy E=mC2, he officially stated that it is not possible to destroy energy, but only change it. This means that our essence is immortal.

Our life, our physical experience, is but a manifestation of our thinking. We are what we think we are...Do you think you are an ordinary person? Then you shall be an ordinary person...Do you think that the best things in life happen to the others? Then it shall be. Everything is created by this dense spectrum of frequency we live in...the time frame between a thought and its physical manifestation may be very long, but thoughts are always at the origin of everything...

The very modern existentialism lays its foundations upon the opposition between essence and existence of the self: J.P.Sartre speaks of the encounter between two individuals as a destructive clash for both. According to Sartre, such an encounter happens only when one individual steps into the world (i.e. the thinking solidifies into the matter) of another, thereby destroying the exclusive relationship said individual has with his/her own world. What is the solution? To submit, hate and annihilate the other, in order to preserve your own exclusivity, that is, your individual existence which, in turn, is power over the others. This is incidentally the same method used by the Reptilians (see The Mind Control II.)

To understand how the Confraternity’s Illuminati, and the Reptilians, could have operated for such a long time on Earth, and to better grasp the Conspiracy Agenda that they are carrying out, it is necessary to explore their minds, and their thoughts.

There is a bond between the Reptilians and the human brain, allowing the former to create illusions, and to the latter to receive and assume them as the only existing reality. Carl Sagan said:

There are in the Universe more potential combinations of DNA than atoms...

Which means it’s more likely to find physical form combined in logical way rather than loosened particles of matter. Sagan, like other scientists, firmly believed in the existence of other worlds, other life forms able to interact with the Universe in a rational way. Some researchers have stated that, had the dinosaurs survived extinction, they would have evolved today in a Humanoid-Reptilian form, and would have learned to think. There are scientists who are convinced that some of these prehistoric animals still live underground, and this hypothesis doesn’t sound so fantastic to us.

During some paleontological excavations in Alberta, Canada, the remains of a small carnivorous were found. It measured about 2 meters in length and weighted 40 kg. The dinosaur was estimated to have lived about 75 million of years ago. The peculiarity of this creature, later called Troodon, was its cranium, whose size was larger than other saurians. Dale Russell, a paleontologist at the North Carolina University, studied the Troodon’s femur in order to establish its IQ. This resulted to be 0.3.

The Homo Sapiens has an IQ. of 7.5, so the Troodon’s figure is apparently meaningless. But at its time, that figure meant to possess an intelligence superior to the small mammals of the Cretaceous. The Troodon sported other outstanding characteristics, such as two long ‘arms’ with 3 digits and a thumb, which was essential for manipulating and using the objects, and two bulky eyes with night and day stereoscopic vision (capable to determine distance and position of an object.)

Dale Russell speculated that toward the end of the Cretaceous a new species of reptiles was developing, possessing all the success features that led to the development of the primates.

Ten million of years later, in the middle of the Mesozoic Age, the dinosaurs disappears and, with them, the Troodonites’ evolutionary path. Russell’s conclusion is logical: had the meteorite that wiped out the dinosaurs not impacted the Earth, some of these creatures would have evolved into ‘Sauromorphs’, Humanoid-Reptoids like the Draco race.

Dale Russell was hired by the NASA to draft a report about the possible physiognomy of an extraterrestrial. Russell, taking from the Troodon, developed a creature he called Dinosauroid.

On November 2000 an international team of paleontologists announced the finding, in 1993 Germany, of the fossil of a bipedal reptile, who had been imprisoned into a whole block of stone. This fossil dates back to at least 300 million years, and this demolished all the previous evolutionary theories about reptiles, because this little saurian (25-30 cm long) called Eudibamus Cursoris, doesn’t display any element of continuity with the species of dinosaurs later developed.

