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CONSPIRACY II: Rituals and Symbolism

Part 2

Diego Antolini


The manipulation of the medicine is the last piece of the Confraternity’s master plan (but it is of paramount importance, along with the mind control and more than the creation of a World Bank, World Army, and the World Government, because it regards the human being in its deepest aspect.)

When the human mind suffers a vibratory disequilibrium caused by what we call a “disease”, both the brain and the body are affected: they feel discomfort, pain and, above all, the ability of linear thinking is inhibited. That’s when the doctors step forward, putting the patient under treatment in order to reverse the chemical mutation that is responsible for the disequilibrium, or they intervene surgically to eliminate the results of that mutation:

The doctors treat the symptoms and not the cause, because they don’t understand what a human entity really is. They see, and therefore treat, only the physical body. This is what the system created by The Illuminati train them to do, it’s the rule they cannot deviate from...

The so-called “witch-doctors”, on the other hand, act upon the very vibratory imbalance, that is, on the causes of the chemical mutations at the physical level, and through the energy of their body (i.e. through the hands) manage to bring back the balance into the mental and spiritual vibration of the patient, thereby treating the physical symptoms as well. The forms of ‘Energetic or Vibratory’ Healing are a lot more reliable than those proposed by the ‘official’ medicine, for they intervene directly at the energetic and vibratory levels before that the physical level. For instance the Acupuncture, which uses needles to balance the energetic channels all around the body; the Crystal Therapy and the Homeopathy, which use the energy of crystals and the “charged” essence of the plants respectively to balance the energetic system of the individual. Once the cause is treated, event he physical defections disappear. Icke describes his experience:

The body presents an energetic program knows among the healers as “Etheric Body”, and when it is damaged or imbalanced it causes physical discomfort...I’ve met with healers who have worked on famous people in the Far East, and these therapeutic methods are used also by the Illuminati. But they don’t want us to know such cure, and so they discredit them...They label them as ill-practices...

The “official” medicine is not designed for the wellness of the population. Its main scope is that to suppress and cloud our cognitive perceptions, to subject us under the authority, the same authority which controls the pharmaceutical cartels and the medical institutions. Of course not every medical doctor is aware of being part of such perverse mechanism; many act out of good faith, even though they can’t solve the problem. There are government officials from all over the world that, although way over sixty, travel the world and have the physical integrity and the energy of a forty years old person. They certainly don’t use the ‘official’ healthcare system to treat themselves. The Confraternity never go to hospitals or medical centers, for it is well aware of the existence of healing methods that preserve the mental and physical health a lot more efficiently than that.

One of the Illuminati’s strategy is to give people chemical substances and medicines which inhibit the ability to think, suppressing cerebral functions, psychic awareness and intuition and, above all, the ability of the mind to ‘connect’ with the higher levels of the self, the only way out of the Confraternity’s control.

This is the reason behind the creation of vaccines, food additives, and of the medicines in general. One example is the Aspartame, a substance created by the Illuminati to suppress the cognitive abilities of a person. It is used in food and non-alcoholic beverages, and its main target is children. The Aspartame was introduced in 1981 and, among the collateral effects registered over the years there are headaches, dizziness, lack of focus, temporary amnesia, eyesight weakening, difficulty in articulating words.

These symptoms are known as ‘Aspartame Disorders’. According to Doctor John W. Olney, professor at the Washington University Clinic of St. Louis, there would be a strong link between the Aspartame and brain tumors. The 10% of this product breaks, after the ingestion, in Methanol, also known as Methyl Alcohol or Wood Alcohol, a dangerous toxin for the nervous and the optical systems. The Methanol is then released into the blood vases where it can change into Formaldehyde and Formic Acid, which is extremely dangerous for the human body.
In 1981 the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), the institute for monitoring and control of food, authorized the commercialization of Aspartame although it had previously blocked it because its consumption caused in the animals seizures and brain tumors. However 74 studies financed by the Aspartame industry stated that there was no risk for the man. The product was legalized even though the 92% of the studies independently financed spoke about health risks. Naturally the FDA is an arm of the Confraternity with the scope of facilitate the commercialization of products that contribute to implementing the New World Order.

The Monsanto Corporation based in St. Louis, MO is one of the Illuminati’s companies which promotes GMO. It used to produce NutraSweet and Equal, two Aspartame-based products. NutraSweet Corporation is another manufacturer of beverages containing Aspartame, and was investigated by the FDA for illegally forging the results of tests; later the case was archived, and the officials nominated to prosecute the NutraSweet (a senior commissioner, six officers and two DAs) were employed by the NutraSweet.

Another chemical compound created by the Confraternity is the Prozac manufactured by George Bush’s pharmaceutical company, Eli Lilly.
A health test by FDA revealed that this company omitted to report about episodes of psychosis that occurred during the administering of Prozac, and yet no action was taken against it.
In 1987, two months before the FDA’s approval of the commercialization of Prozac, 27 people had died during controlled clinical tests: 15 suicides, 6 from overdose, 4 were shot and 2 had drowned. All of them were involved with Prozac.

In 1992 the number of unfavorable reports upon this product submitted to the FDA was 28,600, with over 1,700 dead accounted for. Still, the Prozac for children was introduced, so to make them a mind-controlled slaves. The FDA has approved the use of this drug to the children of more than 8 years old. The Citizens Commission of Human Rights said:

"…Since when the powerful meds that alter the mind and make you insensitive to emotions have begun to be heavily administered to children, the episodes of nonsensical violence have increased...

The Ritalin is a drug for children. It alters the cognitive abilities and affects the behavior. In 1995 a study by the DEA (Drugs Enforcement Administration) has stated that the Ritalin causes effects very close to those provoked by the Cocaine. The U.S. Government classifies the Ritalin in the same category of Cocaine and Heroine.

Herbert S. Okun, member of the International Narcotics Control Board for the United Nations said:

Every day in the USA 330 million of doses of Ritalin are taken, compared to the 65 millions in the rest of the world...

The main target is the children with bright minds, and those who display non-conformist behaviors. The statistics for CCHR (Citizens Commissions on Human Rights) refer of reports from more than 90 children who, between 1988 and 1992, ‘were affected by suicidal or violently self-destructive behavior’ while under Prozac treatment. There is a long list of episodes of violence involving teenagers addicted to this drug:

* November 20, 1986 Canton (Massachusetts): Rod Matthews, 14, kills a boy of the same age with a bat, in the woods. Although a brilliant student, he had been prescribed the Ritalin since when he was in third grade.

