CONSPIRACY II: Rituals and Symbolism

Part 2


The manipulation of the medicine is the last piece of the Confraternity’s master plan (but it is of paramount importance, along with the mind control and more than the creation of a World Bank, World Army, and the World Government, because it regards the human being in its deepest aspect.)

When the human mind suffers a vibratory disequilibrium caused by what we call a “disease”, both the brain and the body are affected: they feel discomfort, pain and, above all, the ability of linear thinking is inhibited. That’s when the doctors step forward, putting the patient under treatment in order to reverse the chemical mutation that is responsible for the disequilibrium, or they intervene surgically to eliminate the results of that mutation:

The doctors treat the symptoms and not the cause, because they don’t understand what a human entity really is. They see, and therefore treat, only the physical body. This is what the system created by The Illuminati train them to do, it’s the rule they cannot deviate from...

The so-called “witch-doctors”, on the other hand, act upon the very vibratory imbalance, that is, on the causes of the chemical mutations at the physical level, and through the energy of their body (i.e. through the hands) manage to bring back the balance into the mental and spiritual vibration of the patient, thereby treating the physical symptoms as well. The forms of ‘Energetic or Vibratory’ Healing are a lot more reliable than those proposed by the ‘official’ medicine, for they intervene directly at the energetic and vibratory levels before that the physical level. For instance the Acupuncture, which uses needles to balance the energetic channels all around the body; the Crystal Therapy and the Homeopathy, which use the energy of crystals and the “charged” essence of the plants respectively to balance the energetic system of the individual. Once the cause is treated, event he physical defections disappear. Icke describes his experience:

The body presents an energetic program knows among the healers as “Etheric Body”, and when it is damaged or imbalanced it causes physical discomfort...I’ve met with healers who have worked on famous people in the Far East, and these therapeutic methods are used also by the Illuminati. But they don’t want us to know such cure, and so they discredit them...They label them as ill-practices...

The “official” medicine is not designed for the wellness of the population. Its main scope is that to suppress and cloud our cognitive perceptions, to subject us under the authority, the same authority which controls the pharmaceutical cartels and the medical institutions. Of course not every medical doctor is aware of being part of such perverse mechanism; many act out of good faith, even though they can’t solve the problem. There are government officials from all over the world that, although way over sixty, travel the world and have the physical integrity and the energy of a forty years old person. They certainly don’t use the ‘official’ healthcare system to treat themselves. The Confraternity never go to hospitals or medical centers, for it is well aware of the existence of healing methods that preserve the mental and physical health a lot more efficiently than that.

One of the Illuminati’s strategy is to give people chemical substances and medicines which inhibit the ability to think, suppressing cerebral functions, psychic awareness and intuition and, above all, the ability of the mind to ‘connect’ with the higher levels of the self, the only way out of the Confraternity’s control.

This is the reason behind the creation of vaccines, food additives, and of the medicines in general. One example is the Aspartame, a substance created by the Illuminati to suppress the cognitive abilities of a person. It is used in food and non-alcoholic beverages, and its main target is children. The Aspartame was introduced in 1981 and, among the collateral effects registered over the years there are headaches, dizziness, lack of focus, temporary amnesia, eyesight weakening, difficulty in articulating words.

These symptoms are known as ‘Aspartame Disorders’. According to Doctor John W. Olney, professor at the Washington University Clinic of St. Louis, there would be a strong link between the Aspartame and brain tumors. The 10% of this product breaks, after the ingestion, in Methanol, also known as Methyl Alcohol or Wood Alcohol, a dangerous toxin for the nervous and the optical systems. The Methanol is then released into the blood vases where it can change into Formaldehyde and Formic Acid, which is extremely dangerous for the human body.
In 1981 the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), the institute for monitoring and control of food, authorized the commercialization of Aspartame although it had previously blocked it because its consumption caused in the animals seizures and brain tumors. However 74 studies financed by the Aspartame industry stated that there was no risk for the man. The product was legalized even though the 92% of the studies independently financed spoke about health risks. Naturally the FDA is an arm of the Confraternity with the scope of facilitate the commercialization of products that contribute to implementing the New World Order.

The Monsanto Corporation based in St. Louis, MO is one of the Illuminati’s companies which promotes GMO. It used to produce NutraSweet and Equal, two Aspartame-based products. NutraSweet Corporation is another manufacturer of beverages containing Aspartame, and was investigated by the FDA for illegally forging the results of tests; later the case was archived, and the officials nominated to prosecute the NutraSweet (a senior commissioner, six officers and two DAs) were employed by the NutraSweet.