The structure of the skeleton allowed to establish that the Eudibamus was able to run very fast on its tiptoes, using its arms as “rudders”, by oscillating them like a pendulum. According to the scientists the movement was very similar to that of human beings when running.
About the Reptilian presence on Earth, Alan Walton said:

Besides the reports and even photographs of human footprints found fossilized into dinosaurs’ prints, suggesting a common existence – I have found some interesting biological facts about the ‘Reptilians’. It looks like that biologists agree on the fact that snakes derive from lizards, and that lizards come from larger ‘thunder lizards’ or the ancient dinosaurs. And what was the oldest dinosaur ever found?...The Eoraptor (the forerunner of the extremely smart and skilled Velociraptors…), and a similar bipedal saurian that walked on its hind legs like a man, was of the size of a man, and had limbs suitable to grab and rip off the flesh. It is called Herrerasaurus: both were carnivorous, even though between the Eoraptor and the Herrerasaurus do exist enough similarities and differences to speculate about the existence of a common ancestor ‘few branches down’ the saurian tree...

What is the nexus between human beings and these ‘Proto-reptoids’ whose existence is lost within the most remote history of Earth?

The link could be in that particular part of our brain, called by the scientists R-Complex or ‘Reptilian Brain’. It is the most evident clue that we possess a partial reptilian genetic makeup.

According to biologists and geneticists the R-Complex represents the center of our nervous system, and its origin should be found in a reptile similar to a mammal that lived during the Triassic Age (200-250 million of years ago) all over the world. Could it really be that in the past, men and reptiles had a common bond? Some theories seem to go down that road, backed up by interesting analysis made observing the analogies between the human and the reptilian’s behaviors. Skip Largent writes:

There are at least five human behaviors that originate from the Reptilian human activities they are thus expressed: obsessive-compulsive behavior; repetitive personal rituals, and superstitious practices; constant conformity to the old way of doing things, picked them out of ancient ceremonials; homage to the previous ones in the fields of law, religion, and culture...and various types of deceptions...


In addition to that, Icke throws in territoriality, aggressiveness, and the idea of power and conquest.

Carl Sagan, in his book Dragons of Eden, wrote that,

It is not good to ignore the reptilian component of human nature, in particular our ritualistic and hierarchical behavior. On the contrary, that model can help us to understand the true nature of human beings...

thus stating, more or less explicitly, that human nature has in fact more analogies with the reptilian one. It is through the R-Complex that the Illuminati manipulate and control people. Who better than them, after all, would know how this important part of our brain works?

Our brain is divided into two parts, the right and the left hemisphere. They are connected by a series of nervous fibers. The left hemisphere is responsible for our being rational, logic, intellectual; it operates in sync with our senses, and allows us to define an object as ‘existent’, part of our ‘reality’. The left hemisphere communicates via the written and the oral languages.

The right hemisphere is responsible for our imagination, intuition, instincts, and the unconscious. It triggers artistic inspiration, sensitivity, and communicates through images and symbols rather than language. This is why The Confraternity utilized more symbols than words, to penetrate deeper and for a longer time into the people’s unconscious. Says Skip Largent,

Cinema and TV are but a projection of the Reptilian Brain...Movies, TV shows, video games, etc, have a clear dreamlike appearance, not only in their neat representation of the symbolic reality, but also for the fact that the human beings watching the movie present the same cerebral configuration of the dream state. And...where do all the dreams in your head come from? The Reptilian Brain (and other parts of our brain as well)...The Reptilian Brain’s ‘language’ is a visual pattern. Every type of communication transferred by reptiles use symbolic visual representations, each of them bearing a specific significance...

The Illuminati’s technique for controlling the human mind is based upon the permanent division of our two brain hemispheres. Both control and conditioning happen via the images that we received from the media (and which we register in our right hemisphere), and the subsequent interpretation that we are led to give through the voices received and decoded by the left hemisphere. Icke says,

The Breaking News is the typical example. Images of thousands of refugees swarming our of the Kosovo’s borders are shown to the right hemisphere, while the journalist’s voice off the screen suggests what the left hemisphere should make out of those images, that is, the refugees are fleeing from the atrocities perpetrated by the Serbs. This explanation favored the public opinion's support to the bombing the NATO authorized over Serbia. What came out afterwards, however, is that a lot of those refugees were escaping the NATO’s bombing...The same principle goes with the photos published in the newspapers...