* September 26, 1988 Greenwood (South Carolina): James Wilson, 19, steps into the Greenwood Elementary School killing two children and injuring seven (and two teachers). He was under meds since he was 14: Xanax, Valium, Vistaril, Mellaril, Thorazine, Tofranil, and Halcion. At the time of the shootout James had stopped his Xanax treatment.

* October 17, 1995: Brian E. Pruitt, 16, stabs his grandparents to death. The investigation found that Brian was treated with various meds.

* February 19, 1996 (Florida): Timmy Becton, 10, used a 3 yo. girl as shield while pointed a rifle at a deputy sheriff. The parents later said that Timmy took the Prozac, and that then a heavy dosage would make him extremely violent.

* July 1996 (Japan): A student is stabbed by two teenagers who had taken a “sleeping pill” that made them “invincible”.

* September 27, 1997 Jackson Township (New Jersey): Sam Manzie, 16, raped and strangled a boy of 11. After the murder Manzie took a photograph of the corpse, who still had the clockwork wire around his neck. Manzie was, at that time, under treatment with ‘meds’ and he allegedly told his mom: “I wasn’t killing that little boy. I was killing my doctor because he didn’t listen to me.”

* May 21, 1998 Springfield (Oregon): Kip Kinkel, 14, shoots randomly inside a school, killing two and injuring 22. He was under both Prozac and Ritalin. He also killed his parents.

Fluorite is another inhibitor of the brain functions, and is added to the reserves of potable water and inside toothpaste; Sodium Fluorite is a common ingredient in mice poison, anesthetics, psycho and hypnotic meds, nervine gas, as well as one of the basic ingredients of the Prozac.

Independent scientific evidence have proved that Fluoride make people docile, passive, and submissive; it causes various mental disorders; it reduces life span and damages the bone structure. Fluoride added to drinking water was experimented for the first time inside the Nazi lager during WWII, and the manufacturer of this compound was the I.G.Farben, managed by Adolf Hitler and an essential in the opening of the Tavistock Clinic for mind control (See Mind Control.) According to Icke’s investigation:

The addition of Sodium Fluoride to the water storage had the objective to sterilize the prisoners, and induce them into a state of quite submission...

While Charles Perkins (Chemist) in 1954 wrote to the Lee Foundation for the Nutritional Research:

In the 30s Hitler and the German Nazi imagined a world dominated and controlled by a Nazi philosophy pf pangermanism. The German chemists conceived a very ingenuous plan...of mass control...This plan had to control the population in every given area through the administering of meds...and the drinking water reserves. Using this method, they could control the population via the addition of meds to water that caused sterility into women...In this scheme of mind control, Sodium Fluoride was of paramount importance...

Perkins himself later claimed that the constant administering of tiny quantities of Fluoride would have reduced the subject to a status of extreme passivity and total submission, because a certain area of the brain was targeted and inhibited. He called this phenomenon a “light and convenient lobotomy”. Fluoride is not promoted to strengthen and protect the children’s teeth, but to suppress their mental faculties, to keep them from thinking.

Vaccines are another method to inject chemical substances inside the body of people. Such substances inhibit the mental abilities and destroy the immune system. Doctor Guylane Lanctot exposes the truth behind the vaccines in her book The Medical Mafia, claiming that the periodical injections of vaccines wear out the immune system, making the people vulnerable to any type of disease, which, in normal situations, the body could effectively defeat.
An Australian researcher, Ian Sinclair, said to have discovered, among other things, that more than 90% of the decrease of death rate caused by viruses happened before the beginning of the mass vaccination campaigns (all medical papers have acknowledged that the diminishing of death rate occurred thanks to the improving of living conditions); the administering of the anti-TB vaccine to the children of India, Australia and Africa increased the cases of TB more for those who received the vaccine; the massive vaccine campaign against the Whooping Cough (from 1982 to 1987, a 1000% increase) was due to the price deduction that the vaccine manufacturers must operate to pay legal expenses and refunds to the victims who reported permanent cerebral damages, or died because of the vaccine; million of children in developing countries such as Africa, South America, Asia, keep dying of TB, Hepatitis, Measles, Diphtheria, Tetanus, although they are regularly vaccinated.

The effects of vaccines are disastrous for both body and mind, but are very useful to implementing the Confraternity’s Master Plan, aimed at the total control of the World population. Guylane Lanctot quotes what Robert McNamara (former President of the World Bank, former Secretary of State, responsible for ordering a mass bombing in Vietnam) said:

"[McNamara]...declared: -We must adopt draconian measures of demographic reduction against the people’s will. To reduce the birth rate proved impossible or insufficient. So we must adopt the death rate. How? By natural means, such as starvation and diseases…"

McNamara’s reference to the “Draconian methods” (The methods of the Draco breed, that is, of the Reptilians), is even too clear. Vaccines only help to reduce the population. Lanctot claims that it is even possible to target a specific race for extermination, by preparing and injecting vaccines that are effective solely on that genetic type, leaving the rest of the population immune. On that same direction are the charity organizations deputed to raise funds for the research against Cancer, Tumors, etc...when in fact all these methods have been known since long time. These institutions only serve as financing hubs for the Confraternity, that asks people to pay for their own demise.

The “Plague of the Century” and thousands other names have been attributed to AIDS, another weapon of population control used by the Confraternity. This terrible disease has been artificially created and spread by the Illuminati also thanks to the vaccines. To the doctors, the media and the general public the absolute truth is that the HIV is the virus causing the AIDS, whereas a great number of victims of AIDS are not positive to the HIV, and this alone should raise some eyebrows.
In fact the HIV is a “weak” virus, that is insufficient, alone, to destroy the immune system. The medicines produced by pharmaceutical companies to eradicate the HIV, like the AZT, have among their “collateral effects” that of debilitating the immune system. Originally the AZT was employed with the Chemotherapy to treat cancer, but then it was found so toxic that it had to be put out of the market. David Icke writes:

First the Illuminati fomented the homosexuals’ anger, pushing them to ask for a cure against the HIV; then a company of the Rockefeller Group came out with...the AZT, presenting it as an “amazing meds”...meaning that it increased the number of white cells, the immune system in the body that the HIV should destroy. What they didn’t say was that this initial increase of white cells was caused by the fact that the AZT was so poisonous that, when taken, the immune system kicked began to produce immediately as many white cells as possible to repel the invader. However the AZT fights against these white cells, destroying the immune system, and the victims die from the “AIDS”...