Another chemical compound created by the Confraternity is the Prozac manufactured by George Bush’s pharmaceutical company, Eli Lilly.
A health test by FDA revealed that this company omitted to report about episodes of psychosis that occurred during the administering of Prozac, and yet no action was taken against it.
In 1987, two months before the FDA’s approval of the commercialization of Prozac, 27 people had died during controlled clinical tests: 15 suicides, 6 from overdose, 4 were shot and 2 had drowned. All of them were involved with Prozac.

In 1992 the number of unfavorable reports upon this product submitted to the FDA was 28,600, with over 1,700 dead accounted for. Still, the Prozac for children was introduced, so to make them a mind-controlled slaves. The FDA has approved the use of this drug to the children of more than 8 years old. The Citizens Commission of Human Rights said:

"…Since when the powerful meds that alter the mind and make you insensitive to emotions have begun to be heavily administered to children, the episodes of nonsensical violence have increased...

The Ritalin is a drug for children. It alters the cognitive abilities and affects the behavior. In 1995 a study by the DEA (Drugs Enforcement Administration) has stated that the Ritalin causes effects very close to those provoked by the Cocaine. The U.S. Government classifies the Ritalin in the same category of Cocaine and Heroine.

Herbert S. Okun, member of the International Narcotics Control Board for the United Nations said:

Every day in the USA 330 million of doses of Ritalin are taken, compared to the 65 millions in the rest of the world...

The main target is the children with bright minds, and those who display non-conformist behaviors. The statistics for CCHR (Citizens Commissions on Human Rights) refer of reports from more than 90 children who, between 1988 and 1992, ‘were affected by suicidal or violently self-destructive behavior’ while under Prozac treatment. There is a long list of episodes of violence involving teenagers addicted to this drug:

* November 20, 1986 Canton (Massachusetts): Rod Matthews, 14, kills a boy of the same age with a bat, in the woods. Although a brilliant student, he had been prescribed the Ritalin since when he was in third grade.

* September 26, 1988 Greenwood (South Carolina): James Wilson, 19, steps into the Greenwood Elementary School killing two children and injuring seven (and two teachers). He was under meds since he was 14: Xanax, Valium, Vistaril, Mellaril, Thorazine, Tofranil, and Halcion. At the time of the shootout James had stopped his Xanax treatment.

* October 17, 1995: Brian E. Pruitt, 16, stabs his grandparents to death. The investigation found that Brian was treated with various meds.

* February 19, 1996 (Florida): Timmy Becton, 10, used a 3 yo. girl as shield while pointed a rifle at a deputy sheriff. The parents later said that Timmy took the Prozac, and that then a heavy dosage would make him extremely violent.

* July 1996 (Japan): A student is stabbed by two teenagers who had taken a “sleeping pill” that made them “invincible”.

* September 27, 1997 Jackson Township (New Jersey): Sam Manzie, 16, raped and strangled a boy of 11. After the murder Manzie took a photograph of the corpse, who still had the clockwork wire around his neck. Manzie was, at that time, under treatment with ‘meds’ and he allegedly told his mom: “I wasn’t killing that little boy. I was killing my doctor because he didn’t listen to me.”

* May 21, 1998 Springfield (Oregon): Kip Kinkel, 14, shoots randomly inside a school, killing two and injuring 22. He was under both Prozac and Ritalin. He also killed his parents.

Fluorite is another inhibitor of the brain functions, and is added to the reserves of potable water and inside toothpaste; Sodium Fluorite is a common ingredient in mice poison, anesthetics, psycho and hypnotic meds, nervine gas, as well as one of the basic ingredients of the Prozac.

Independent scientific evidence have proved that Fluoride make people docile, passive, and submissive; it causes various mental disorders; it reduces life span and damages the bone structure. Fluoride added to drinking water was experimented for the first time inside the Nazi lager during WWII, and the manufacturer of this compound was the I.G.Farben, managed by Adolf Hitler and an essential in the opening of the Tavistock Clinic for mind control (See Mind Control.) According to Icke’s investigation:

The addition of Sodium Fluoride to the water storage had the objective to sterilize the prisoners, and induce them into a state of quite submission...

