REPORT #VID_4_6015023920485237956

Classification: CEX-II

Fonte: Classified

This footage shows the same object or phenomenon of the two previous videos, but here a second object of the same kind of nature can be seen. Between the two sphere the matter seems to be altered by an Unidentified Force Field (UFF.) It is unclear whether the UFF is a product of the action of the spheres or if they are there to control it. It is nonetheless a very rare phenomenon, that of unidentified objects or phenomena whose presence can modify the environment (Classification: CEX-II.)

The screenshot is taken from the original footage.

The location of the recorded video is Vassalini Area, Valmalenco, (SO), ITALY
The sighting is classified as CEX-II
The sighting was reported on August 12, 2018 at 3:00a.m.