Christine Maggiore, author of the book What if Everything You Thought You Knew about AIDS Was Wrong? has realized, after doing a series of tests on herself (tests which resulted sometimes positive, sometimes negative to the HIV), the millions and millions of dollars which involve the pharmaceutical industry as well as the fundraising institutions for the research. The latter function ultimately as the most profitable and the safest instrument for the implementation of the Illuminati’s Conspiracy.

In Sudan there exist a disease very similar to AIDS called Kaalazar, that has been responsible for the death of about 60,000 people. Africa is one of the largest AIDS-stricken continents. Once the immune system is destroyed by AIDS, the body is vulnerable to a lot of other diseases.

Coincidentally, Africa is one of the richest continents for raw materials and natural resources. In fact the agenda of the Confraternity is to take control of the “Black Continent” to exploit its immense potential (in the same way, at the time of the Anunnaki/Nephilim landing thousands of years ago, see NIBIRU – Genesis.)

It all started when the World Health Organization (WHO) financed a vaccination campaign against Hepatitis B first in the U.S. (New York City, 1978, a test on Homosexuals; San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, St. Louis, 1980) and, then, in the other countries (Specifically, Africa in 1985.) The epidemic of the AIDS spread for the first time among the homosexuals in the cities that had been vaccinated against Hepatitis B in 1981.
Doctor Lanctot speaks of “sectors” of mass vaccinations, first in Alaska (1986), then in Canada (1994), as if the virus would stay within a State border. Nurses were instructed to instill in the people, especially the parents, the conviction that the vaccine was necessary. A whole generation of individuals was injected (from 1 to 20 years old), and those who didn’t want to be vaccinated were discriminated and ostracized. Things went as far as knocking at the doors to have children vaccinated, and some nurses lied saying that the vaccine was mandatory. In Alaska, after being vaccinated against the Hepatitis B, many died because of a virus called RSV (Rous Sarcoma Virus), which was contained in the vaccine.

...I can say to have experimented directly the obsession of the system towards vaccination and its voters. In four months I received four letters from the local health office, inviting me to take the vaccine, and God knows how many more I will continue to get...

What sounds like a “health policy” in fact is a form of mental conditioning aimed at inhibiting the ability to think. About the doctors, the U.S. statistics show that they are more dangerous than the weapons:

Every year about 120,000 deaths are caused by errors made by doctors, an average of 0.171 per doctor. And 1,500 are caused by fire arms, an average of 0.000181 per each possessor of weapons...According to these figures, it is 9,000 times more likely that a doctor kills you...The National Office of Control of the United Kingdom...shows how every year about 100,000 patients are infected inside the British hospitals, and 5,000 of them die because of that. The fact that the death was caused by an infection taken at the hospital is kept secret to the family of the victims, and is not mentioned in the death certificate...” [David Icke]

In parallel the big multinationals (controlled by the Illuminati) are destroying all the natural agricultural products through an extensive use of pesticides and chemical products advertised as “revitalizing” and “disinfectants”, and replace them with artificial patented products, GMO whose structure has been altered in a way to cause the physical and mental effects desired by the Confraternity. The small farmers and herders will be more and more marginalized, and if they won’t adapt to this new system, they will be wiped away.

As far as the situation described by Icke, it is evident that its implementation is proceeding at a high speed: from the collapsing of the WTC of September 11, 2001, terrorism has been ‘officially’ acknowledged as a global phenomenon. The fear that that event has produced within the world population has been unprecedented, because it showed that ‘no place is safe’ (an enigmatic sentence often used by the manipulators of the mind-controlled slaves.) The “Winds of War’ fueled by the media are part of the Confraternity ‘game’. If to Europeans and Americans the Iraqi conflict is enough to release a ‘collective shock’ wave, in Asia and almost at the same time the North Korea issue has arisen. The media spread words that North Korea could attack the U.S. in case of impositions and vetoes upon nuclear development and disarming. Of course the attack would involve Japan, and the Japanese government said that if one single missile will be pointed to Japan, the army will invade Korea. It is all a chess game, where the Confraternity moves its pawns (countries) in a competition which is APPARENTLY divided between two sides, but which in fact is controlled by the same, invisible matrix.

After thousands of years of evolution, the Conspiracy is today the result of the joint act of a large network of secret societies, banks, enterprises, political parties, media, security services, and medical institutions. The basic structure is however almost the same as before, and so are the bullet points for the New World Order.

The operative center is in London, in the financial center called “The City”; countries with similar subsidiaries are France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and the USA. All the economical and political actions are jointly directed, and by the moves of these countries depend the destiny of the poor, debt-laden, disease-stricken, war-devastated countries.



At the core of the Confraternity’s global network the Reptilian race operates, hidden into secret underground bases, or connected to the minds of controlled individuals, who are directed and manipulated. The Reptilians (or human beings controlled by the Reptilians) direct the most powerful nations of the world toward the implementation of the Conspiracy’s final stage. It is extremely difficult to outline an exact hierarchy of the role and the number of the individuals involved in the New World Order. David Icke and other researchers believe that at the top of the Confraternity there are the Council of the 3, of the 5, of the 7, of the 9, of the 13, of the 33, the Grand Council of the Druids, the Committee of 300 (Comm 300, a.k.a. of the “Olympians”) and the Committee of the 500.

At the vertex of the Pyramid there are allegedly two characters, known as the World Grand Priest and the Grand Priestess, for, as Icke writes, the satanic hierarchy is essential for the Confraternity:

The Black Magic rituals known as Satanism are the modern expression of rituals and sacrifices typical of ancient Babylon, and of all societies infiltrated by the Confraternity...’Satanism’ is just another name designating the cult of negative and highly destructive forces that, in the course of the centuries, have taken different names: Nimrod, Baal, Moloch, Seth, Lucifer, the devil...

Satanism is not only the representation of the Christian version of ‘Satan’, it is much more. It is a system of beliefs based on physical tortures, the consumption of flesh and blood, and, above all, it is based on Symbolism. Satanic practices turn the meaning of symbols upside down, giving them a negative, distorted value.

This imbalance resonates upon the consciences of those who join the rituals, making them extremely obsessed by the negativity surrounding each ceremony. For example, by the principle of the inversion of signs and symbols, the white color is for the satanists very negative; So it happened in the past that the Swastika, a solar symbol for the people of the ancient world (it was associated to the light), was inverted and distorted by the Nazi.

