CONSPIRACY III: The Illusion of Reality

Part 3


The world in which we live, and the physical reality which our senses perceive is a spectrum of frequencies within an infinite vibratory and multidimensional system. Our limit is the solidity of our conditioning, that is, the conviction that only what we can touch and observe is the existing reality.

Our planet, our Solar System, and the whole Universe are plunged into fields of vibrations, dimensions, energetic layers, to which is possible to enter only beyond our material body (otherwise we could also see them:) This is what the ancient oracles did, as well as the modern mediums today. This is what animals sense. They all tuned in their energy on a different vibratory plane, thereby accessing upper or lower dimensional levels.

Scientists are beginning to understand and accept this, and the quest for a Great Unified Theory of Physics goes to that direction. The Universe is not made of just four dimensions (Length, Height, Width, and Time), as physicist Giuliana Conforto says:

A good 90% of the total estimated mass is actually obscure and invisible, while only a 10% is visible thanks to the infinite rainbow that is light. The visible Universe that we observe, with its billions of stars and galaxies, is itself just a limited part of this little 10%. Within each body there is an invisible reality, but larger (90%,) an invisible substance that can be felt and experienced through emotions, intuitions, and sensations...

We are surrounded by an immense variety of frequencies that cross us, and cross Space and Time without our realizing it; they too ignore one another because they are so distant and different. Sometimes they cross each other, and interfere when they flow at a very close distance on the frequency band. Multidimensional entities are continuously around us, but most of the time we ignore each other; when our consciousness, willingly or accidentally, tunes in to their ‘frequencies’, then we witness the ‘apparition’ of a ghost, or of an alien. If their frequency is very different respecting the density parameters of our ‘vibratory plane’, seeing a ‘spirit’ walking through a wall should not be so surprising. According to David Icke:

These ultra dimensional entities, including the Reptilians, are all around us, and share the same space with us. Sometimes you can feel them, when the vibrations inside a room change, and freezing cold temperatures are felt. Or, in the case of positive entities, a diffuse feeling of love can be sensed. They are very close to our frequency spectrum, just outside of it. Credo Mutwa speaks of a ‘Dark Zone’ in the mind of the people, which keeps them from seeing such entities. I believe that this is somehow forced upon us from the outside, probably through the broadcasting of a certain frequency from underground, which suppresses part of our multidimensional, genetic potential...

The world as we see it, therefore, is only what we perceive from a given frequency. By ‘switching the channel’, the vibration, we would change the frequency as well. That would be for us our only reality, with other physical, psychic, material, and energetic parameters. Probably, in the same way as now, through our senses, we don’t feel any frequency other than that which we live in, we wouldn’t realize to have changed frequency, because the reference parameters would change with it.

This is why it is absurd to think that this is the only possible world, and that this reality is ‘the one and the only’, and that there is nothing beyond this live. It is wrong and limiting.

When Albert Einstein developed his Law of Conservation of Energy E=mC2, he officially stated that it is not possible to destroy energy, but only change it. This means that our essence is immortal.

Our life, our physical experience, is but a manifestation of our thinking. We are what we think we are...Do you think you are an ordinary person? Then you shall be an ordinary person...Do you think that the best things in life happen to the others? Then it shall be. Everything is created by thinking...in this dense spectrum of frequency we live in...the time frame between a thought and its physical manifestation may be very long, but thoughts are always at the origin of everything...

The very modern existentialism lays its foundations upon the opposition between essence and existence of the self: J.P.Sartre speaks of the encounter between two individuals as a destructive clash for both. According to Sartre, such an encounter happens only when one individual steps into the world (i.e. the thinking solidifies into the matter) of another, thereby destroying the exclusive relationship said individual has with his/her own world. What is the solution? To submit, hate and annihilate the other, in order to preserve your own exclusivity, that is, your individual existence which, in turn, is power over the others. This is incidentally the same method used by the Reptilians (see The Mind Control II.)

To understand how the Confraternity’s Illuminati, and the Reptilians, could have operated for such a long time on Earth, and to better grasp the Conspiracy Agenda that they are carrying out, it is necessary to explore their minds, and their thoughts.

There is a bond between the Reptilians and the human brain, allowing the former to create illusions, and to the latter to receive and assume them as the only existing reality. Carl Sagan said:

There are in the Universe more potential combinations of DNA than atoms...

