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La Commissione 31.10.2020

The Cross And The Lightning

Classification: CEX-I/II

Diego Antolini
This image was taken on August 5, 2018 from Chiesa in Valmalenco, (SO), Italy. As a very hot summer evening faded into the night, a sudden storm broke out, pouring rain and lightning.

In Western culture the lightning is associated with the Father of the Gods in the Olympus, Zeus; in the Bible it represents Lucifer (Luke 10:18 in the King James's version.) This element is, in its deepest essence, a symbol of energy and light, perhaps one of the "bridges" between the Heavens and the Earth, and the Fall of the former into the latter (maybe this is why the biblical reference to Lucifer, the "Light Bearer", who is thrown by God into the depths of the abyss.) For the Greeks, the lightning was a symbol of intuition and spiritual illumination.

A massive lightning apparently befell directly on top of the Pizzo Scalino, while to the left of the mountain 4 bright objects can be seen in the form of the Crux, or Southern Cross, constellation.

The Southern Cross can't be seen from our hemisphere, being visble only South of the Equatorial line. As a matter of fact, several nations of that part of the world such as Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and Samoa have it in their national flags.
The Southern Cross points at the Celestial South Pole, in the same way as the Big Dipper in the Northern Hemisphere points at the Celestial North Pole.
In the South Pole there is Antarctica, and it's not a mystery that, recently, the icy continent became off-limits to civilians, and has been militarily restricted. Many mysteries surround the Antarctica from the under-ice Nazi bases to non-terrestrial outposts allegedly built between the frozen mountains as well as on the bottom of the ocean.

The symbol of the cross is very ancient. It represented, before the Christians chose it as the symbol of their religion, the cult of the Sun. Many cosmic principles are contained within the cross, from the Earth's movements (Solstices and Equinoxes) to the forces of creation (the masculine being in the vertical, the feminine in the horizontal.) According to the sacred numerology the cross represents the four cardinal points, the number 4 being the number of stability and progress, therefore suggesting that balance shall be achieved by posing solid bases. The hooked cross or Svastika was used to worship the Sun God by the cultures of Central and South America, while the complete rotation of that symbol is allegedly one of the signs of the Intraterrestrial Realms such as Shamballah.
A Cross is also the symbol of both Bologna and Genoa, both are red on white background. Bologna displays the lion's head (lion is a symbol of the Sun, and fire), while Genoa has two Griffons to the sides of the cross (the Griffon is, also, a symbol of the Sun and light.)

About the importance of Esoteric Symbolism which has directed the destiny of the societies around the world, see the upcoming Conspiracy series (Paragraph: Ritual and Symbolism)

About Nature's warning of imminent dangers, perhaps aided by "unidentified forces", we experienced the appearance of the Sibyl's Cry in 2015, in the exact area that later in 2016 was the epicenter of the endless quakes that shook Central Italy.

After that episode we can no longer ignore such signs. Can this image be another warning to open our eyes wide upon what is happening around us?
So, what the combination of such ancient and powerful symbols as the Cross and the Lightning is supposed to mean? The picture was taken right before the beginning of the series of "incidents" that are devastating Italy. If the Bologna explosion has Fire as its main element, Genoa was under heavy rain while the bridge collapsed (and two "lightnings" can be seen right before the tragedy), and the Molise region of Southern Italy is now struck by a series of seismic quakes, are we to expect the last element, Air, to close the circle of the elements and give meaning to the apparition of the cross in the sky? 
That symbol, for the reasons given above, was clearly "manufactured" by unidentified forces, so is it so far fetched to think that the meaning of that phenomena is that the "wrath" of Nature is, in fact, somehow induced by artificial agents?

To find an indisputable explanation of symbols is an impossible endeavor given the very personal and subjective relation between Archetypes and our perception of reality. However, looking at these events with watchful eyes, and with a clear, unbiased mind is the most effective way to receive these signs, and be prepared.
16/08/2018 10:00:33