The obsession of the Confraternity for rituals and symbolism is not a simple perversion per se, but it is a powerful mean to manipulating the collective consciousness and the emotions of human beings. The knowledge about our true potential (that is, the fact that we are endowed with an infinite energy that allows us to access to every dimensional level and to evolve toward the perfection of the unity) has been kept secret for thousands of years, because this way it was easier to manipulate and control human consciousness:

...the creation of the official religion and ‘science’ has played a fundamental role...and...secret societies have contributed to the making of both institutions...the Confraternity aimed at the programming and the manipulation of how humans perceive themselves as well as the creation in order to detach us from our multidimensional infinity...

The members of the network of secret societies spread all over the world have always used codes of communication that are not understood by the masses. They are codes made of words, tokens, and symbols. Among those mainly used by the Confraternity are the lit torch, the symbol of knowledge (fire), and the Sun. When an initiated reaches a certain level within the pyramidal hierarchy of these societies, he becomes “Enlightened” or Illuminato. The Confraternity considers the symbol of the Greek god Prometheus very important. According to the myth, Prometheus spread the fire (i.e. knowledge) among men, after stealing it from the gods. It’s not by accident that, today, as Icke writes:

At the Rockefeller Center in New York City there is a golden statue of Prometheus...holding the light, the fire...

Another example is the Statue of Liberty, in fact Statue of the Privileges (Liberty means both ‘freedom’ and ‘privilege’), at least for the Confraternity. This statue holds a torch, a key symbol for the elite. It was given by the French freemasonry (a smaller copy of the statue can be found on the Ile aux Cygnes on the river Seine in Paris.) Another symbol is the solar crown surrounding the head of the statue, a classical representation of the Sun. The Statue of Liberty is in fact the Statue of the Confraternity, and thus, of the Conspiracy.

Other fundamental symbols in the code of the secret societies are the pyramid, or the pyramid without its vertex. A similar symbol can be found in the U.S. dollar bill: a pyramid whose vertex is detached, and on it, the All-seeing Eye (a clear reference to the cult of the Reptilians.) Even more interesting is the fact that, by observing the skin around the eye using a magnifying glass, it is easy to notice a scaled skin, like that of a lizard or snake.

The number of the American colonies existing at the time of the Declaration of Independence (1776) it was not by chance:

...Thirteen, the sacred twelve plus one, is an ancient mystic number...On both sides of the Great Seal [of the United States] you can find 13 stars above the eagle’s head. The motto ‘E Pluribus Unum’ has 13 letters, the same does ‘Annuit Coeptis’. The eagle holds 13 leaves with 13 berries in the right talon, and 13 arrows in the left…

The eagle is another important symbol, deriving directly from the Phoenix, the sacred bird for Egyptians and Phoenicians. The phoenix is associated to the Sun, and is largely used in noble coat-of-arms, State seals, and military insignia.

By rolling the one dollar bill and modifying the shadows beneath and around the eagle, moreover, a non-human face of what looks like a priest appears. Is this the image of the World Grand Priest Icke talks about?

The Latin words above and below the triangle on the dollar bill announce the coming of a New World Order (‘Annuis Coeptis’ and ‘Novus Ordo Seculorum.)

Even the year of the Independence of the United States hide a different meaning ((1776 whose number is 1+6+7+7 or 7+7+7 or 2+1 which equals to the trinity, the numerical symbol of a triangle) were 13 (1+3 equals 4, the triangle with a base forming a Pyramid): On May 1, 1776 the Bavarian Illuminati society was established by Professor Adam Weishaupt, which is an essential part for the Conspiracy’s plans.
Weishaupt utilized the Illuminati to penetrate deeper into the Freemasonry circle; he created a pyramidal, hierarchic structure composed of 13 levels of initiations, and the first nine were taken by the most powerful personalities of Politics, Finance, and Military.

Other important symbols are the Obelisk and the Dome: the first expresses the masculine energy, being identified with the phallus since the Egyptians. The obelisk represents Osiris’s penis, the only part of his body which Isis couldn’t find when she attempted to recompose him after Seth had dissected him. The Dome represents the feminine energy, the maternal womb or uterus, and these two symbols can often be seen one next to the other. Obelisk and dome are also associated to Sun and the Moon.

A symbol which is hard to notice at first glance is the urban plan of the world’s major cities, whose road system follows a well defined code, forming figures from the Sacred Geometry like the triangle, pentagon, the upside-down pentacle (pentagon in the middle + 5 triangles), which for the principle of the inversion of the signs attract an extremely negative energy. Such examples can be found in Washington, D.C., London (which was entirely rebuilt following these principles after the great fire of 1666), Rome.

The place where the Confraternity uses to gather for celebrating the most important satanic rituals is the Bohemian Grove in California. Such rituals are held by a huge stone owl (120 meters tall) amid a vast restricted area of redwoods.

The owl is the symbol of Moloch...the ancient god in honor of which children were, and still are, sacrificed...

The symbol of the owl is present in the ancient world’s chronicles as well as in the Confraternity’s code today. David Icke states that the road system of the Palace of Congress in Washington, D.C., form an owl, and that that same symbol can be found in the one dollar bill, hidden within its numerous ornaments.

The symbol of the circle and the cross is still used by the Confraternity, for it represents the passage of the Sun through the 12 months and the 12 houses of the Zodiac. The same symbol is found in the Celtic cross and on the emblem of the CIA. Other negative symbols are the black sun (known by the Nazi as well), the black horse, the black pyramid (the Luxor Casino in Las Vegas is built next to an obelisk.)

Other symbols are the Lion and the Sphinx, emblems of nobility and power; the fish and the dove (the former representing Nimrod, the divine Babylonian King, Oannes, and Jesus Christ; the latter represents the goddess Semiramis/Isis, associated to Venus). Although considered everywhere as symbol of peace and brotherhood, the dove has a negative connotation for the Confraternity, it being considered a symbol of death and destruction. This inversion of symbols allows the elite to publicly communicate with its own language, for the masses would never understand.

The Maltese Cross is an ancient symbol dating back to thousands of years. It was used by the Knights Hospitallers (later become the Knight of Malta) as well as by the Templars and the Nazi. It is a symbol that has the same importance of the Swastika, the Skull and bones, and the eagle.

The red rose gave the name to the Rose+Croix, or Rosicrucian, also used by the Confraternity which calls itself the Order of the Rose.