The only way we have to escape this conditioning is to take back our left part entirely, thus interpreting by ourselves the images that we received about the reality that is around us. And, being aware that TV and Cinema project images and illusory symbols into our unconscious. As David Icke writes, there is nothing negative in the oniric images, in art or music, provided that ‘it is us who decode those images’, personally, without being led by a ‘Master’ who explains the images for us. Every human being bears within an endless potential, and is not, like the Illuminati wants to make us believe, an imperfect creature. About the music, Icke reports what a EMI Music’s former employee allegedly told him:

That the multinational had ‘supervisors’ who made sure that only the ‘right’ artists who performed the ‘right’ music could be hired and promoted...

Our perception of reality is controlled by The Confraternity, who has always been conditioning the people to believe to the only existing reality, that is, the solid and material one. Instead, everything is energy, everything is vibration on infinite, diverse frequency scales. What we perceive as solid is such only because of the low vibration of the matter. The more the vibration increases, the more ethereal the object becomes, until it vanishes completely.

This is how the UFO technology seems to work, and that’s how the Men in Black can appear and disappear in and out of our world. In fact they are able to manipulate and control the vibratory frequencies of the matter in this dimension, and to move along different frequencies via a technology based upon physical laws that have always been denied to us.

Everything is illusion, then? No, the reality is only measured by the perception of what seems credible to us. Then we materialize our thought. Plato knew about this principle when he postulated the theory of the ‘reflecting shadows’ in the Myth of the Cave. The whole Conspiracy lay its foundations upon the attempt of keeping humanity locked into a physical illusion, concealing all those signs and clues and facts that could somehow reawaken our conscience, leading us to think about the true multidimensional nature we belong to. This is why, in the course of the centuries, The Confraternity has:

1) Systematically destroyed the ancient cultures and documents which revealed information about our true nature;

2) Operated an almost complete Cover-Up upon all the investigations aimed at deciphering ancient manuscripts, so much so that had something leaked out, it would have been immediately discredited;

3) Created religious systems, utilizing them to limit and divide the people through such feelings as sense of guilt, impotence, and sin. At the same time it has used the same religions to label the esoteric lore as the ‘Pagan Evil’;

4) Established science to legitimate the physical dimension as the only existing one, thereby limiting our perception to the matter, denying the access to the information about other vibratory frequencies. The scientist who ‘align’ themselves to this ‘agenda’ are rewarded, while those who don’t see their reputation ruined;

5) Created the media as an instrument of repetitive manipulation of the illusions, but also a mean through which ridicule and attack those who threaten to expose this perverse mechanism;

6) Led to a thinking pattern resulting in a widely-accepted cultural system where it is more valuable what is done rather than who we are (an exclusive materialistic vision);

7) Limited our own prospective of things, based essentially upon the material world (money, possess, property), and it has deeply distorted the meaning of sex, reducing it to a pure physical act; this way the sexual energy is kept at a very low vibratory level, facilitating the Illuminati’s work (they feed off of the E.L.F. and L.F. energy, see below);

8) Isolated and divided the masculine and the feminine energies, suppressing the latter and empowering the former, thus blocking the union of the two forces within the human being. Such union would generate a new and very powerful form of energy, inaccessible to the Reptilians (which would allow mankind to set free from the ‘Illusory Prison’ that surrounds us);

9) Added chemical substances to medicines, food, and beverages through the vaccines and into the air, along with frequencies destined to erase our multidimensional abilities, obstructing the energy ports through which we could access higher levels and dimensions;

10) Manipulated the human DNA with the same outcomes: blocking our vibratory channels;

11) Performed (and performing) satanic ceremonies and rituals at low vibrations near the most important energetic knots of the Earth’s grid, spreading the resulting negative energy all over the planet. Such energy keeps the Earth at a very low vibratory level;

12) Manufactured wars and conflicts at all levels of society, financial dependency to the banks, stimulating onto the collective psyche such feelings as fear, hatred, vengeance, to crush our minds to the lowest possible vibrations.