While Charles Perkins (Chemist) in 1954 wrote to the Lee Foundation for the Nutritional Research:

In the 30s Hitler and the German Nazi imagined a world dominated and controlled by a Nazi philosophy pf pangermanism. The German chemists conceived a very ingenuous plan...of mass control...This plan had to control the population in every given area through the administering of meds...and the drinking water reserves. Using this method, they could control the population via the addition of meds to water that caused sterility into women...In this scheme of mind control, Sodium Fluoride was of paramount importance...

Perkins himself later claimed that the constant administering of tiny quantities of Fluoride would have reduced the subject to a status of extreme passivity and total submission, because a certain area of the brain was targeted and inhibited. He called this phenomenon a “light and convenient lobotomy”. Fluoride is not promoted to strengthen and protect the children’s teeth, but to suppress their mental faculties, to keep them from thinking.

Vaccines are another method to inject chemical substances inside the body of people. Such substances inhibit the mental abilities and destroy the immune system. Doctor Guylane Lanctot exposes the truth behind the vaccines in her book The Medical Mafia, claiming that the periodical injections of vaccines wear out the immune system, making the people vulnerable to any type of disease, which, in normal situations, the body could effectively defeat.
An Australian researcher, Ian Sinclair, said to have discovered, among other things, that more than 90% of the decrease of death rate caused by viruses happened before the beginning of the mass vaccination campaigns (all medical papers have acknowledged that the diminishing of death rate occurred thanks to the improving of living conditions); the administering of the anti-TB vaccine to the children of India, Australia and Africa increased the cases of TB more for those who received the vaccine; the massive vaccine campaign against the Whooping Cough (from 1982 to 1987, a 1000% increase) was due to the price deduction that the vaccine manufacturers must operate to pay legal expenses and refunds to the victims who reported permanent cerebral damages, or died because of the vaccine; million of children in developing countries such as Africa, South America, Asia, keep dying of TB, Hepatitis, Measles, Diphtheria, Tetanus, although they are regularly vaccinated.

The effects of vaccines are disastrous for both body and mind, but are very useful to implementing the Confraternity’s Master Plan, aimed at the total control of the World population. Guylane Lanctot quotes what Robert McNamara (former President of the World Bank, former Secretary of State, responsible for ordering a mass bombing in Vietnam) said:

"[McNamara]...declared: -We must adopt draconian measures of demographic reduction against the people’s will. To reduce the birth rate proved impossible or insufficient. So we must adopt the death rate. How? By natural means, such as starvation and diseases…"

McNamara’s reference to the “Draconian methods” (The methods of the Draco breed, that is, of the Reptilians), is even too clear. Vaccines only help to reduce the population. Lanctot claims that it is even possible to target a specific race for extermination, by preparing and injecting vaccines that are effective solely on that genetic type, leaving the rest of the population immune. On that same direction are the charity organizations deputed to raise funds for the research against Cancer, Tumors, etc...when in fact all these methods have been known since long time. These institutions only serve as financing hubs for the Confraternity, that asks people to pay for their own demise.

The “Plague of the Century” and thousands other names have been attributed to AIDS, another weapon of population control used by the Confraternity. This terrible disease has been artificially created and spread by the Illuminati also thanks to the vaccines. To the doctors, the media and the general public the absolute truth is that the HIV is the virus causing the AIDS, whereas a great number of victims of AIDS are not positive to the HIV, and this alone should raise some eyebrows.
In fact the HIV is a “weak” virus, that is insufficient, alone, to destroy the immune system. The medicines produced by pharmaceutical companies to eradicate the HIV, like the AZT, have among their “collateral effects” that of debilitating the immune system. Originally the AZT was employed with the Chemotherapy to treat cancer, but then it was found so toxic that it had to be put out of the market. David Icke writes:

First the Illuminati fomented the homosexuals’ anger, pushing them to ask for a cure against the HIV; then a company of the Rockefeller Group came out with...the AZT, presenting it as an “amazing meds”...meaning that it increased the number of white cells, the immune system in the body that the HIV should destroy. What they didn’t say was that this initial increase of white cells was caused by the fact that the AZT was so poisonous that, when taken, the immune system kicked began to produce immediately as many white cells as possible to repel the invader. However the AZT fights against these white cells, destroying the immune system, and the victims die from the “AIDS”...

Christine Maggiore, author of the book What if Everything You Thought You Knew about AIDS Was Wrong? has realized, after doing a series of tests on herself (tests which resulted sometimes positive, sometimes negative to the HIV), the millions and millions of dollars which involve the pharmaceutical industry as well as the fundraising institutions for the research. The latter function ultimately as the most profitable and the safest instrument for the implementation of the Illuminati’s Conspiracy.