Another relevant symbol is the double square which can be combined in different ways, either vertically (a three-dimensional symbol like the one of Chevron, which are seemingly two Vs), or horizontally, like the badge of the police force in some countries.

We must add to the list the double cross or Cross of Lorraine (Symbol found in the Exxon logo, the Rockefeller’s oil company); the Lily, known since the Sumerians as a symbol of power and nobility, linked to both Nimrod and the goddess/demon Lilith; the bell, clearly derived from the word Bel or Baal, the Sun God for the Aryans; the bundles are present in the Great Seal of the United States as well. This symbol, composed of strands bundled together around an axe, was used by the Roman Empire and, during WWII, by the Fascist states (they were called the “Axis”.)

Symbols are just one aspect of the Confraternity’s complex code. There are also token, words, and dates to be accounted for. Among the tokens, an example is the hand upon the heart during the national anthems, which is in reality a masonic ritual. Then,

Another typical token of the Confraternity is the stretching of the arm with the outer fingers pointing up, and the inner fingers held down by the thumb. This is the symbol of the devil or Baphomet, the horns of Nimrod...

About the words, the Confraternity’s communication code is called “inverted discourse” or “verbal inversion”. The AVIS is one example: reading it in reverse would be SIVA or Shiva, one of the gods of the Hinduist trinity (together with Vishnu and Brahma.)
Dates are very important especially for the satanic rituals. In some periods of the year, some places of the Earth’s grid where the Ley Lines cross become especially suitable for communicating with other dimensional levels, and the rituals aim at evoking entities dwelling in there. February 1 and 2, the feast of Candelora; March 21-22, the Spring Equinox; April 30-May 1, Walpurgis Night; June 21-22, the Summer Solstice; July 31-August 1, the Great Sabbath; September 21-22, Autumn Equinox; October 31-November 1, the Samhain or Halloween; December 21-22, Winter Solstice.

The Confraternity, and through them, the Reptilians, is carrying out the Conspiracy from a different dimensional level, the Fourth Dimension. In order to dominate this planet they need that the mass of the population remains at a low level, or it could not be controlled. Manipulating the low vibration emotions is essential to keep the human psyche ignorant and isolated. Such emotions are fear, sense of guilt, anger, lack of confidence, grudge, etc. This is why there are wars, satanic rituals, serial murders.

The Confraternity does everything it can to stimulate the “R-complex”, the reptilian part of the human brain, which is genetically driven by hierarchical structures, ritual behaviors, aggressiveness, and indifference. Icke, referring to the Gregg Braden’s video Awakening to Zero Point, explains that our consciousness,

is a series of energy fields linked together...corresponding to various sequences but intertwined together through a series of vortexes known as is through them...that emotional imbalances are transferred to the mental level, and then, if not resolved, to the physical one...

Scientists and researchers in the U.S. have demonstrated that the sentiment of fear equals to a low vibratory model and a long wave length; while, on the contrary, love corresponds to a higher vibration and a short wave length. Therefore, by stimulating fear very few ‘sensors’ inside our DNA are activated. Love, instead, having a shorter wave length is faster and activates more ‘antennas’, allowing the person to achieve his/her evolution toward Cosmic Unity. Creature such Reptilians are a lower dimensional level, in a sort of vibratory ‘cage’. Their goal is to keep the humans to an even lower level, by fostering feeling like fear,

Fear of God (i.e. of themselves)...of death, and divine judgment. The same goes...with ‘science’ and the fear to die and fall into oblivion. Humanity is consumed and overwhelmed by fear...

On the other hand the Confraternity has, on the cognitive side, higher knowledge, collected across the centuries, and used by the secret societies as an instrument of control. To avoid that others could benefit from this “treasure”, the cultures considered ‘dangerous’ to the plans of the Confraternity were systematically annihilated, such as the pre-Colombian civilizations (Maya, Incas, Aztecs) through the criminal work of institutions such as the Inquisition; the major libraries of the ancient world were also destroyed, like Alexandria in Egypt and Nineveh in Babylon.

The Conspiracy is achieved through the breaking of the equilibrium between the masculine and the feminine energy, suppressing the latter and exaggerating the former. This way the patriarchal structure, the women’s submission to men, and the man’s inhibition of his feminine side have contributed to offset the balance to a planetary level. This keeps us from harmonize ourselves to the ‘Cosmic Cycle’ of the Earth and the other planets. Icke says,

[The Confraternity] has suppressed the feminine dimension of the male, creating a model of what a man should be like – macho and aggressive – what is defined as ‘a true man’...These ‘true’ men...are so deprived of their feminine energy that their intuition and ability to connect with the higher levels of their self are practically extinct...



David Jacobs is a professor of History at the Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, United States of America. He has published a detailed study about the reports from the victims of alien ‘Abductions’. He too claims that the Conspiracy is brought about more vehemently by the Reptilians, and points out, among the objectives these creatures have, that of breeding human-reptilian hybrids through the use of genetic material taken from both humans and the reptiles (See the GENETIC MANIPULATION for more info.) The goals of the Confraternity would thus be to populate Earth with hybrids, for they are easier to control and manipulate; this is the real reason for, says Jacobs, the taking of sperm and other genetic material out of the abductees:

[Jacobs] states that the first phase is that in which human genes are cross-bred with the ‘aliens’. Then, this genetic material is blended into another ova, and more human sperm. The result of all this is a creature resembling a human being and that, if cross-bred again with a human ova and human sperm, becomes a creature that could easily walk down the street completely unnoticed...

Doctor Jacobs highlights the fact that there is a difference between the Hybrids and the ‘Super-Hybrids’ (the latter supposedly look like Nordic humans): the Super-Hybrid possess the same powers of the ‘aliens’, like telepathy, mind-reading, mind-control of the abductees. Furthermore, they think the same way as the Reptilians do, thereby fulfilling the same agenda. Jacob’s vision is not that positive, for, according to his theory, human beings will be progressively eradicated in lieu of a population of hybrids. Even though cloning and other advanced genetic processes this could happen (and it is one of the main objectives of the Confraternity), we still believe that there are still possibilities to stop this ‘Anthropo-sterilization.