The increasing rate of sightings of Reptilian creatures could mean that for this race is now more difficult to maintain their human form if compared to the previous decades. This is because the Earth is nearing the completion of a cosmic cycle, a Great Cycle begun, according to the Maya and to author Jose’ Arguelles, in 3113 BC. Our planet is synchronizing to a change that involves the Solar System as a whole. The Confraternity is perfectly aware that can’t adapt to this new cycle, and for this reason the Conspiracy is being pushed faster than before. According to some scientists and researchers, and also some mediums, one of the characteristics to this coming to the end of a cycle is the acceleration of time. The Earth’s sound frequency called Schumann Cavity Resonance, discovered in 1899, remained constant until the 80s, then it began to accelerate. David Icke writes about a witness who saw the Reptilians in their underground bases,

Considering that the Draco and the Grays are typically lacking of whatsoever form of spiritual integrity, and are moved for the most part by their predatory instincts, all attempts to negotiate with them are always destined to fail...For in every case that I’ve heard about, both the Draco and the Grays have historically and without exception violated each of the so-called ‘agreements’ between them and mankind, but have always used them as means to infiltrate and conquer...

In some Ufological circles is rumored that an army of extraterrestrial would be approaching Earth, but Icke and other researchers speculate that this could be just another decoy of the Confraternity to create a collective shock, and increase their global dominion upon the human race. We also agree with this view, because it the Earth was really ‘invaded’ - most likely it was – it happened thousands of years ago. As far as data and information about the Conspiracy are concerned, it is more likely that were the governments of the world announce a threat from deep space, this would be just another attempt to subjugate people under a World Order. On the Bilderberg Group’s meeting of 1992 in Evian-Les-Bains, France, Henry Kissinger allegedly said (as transcribed by a Swiss delegate),

Today America would feel outraged if the UN troops would enter Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow, it will be thankful. This is especially true if the people would be told that there is and external threat coming from outer space, whether it be real or forged, that puts our existence into danger. At that point all the peoples in the world would beg their leaders to end that evil. The only thing that man fears is the unknown. Facing such scenario, the people will give up their individual rights willingly, in exchange for the promise of their wellness on the part of the World Government...

The reason why The Confraternity is accelerating the accomplishment of the New World Order is that our Solar System is approaching an epochal change. The Earth, together with the other planet, will sync in on a new cosmic level, and will begin a new Galactic Cycle in harmony with the movement of the Universe. This change, which occurs every 26,000 years according to the Mayan Calendar, has ended on December 21, 2012 (See also NIBIRU – The Date.)

That date was supposed to mark the time in which letting loose of The Confraternity’s control was possible, and the human consciousness could have risen beyond the prison created around us from the Fourth Dimension.

Only those possessing this awareness can be really free, and initiate his/her own evolutionary cycle with the cosmic energies. According to Gregg Braden in 2012 the Earth’s resonance (i.e. its sound frequency) could set at around 13 cps (cycles per second), while its magnetic field could approach zero. The ‘Zero Point’ will be when the Earth’s magnetic field will vanish, because the planet’s rotation will have stopped.

For some days, before reversing the rotation, the electricity flow will reverse too, and so will...the poles. Were the planet stop its rotation, the Earth would have a face constantly exposed to the Sun, and the other in the dark...The Peruvians spoke of a ‘long night’ of three days, and the Bible mentions a day of 20 hours, the longest day. The Hopi tribe tells about the Sun that rose twice in a day: first from the West and set to the East, and then it rose again from the East, and set to the West...meaning that the Earth had reversed its rotation...

According to Brian Desborough, a scientist of California, the Earth’s magnetic field would have already reached the zero point, and the solar hyper-activity would happen mostly at a latitude of 19.5 degrees above and below the line of the Equator (the pyramids are at this latitude, and the angle of 19.5 degrees has a powerful energy. Some researchers say that the mysterious edifices on Mars, in the Cydonia region, have the same angles.)