In Sudan there exist a disease very similar to AIDS called Kaalazar, that has been responsible for the death of about 60,000 people. Africa is one of the largest AIDS-stricken continents. Once the immune system is destroyed by AIDS, the body is vulnerable to a lot of other diseases.

Coincidentally, Africa is one of the richest continents for raw materials and natural resources. In fact the agenda of the Confraternity is to take control of the “Black Continent” to exploit its immense potential (in the same way, at the time of the Anunnaki/Nephilim landing thousands of years ago, see NIBIRU – Genesis.)

It all started when the World Health Organization (WHO) financed a vaccination campaign against Hepatitis B first in the U.S. (New York City, 1978, a test on Homosexuals; San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, St. Louis, 1980) and, then, in the other countries (Specifically, Africa in 1985.) The epidemic of the AIDS spread for the first time among the homosexuals in the cities that had been vaccinated against Hepatitis B in 1981.
Doctor Lanctot speaks of “sectors” of mass vaccinations, first in Alaska (1986), then in Canada (1994), as if the virus would stay within a State border. Nurses were instructed to instill in the people, especially the parents, the conviction that the vaccine was necessary. A whole generation of individuals was injected (from 1 to 20 years old), and those who didn’t want to be vaccinated were discriminated and ostracized. Things went as far as knocking at the doors to have children vaccinated, and some nurses lied saying that the vaccine was mandatory. In Alaska, after being vaccinated against the Hepatitis B, many died because of a virus called RSV (Rous Sarcoma Virus), which was contained in the vaccine.

...I can say to have experimented directly the obsession of the system towards vaccination and its voters. In four months I received four letters from the local health office, inviting me to take the vaccine, and God knows how many more I will continue to get...

What sounds like a “health policy” in fact is a form of mental conditioning aimed at inhibiting the ability to think. About the doctors, the U.S. statistics show that they are more dangerous than the weapons:

Every year about 120,000 deaths are caused by errors made by doctors, an average of 0.171 per doctor. And 1,500 are caused by fire arms, an average of 0.000181 per each possessor of weapons...According to these figures, it is 9,000 times more likely that a doctor kills you...The National Office of Control of the United Kingdom...shows how every year about 100,000 patients are infected inside the British hospitals, and 5,000 of them die because of that. The fact that the death was caused by an infection taken at the hospital is kept secret to the family of the victims, and is not mentioned in the death certificate...” [David Icke]

In parallel the big multinationals (controlled by the Illuminati) are destroying all the natural agricultural products through an extensive use of pesticides and chemical products advertised as “revitalizing” and “disinfectants”, and replace them with artificial patented products, GMO whose structure has been altered in a way to cause the physical and mental effects desired by the Confraternity. The small farmers and herders will be more and more marginalized, and if they won’t adapt to this new system, they will be wiped away.

As far as the situation described by Icke, it is evident that its implementation is proceeding at a high speed: from the collapsing of the WTC of September 11, 2001, terrorism has been ‘officially’ acknowledged as a global phenomenon. The fear that that event has produced within the world population has been unprecedented, because it showed that ‘no place is safe’ (an enigmatic sentence often used by the manipulators of the mind-controlled slaves.) The “Winds of War’ fueled by the media are part of the Confraternity ‘game’. If to Europeans and Americans the Iraqi conflict is enough to release a ‘collective shock’ wave, in Asia and almost at the same time the North Korea issue has arisen. The media spread words that North Korea could attack the U.S. in case of impositions and vetoes upon nuclear development and disarming. Of course the attack would involve Japan, and the Japanese government said that if one single missile will be pointed to Japan, the army will invade Korea. It is all a chess game, where the Confraternity moves its pawns (countries) in a competition which is APPARENTLY divided between two sides, but which in fact is controlled by the same, invisible matrix.

After thousands of years of evolution, the Conspiracy is today the result of the joint act of a large network of secret societies, banks, enterprises, political parties, media, security services, and medical institutions. The basic structure is however almost the same as before, and so are the bullet points for the New World Order.

The operative center is in London, in the financial center called “The City”; countries with similar subsidiaries are France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and the USA. All the economical and political actions are jointly directed, and by the moves of these countries depend the destiny of the poor, debt-laden, disease-stricken, war-devastated countries.