Among the various methods used by the Confraternity to keep ‘secret’ information from leaking, one is the “Men in Black” or MIB, so called because of their black outfit, and for their threatening demeanor toward researchers, ufologists, and abductees. Most of them allegedly come from ‘non-official’ sections of governmental agencies, but some of them seem to be non-human; for the latter, witnesses speak of a particular aura radiating from them; some others, that they disappeared suddenly into thin air. About their outfit, Icke writes:

This outfit reveals the need to protect from the sun – a typical characteristic of the Reptilians and the Grays. They [The MIB] are described as very pale, sometimes a greenish complexion, and with a reptilian-like skin texture. Other odd elements...are the breathing difficulties the MIB seem to have, and the terrible odor of Sulphur they exude...

The Men in Black drive black, unmarked, spanking new cars, although in many cases witnesses have reported of cars “which have been out of production for decades”. Similar beings have been described in the course of history in every part of the world:

The Grim Reaper, who appeared within a community to announce the spread of a lethal disease, was described in a way that resembles the Men in Black of today...The APEX (Extraterrestrial Investigations Association), founded by Doctor Max Berezowsky in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has documented a story between the Men in Black and a young man called Aeromar...

Aeromar was stalked by three men wearing dark suits and dark ties. Even if he moved to different places, they were always there. He decided to move to Sao Paulo, and one day, while walking on the street, a dark, unmarked car approached him. His conscience suddenly shattered, and no longer the master of his will, he stepped into the car like a robot. Inside there were the same three men he was running from. They took him to a wide woodland, where a big UFO was hovering few meters off the ground, surrounded by a glowing halo. They all entered the craft, and Aeromar recalls he found himself sitting over a chair with armrests to which he was secured. A bar kept his head tilted backward. He couldn’t move. The three Men in Black, he said, suddenly shape shifted: their heads split apart and, under the skin, they had the scales and the head of reptiles. Before passing out, the young man caught a glimpse of human beings hanged by hooks.

Several hours later Aeromar came around in the same street he had been taken, but now there was almost no traffic. Terrified, he ran home and told the terrible experience to his housemate. While talking, however, an invisible force threw him against the wall. The three beings had threatened him not to tell to anybody about his kidnapping. Some time later Aeromar met with Berezowsky, and told him everything. This happened in the years 1979-1980

Although reports about such occurrences, about Men in Black or Reptilian creatures kidnapping women to breed with them, or children for their ritual sacrifices are a lot, the majority of people still don’t realize it because all news are filtered through the mainstream media controlled by the Confraternity, and all relevant information are manipulated according to the circumstances. Of course the ‘non-official’ channels are not taken seriously by the people because labeled as ‘fake’ by the very mainstream media.

Our planet is literally strewn with natural or artificial caverns which are known since the most ancient times. They are used by the Confraternity to experiment and research highly advanced technological programs. There secret underground facilities are all over the world. They have several levels which go deep underground until reaching the intra-terrestrial centers, where the ‘pure’ Reptilians and the Grays dwell. One of these compounds is the Area 51, a secret base built in the Nevada desert near Groom Dry Lake. David Icke writes:

The fact that [Area 51] is so famous and so well represented by the Hollywood productions reveals that this is by no means the more important one...

These bases are allegedly connected to one another by a network of underground artificial tunnels (built since the time of Atlantis and Lemuria), made thanks to the “Nuclear Boring” technique, which is still officially unknown. According to witnesses these tunnels would be used by high speed vehicles such as ‘magnetic levitation monorail trains’.

Among the people who saw the making of these bases is Phil Schneider, son of a German submarine commander during WWII, Otto Oscar Schneider. His father was captured and deported into the U.S. where he worked on some projects under the Confraternity’s Illuminati:

Phil Schneider claims to have been engaged into the constructions of some sections in several underground compounds in the United States. He said to have known about the existence of 131 underground military bases, built at the average depth of about a mile, and working to implement the agenda of the New World Order. Two bases he was directly involved were the Area 51 in Nevada and Dulce, in New Mexico...the latter was also the theater of the alleged “Dulce Wars”, where it seems that Reptilians and Grays fought against human civil and military personnel. Many on both sides were killed, and Phil Schneider claims he had taken part in that conflict. He said to have been hit by a laser weapon that, as he publicly stated ‘left on his chest an impressive scar...

In 1995 Schneider held a conference during which he recalled his role in that conflict. He said that his task was that of exploring holes in the rocks and find out what explosive would have been suitable for that type of geological formation. While they were underground they stepped into a wide cave full of ‘Grey’ Aliens. Schneider shot two of them:

At that moment there were 30 people down there, and 40 more came down after the first shooting, and were all killed. We had discovered an alien underground base. Later on we found out they had been living in our planet for long time...

On that same year Schnider said:

Every solar year the military technology advances about 44.5 years more than the ‘conventional’ technology. This is why should not surprise how, in 1943, thanks to the ‘Vacuum Tube’ technology, we were able to create a ship that disappeared completely from one place, and reappeared in another...

Referring clearly to the ‘Philadelphia Experiment’, where a Navy ship was made ‘disappeared’ with all its crew on board, and reappeared in a different place.

Another underground base that Schneider saw directly is situated under the Denver International Airport in Denver, CO, a base allegedly stretching into several underground levels (at least ten), and hosting a subterranean city of 4.5 square miles surface. The underground base is said to be of 88.5 square miles. One year later, in 1996, Schneider died under mysterious circumstances.

Some source speak of huge ‘containment facilities’ located in different underground levels, real prisons where the ‘dissidents’ would be locked away. The workmen who saw the deepest levels of the base have witnessed terrifying scenes, and it seems logical that they don’t want to talk. However there are certain places where information can be collected, and David Icke says:

It’s into these bases that millions...of children that every year disappear from around the world are they are used as slaves or serve as food for the Reptilians, in the same way as humans eat poultry and livestock...

Children are exploited in our societies as well, in every part of the world, so why would sound so unbelievable to many that they are receiving the same treatment underground? It is all part of the perverted logic of the Conspiracy. Icke continues:

Some people working at the Dulce Base, New Mexico, have reported seeing surreal occurrences in the deepest levels...

and repeats verbatim what researchers Bill Hamilton and TAL Levesque said about Dulce:

Level VI is nicknamed ‘Nightmare Hall’ and hosts the genetic labs. Some of those working in there have seen bizarre experiments which are described as follows: -I’ve seen humans with more than two legs who look like half humans and half octopuses. Also Reptilian-humans and hairy creatures with human hands that cry like babies and try to pronounce human words...and a huge variety of Lizard-like humans locked in cages. -
There are fishes, seals, birds and mice that don’t seem to belong to their respective species. There are several cages (and vats) filled with winged humanoids, grotesque bat-like creatures...whose height varies from one meter to more than two. Gargoyle creatures and reptilians resembling the Draco.

