Neobatri and Valmalenco

The Valmalenco Files #2

Lea Kapiteli is a Starseed. The X-Plan Group has been working with Lea for more than a year in various projects, and not only at the level of our physical dimension.
What follows is the account of an experience occurred while Lea and Diego Antolini were talking on the phone about the Valmalenco phenomena.

Neobatri’s portrait has been drawn by Lea and made available exclusively for this article.

Every word, thought and emotion of mine is never private, my extra-terrestrial contacts always hear me. During one of our monthly talks, Diego and I were discussing about the phenomenal events that occur in and around the Valmalenco area. He told me that several people who traveled to the mountains have personally witnessed and photographed UFOs and beings that clearly non-human in appearance. This area also posses other peculiarities, such as housing unique subterranean crystals and a military base.
After speculation of the unusual events in the mountains, I sensed a rise of interest from my contacts end. On rare occasions, do these E.Ts interrupt my talks with other people when referring to them, however there was something different this time. Through my mind, I heard one of the xeno-emissaries, Neobatri, reach out and took a high interest in this subject. Immediately, she began giving me information about that area, talking about how space was (in her words) 'broken' and that they were trying to repair the damage. I relayed this news to Diego as it came, rapidly, I tried piecing together everything Neobatri was trying to say.
From that communication, she said:

The space around that mountain [TXP - The Pizzo Scalino] has always been thin, where several planes of existence intersect and rub against each other. This can create small openings between them, but there is something wrong now. Larger rifts have been opened by someone and not only are energies leaking in, but it's an open door for other beings to enter through. We are trying to close them and will succeed in time.

The extra-terrestrials I'm in contact with have various different educational backgrounds. Neobatri has never been scientist, nor has experience in spatial layering and inter planar existences. Her primary skill is being able to know things like who, what, where, why and how – an intel specialist. What I'm trying to emphasize is she was the last person to have knowledge about this, considering who she is and the nature of what's happening in Valmalenco. Lest of all, Neobatri and I hardly speak.
Even knowing my E.T contacts for over a decade, there's still so much more that I'm unaware of. They only teach me things that I'm allowed to discuss openly and when there's a question that I'm not meant to know the answer to, at the time, is usually met with silence. As was the case with Neobatri when I tried to ask her for more information. The little else I received from her, or the collective of others, was that whatever is happening in the mountains does not pose any immediate danger to anyone surrounding the area. Though, it would be smart to exercise caution when one were to encounter strange beings or energy spots wandering around.