Which means it’s more likely to find physical form combined in logical way rather than loosened particles of matter. Sagan, like other scientists, firmly believed in the existence of other worlds, other life forms able to interact with the Universe in a rational way. Some researchers have stated that, had the dinosaurs survived extinction, they would have evolved today in a Humanoid-Reptilian form, and would have learned to think. There are scientists who are convinced that some of these prehistoric animals still live underground, and this hypothesis doesn’t sound so fantastic to us.

During some paleontological excavations in Alberta, Canada, the remains of a small carnivorous were found. It measured about 2 meters in length and weighted 40 kg. The dinosaur was estimated to have lived about 75 million of years ago. The peculiarity of this creature, later called Troodon, was its cranium, whose size was larger than other saurians. Dale Russell, a paleontologist at the North Carolina University, studied the Troodon’s femur in order to establish its IQ. This resulted to be 0.3.

The Homo Sapiens has an IQ. of 7.5, so the Troodon’s figure is apparently meaningless. But at its time, that figure meant to possess an intelligence superior to the small mammals of the Cretaceous. The Troodon sported other outstanding characteristics, such as two long ‘arms’ with 3 digits and a thumb, which was essential for manipulating and using the objects, and two bulky eyes with night and day stereoscopic vision (capable to determine distance and position of an object.)

Dale Russell speculated that toward the end of the Cretaceous a new species of reptiles was developing, possessing all the success features that led to the development of the primates.

Ten million of years later, in the middle of the Mesozoic Age, the dinosaurs disappears and, with them, the Troodonites’ evolutionary path. Russell’s conclusion is logical: had the meteorite that wiped out the dinosaurs not impacted the Earth, some of these creatures would have evolved into ‘Sauromorphs’, Humanoid-Reptoids like the Draco race.

Dale Russell was hired by the NASA to draft a report about the possible physiognomy of an extraterrestrial. Russell, taking from the Troodon, developed a creature he called Dinosauroid.

On November 2000 an international team of paleontologists announced the finding, in 1993 Germany, of the fossil of a bipedal reptile, who had been imprisoned into a whole block of stone. This fossil dates back to at least 300 million years, and this demolished all the previous evolutionary theories about reptiles, because this little saurian (25-30 cm long) called Eudibamus Cursoris, doesn’t display any element of continuity with the species of dinosaurs later developed.

The structure of the skeleton allowed to establish that the Eudibamus was able to run very fast on its tiptoes, using its arms as “rudders”, by oscillating them like a pendulum. According to the scientists the movement was very similar to that of human beings when running.
About the Reptilian presence on Earth, Alan Walton said:

Besides the reports and even photographs of human footprints found fossilized into dinosaurs’ prints, suggesting a common existence – I have found some interesting biological facts about the ‘Reptilians’. It looks like that biologists agree on the fact that snakes derive from lizards, and that lizards come from larger ‘thunder lizards’ or the ancient dinosaurs. And what was the oldest dinosaur ever found?...The Eoraptor (the forerunner of the extremely smart and skilled Velociraptors…), and a similar bipedal saurian that walked on its hind legs like a man, was of the size of a man, and had limbs suitable to grab and rip off the flesh. It is called Herrerasaurus: both were carnivorous, even though between the Eoraptor and the Herrerasaurus do exist enough similarities and differences to speculate about the existence of a common ancestor ‘few branches down’ the saurian tree...

What is the nexus between human beings and these ‘Proto-reptoids’ whose existence is lost within the most remote history of Earth?

The link could be in that particular part of our brain, called by the scientists R-Complex or ‘Reptilian Brain’. It is the most evident clue that we possess a partial reptilian genetic makeup.

According to biologists and geneticists the R-Complex represents the center of our nervous system, and its origin should be found in a reptile similar to a mammal that lived during the Triassic Age (200-250 million of years ago) all over the world. Could it really be that in the past, men and reptiles had a common bond? Some theories seem to go down that road, backed up by interesting analysis made observing the analogies between the human and the reptilian’s behaviors. Skip Largent writes:

There are at least five human behaviors that originate from the Reptilian Brain...in human activities they are thus expressed: obsessive-compulsive behavior; repetitive personal rituals, and superstitious practices; constant conformity to the old way of doing things, picked them out of ancient ceremonials; homage to the previous ones in the fields of law, religion, and culture...and various types of deceptions...