Level VII is even worse: it contains rows and rows of humans and human hybrids stored in cryogenic cells. There are vats full of humanoid embryos at different phases of development. [A person who worked there said]: - I often met with human beings in a cage, usually under drugs or dizzy, but who sometimes screamed asking for help. We were told that they were incurable crazies who were under high risk pharmacological tests within a research for mental disease programs. They warned us against talking to them. In the beginning we believed to this story. But then, in 1978, a small group of employees found out the truth. -

This truth started the ‘Dulce Wars’ in which Schneider were involved. Thomas Castello, a security officer, described what happened in 1979 during that conflict. Castello worked under the Rand Corporation of Santa Monica, CA for seven years, and moved to Dulce in 1977. Dulce is a little town in the middle of the Jicarilla Apache Reservation. Castello estimated that inside that base there were at least 18,000 grays, but he also reported to have seen Reptilian-Humanoids.

He admitted he had knowledge about the existence of more than seven underground levels, and that the aliens were at the levels V, VI and VII. To gain access one a security clearance was needed. The only sign in English was placed in the surface and read ‘To Los Alamos’ (the location for another alleged secret base of the Confraternity.) All other signs within the Dulce complex would be written with a symbolic language, understandable by both humans and reptilians, and a communication code for the Confraternity. Castello confirmed the existence of several underground tunnels connecting the U.S. bases like Area 51 (Nevada), Carlsbad, Taos and Datil (New Mexico), Colorado Spring and Creed (Colorado.) Castello added that this network of tunnels were part of a larger system of passages that connect secret bases all over the world.

Such passages are used by high-speed shuttles. He then described the security measures at Dulce:

From Level II on, everyone is weighted naked and with the uniform. Every change in weight is duly noted, and people are scanned with the X-Rays, if the change exceeds 1.3 Kg. Near the entrances to all ‘sensitive’ areas there are scales, and one person who grant access only if his/her weight matches with what is written into his/her badge and code...

Castello spoke also about the genetic experiments at Dulce:

Scientists can separate the ‘Bioplasmic Body’ from the physical body, and insert an ‘Alien entity’ (conscience) inside the human body, after taking out his/her ‘soul’...


Researcher Alan Walton, speaking about the Reptilian organization, explains that there exist real underground cities just below every world large cities, and these cities allegedly host about 10% of the population, selected solely from politicians, businessmen, bankers, and military. In such cities, says Walton, there are also the human-reptilian hybrids. These places are intermediate between the surface and the deepest underground levels, where the ‘pure’ reptiles live. Walton too refers to this race’s highly advanced technological knowledge, like special nuclear drills that can bore the earth at a pace of 8 miles / hour (data from 40 years ago.) Walton writes:

[the underground cities] have conceived a true science that literally keeps us in a condition of slavery through taxation, inflation, sublimation, manipulation, regulations, penalties, shares, licenses...and through the whole fraud of the debit-credit, controlled by the Federal Reserve and Wall Street...

and more:

New York City, I can confirm this, is one of the largest draconian centers of the world. Or better, such are the ancient ‘Atlanteans’ subterranean systems that radiate below that area. From down below the entire Wall Street pyramid is controlled...also thanks to a little help by reptilian breeds like the fact these reptilian races operate like parasites, and the very subterranean society is a ‘parasite’ to the surface society, which acts like a ‘host’...During the WTC attack (or World Slave Center) in which terrorists attempted to push one tower against the other, a not so famous fact was revealed. A 6-level underground base managed by the U.S. Secret Services suffered heavy damages. These six levels, one below the other, most likely were not the end of it, if we were to believe to other sources I found, who confirm a massive alien presence below the New York City’s urban area. These sub-levels could very well serve as terminals between the underground society and the masonic elite and the terrestrial society they control...

Today we know that on September 11, 2001 the WTC complex, the Twin Towers, was destroyed by an act of ‘terrorism’. However, considering Walton’s statements, and the power the CIA holds not only in America, I am convinced that the destruction of the Twin Towers was concocted by the Confraternity and for several reasons, all of them connected to the advancement of the Conspiracy:

1) To cause a mass collective shock and instill fear into people, and the idea that ‘there is no safe place where to hide, not even the superpower America is immune against the Islamic ‘enemy’.

2) To suppress information and data about this underground base, maybe because something big was about to leak out.

3) A warning the secret services wanted to give to the aliens, with whom I believe there was never a true ‘alliance’, but, rather, the submission of a race toward another.

4) To obtain a plausible justification and a world’s approval for the invasion of the Middle East, that started in Afghanistan under the Enduring Freedom Operation (which means, in the Confraternity’s code, ‘Enduring Slavery’ following the symbolical and verbal inversion.)

We think that this last point, the main point brought forward by President Bush regarding all decisions and the International Actions made by the U.S. to deal with the Middle East, is secondary compared to the other three points, which sound more likely as the main reasons behind the destruction of the Twin Towers.
The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, the company responsible for the management and development of the WTC area, issued a bidding call for the best project that would be presented for the reconstructions of the towers. The winner of the bidding is Architect Daniel Libeskind, of Polish origins but long-time resident in Berlin, Germany (his father is a survivor of the Nazi concentration camps.) Libeskind wiped out the competing Think, composed of a group of New York architect led by Rafael Vinoly and Frederic Schwarz. The project shows a complex of edifices on top of which stands a 600-meter (1776 feet, a number curiously matching the year of the American Independence) dome, and it will be the tallest building in the world

As we said, the year 1776 was not only the day America gained independence from England. It was also the foundation of the secret order of the Illuminati by the German Adam Weishaupt. It was a clear message by the Confraternity, meaning that the Conspiracy Agenda went smoothly.

The winner of the bidding was officially announced by Governor George Pataki. The selected project is called “Gardens of the World” (a name that reminds of the Hanging Gardens of Babylonia, if we were to believe in coincidences.), which defeated the competing “World Cultural Center” of the local team Think. It is estimated that the works would start in 2005 [ However in 2011, only one building, 7 World Trade Center, had been rebuilt. As of June 2018, the buildings that have been rebuilt so far include 7 World Trade Center, One World Trade Center, 4 World Trade Center, and 3 World Trade Center. The original twin towers took less than three years from start of construction to be finished and five years from the beginning planning stages. Some but not all of Libeskind original project has been maintained after Larry Silverstein direct involvement into the overseeing of the reconstruction.]