One of the Conspiracy’s key points is the Bluebeam Project, that is, a plan whereby the use of extremely advanced technologies would cause weather manipulation and the production of ‘supernatural’ holographic images such as UFOs, the Messiah, the Patriarchs of the ‘Revealed’ religions, etc. David Icke writes,

This technology is highly advanced, and many will believe that ‘God’ and their ‘Savior’ is talking to them, while in reality it is just a manipulation operated by The Confraternity. The Bluebeam Project will also cause the appearance of ‘supernatural’ phenomena of different kind, aimed at terrorizing the population...amid terror and conflict...the utmost ambition in this to convince the people that the Earth is about to be invaded by extraterrestrials. It is therefore very important that we don’t believe in these bullshit. The extraterrestrials have been here for thousands of years...

About Icke’s belief that there will not be any extraterrestrial invasion for the simple reason that it has already happened in the past, we tend to agree in general terms, although reducing the UFO phenomenon to mere holographic projection sounds a little too limiting. The sightings of unidentified objects in the sky, allegedly of extraterrestrial (or, perhaps, intra-terrestrial) shows, if anything else, how the official science is light-years away from the technologies known and utilized by The Confraternity. It is hard to sustain a radical viewpoint because, considering all the documents and information from the ancient civilizations, where all refer to encounters with beings coming from other worlds, it seems all too obvious that Earth has been visited by more than one alien race. All being said, the arrival en masse of extraterrestrial into our planet seems highly unlikely, yet not entirely impossible. The Confraternity, after all, is but one race which dominates thanks to our ignorance. By no means it has the power to control the entire Universe.

We believe that the Extremely Low Frequencies emissions or E.L.F., the Very Low Frequencies (V.L.F.), or the Low Frequencies (L.F.) coming from the satellites are and will be used to control the mind of the people. However, this cannot constitute the only possible scenario.

A similar position can be taken about the Abductions, or the kidnapping of humans by Aliens. A large number of these alleged ‘Abductees’ report of being taken into underground bases, where they saw human military personnel working together with Alien beings; others claim to have been taken into space. The gap between the two classes of reports is wide, and it is difficult to establish a clear-cut borderline between pure extraterrestrial phenomena and ‘unexplained’, yet much more human, occurrences. Again, in our ignorance lies the Conspiracy’s power.

Fear is the main negative emotion upon which The Confraternity thrives in implementing its agenda. Fear is used in many ways, above all, through the war. Some believe that the Third World War is imminent due to an irreversible political and economical imbalance among the nations of the world. It seems that there are two strategies to ignite this scenario: one is the Islamic world, by operating a continuous ‘pressure’ that eventually will lead to a ‘Holy War’ against the Western countries; the second will involve the Far East, by manipulating China into starting a Global war.

We agree with Icke that both strategies would be likely carried out in parallel. The current international situation is extremely volatile, especially after the 9/11 ‘terrorist’ attack that gave legitimacy to the U.S. Government to start a ‘War Against Terrorism’ on a global scale. Various armed interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan, and again Iraq have led to a destabilization of the Middle East, the rise of the self-constituted Islamic Caliphate of Isis, the Egyptian and Libya crisis, and the civil war in Syria. In the Far East, relentless pressure upon North Korea about Nuclear Programs and Disarmament keeps the East on a very delicate balance.

USA and UN. troops are systematically deployed on the Middle Eastern theater, Pyongyang threatens South Korea and Japan, China appears a sleeping giant but is training is troops in Siberia together with Russia. Is The Confraternity really picking up momentum to strike?

2012 has come and gone, and apparently the plan of a New World Order didn’t work out. There are forces, positive forces, who are opposing this catastrophic scenario. We as human beings, need to be aware that knowing and accepting our true nature, and the existence of high levels of energies can save us.

We need to know, accept, and act as a collective force. This would slow down the Reptilian agenda, and would rise hope upon an ever larger number of people. Maybe a third global conflict cannot be avoided, maybe it is all part of a Greater Plan that we need to experience. However, returning to our active, conscious, free-minded, multidimensional nature would give us the Key to soar. And if that’s all we have, it’s not a little thing.

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