Perhaps some more time is needed to adjust the “foundations” of the plan.

If we consider these information, it should not surprise what the Italian RAI broadcast (via the CNN) five days after the Towers’ collapse, that is, the news that a UFO was seen flying around the area that soon after would have been hit by the “hijacked” planes. And less a surprise should be the fact that of that episode no media spoke of again (except a brief passage on RAI on January 12, 2002.)

One of Icke’s aides pointed out that many cities in Texas have buildings constructed according to the Gothic (i.e. Reptilian) architecture, but such principles were not ‘officially’ known in the 70s and 80s of the XIX century America. Icke claims that many big cities were built “from bottom up”, that is, right above the already existing underground bases, and by the same race that put Gargoyles on every face of the European Gothic churches.

Walton too quotes Thomas Castello among his sources. As we said, Castello was Director of Security at Dulce, New Mexico. Walton reveals how Castello spoke about the Grays, the Reptilians, and the “Moth men” or winged beings, as the dominant races dwelling underground. These races would operate jointly with the hybrids and the humans who work in the lower levels of the secret bases:

Castello states that one of the Reptoids told him that the Earth’s surface was once their original home, but that they had been chased after a war – the war of the gods – in ancestral times. They then went underground or on other star systems or planets, and even in the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions...

This coincides with myths and legends passed down generation after generation by the ancient people concerning first the dominion of the gods on Earth, and then, a war between two different races (the Reptilians and the Nordics.)

Other reports about the secret bases have been collected by David Icke, who writes:

A woman known as ‘D’ claims to have seen the underground complex near the China Lake Navy Base, desert of California, and one of the main centers of mind control in North America. It covers a vast area, scarcely visible from the surface...The entrance at the China Lake is in the small town of Ridgecrest...’D’, a victim of the trauma-based mind control, said that the military had chosen her based on her genetic heritage. They had explained that prior to the development of the language the humans communicated via telepathy thanks to a secret hormone in the brain...not...working anymore in most of the people, but still active in certain types...She was one of them, and they wanted to exploit that ability...

This explanation could be connected with the ‘Legend of the Babel Tower’, where men are given different languages to divide them and keep them apart.

After all, the lore of non-human breeds living underground dates back thousands of years, and had passed down by the civilizations all over the world. For example Asian traditions know the Nagas, the Serpent-People, whose dwelling was in two main subterranean centers, Patala and Bhogavati. According to the Hindu legend, they fought against the subterranean (or intra-terrestrial?) continents of Agharta and Shamballah. The legend describes also the alleged entrances to the realms of the Nagas, such as the Sheshna Pit in Benares (today Varanasi, in the Uttar Pradesh province of Northern India) for Patala, and somewhere in the Himalaya for Bhogavati.
Japanese hell was similar to that of other people in the Far East. It was inhabited by the Kappas, amphibian creatures similar to reptiles, with shape-shifting ability.

The Scandinavian Folk-lore refer to the giant serpent Nidhoggr that lived underground, and was similar to the Apophis serpent of the Egyptian mythology.

The ‘Grays’, currently object of Ufological studies, bear resemblance with the ancient Galatur or Ushabtiu, who according to Sumerian and Egyptian myths, came out from underground bases to kidnap human beings. These subterranean worlds would be the origin of the concept of hell being placed ‘below’, underground. Speaking of Hell,

Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) was an Initiate of the Order of the Knights Templars. In his famous work, Inferno, he is taken to visit hell, which he describes as composed of ten circles, where the ‘sinners’ are imprisoned and punished by horned demons, serpent-like creatures, and giant birds called Harpies...

Such description matches with the ancient legends, but it can also be compared with the modern accounts of Castello as well as the researches of Walton, or from direct witnesses from the underground secret bases. All it takes is replacing the words ‘circles’ with ‘levels’, ‘sinners’ with ‘dissidents’ (respecting the Confraternity’s plans), ‘horned demons’ with ‘Reptilians’, and Harpies with genetically engineered mutants. If we do so, however, where are the Christian concepts of ‘sin’ and ‘sinners’ left?

Michael Mott, a Geneticist at the Trinity College of Dublin, summarizes the common traits of the subterranean population, and of the creatures appearing in the Folk-lore all around the world:

They are for the most part Reptilians or Human-Reptilians, or ‘Blonds’ and Nordics; They possess telepathic abilities and superior mental powers; they can shape shift and create illusions; they want to cross-breed with humans and need blood, flesh, and reproductive materials from humans; they have an advanced technology; they know the secret of immortality; they can fly, either alone or via their technology; they mostly have negative plans for human beings; they can’t survive long under sun light; they have been chased away from the surface or they escaped some earthly population and/or the Sun; they keep their treasures secret, and so their knowledge as well as their true identity; they secretly manipulate the events on the surface; they have earthly humans working for them through the clergy, the cults and the secret societies; they reek Brimstone terribly.

It is a complete identikit, and it is peculiar that the above description resembles so much the legends about vampires (see X-PHENOMENA section for that), and this should tell us that the common traits between the Reptilians and the creatures of our “fantasy world” are too many to be ignored.

Notwithstanding the immense amount of reports from the abductees, many researchers and ufologists worldwide tend to minimize the negative effects of the Reptilians toward the humans. They [the researchers] firmly believe that the Aliens have an all-in positive effect upon us.

We personally think that our planet is the fulcrum or meeting point between two forces, one positively oriented in so much as the human’s evolution and development toward the Universe’s harmony; the other, negative, pushing and manipulating our lives in order to dominate and control.

Given the actual situation of the world we should say that the latter is more preeminent than the former. So, based on this observation, we find it the more astonishing the ideas of some researchers toward the Alien Abductions, Genetic Manipulation, the making of Hybrids as positive endeavors for mankind.

However the fact that there are people such Icke, Walton, Sitchin, Alford, Hancock and many others, and that we can still share our opinions and theories to the world, gives us hope that the Conspiracy Agenda wanted by the Confraternity has not yet been fully achieved. We must maintain our positive and firm stance against any attempt to restrain freedom, and be active in breaking away from the ‘mental prison’ we are plunged.

It is a hard, a very hard task. But it’s about survival, and we believe that this is the best chance we have to win our complete freedom.

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CONSPIRACY III: The Illusion of Reality