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We Were Never Alone

The Valmalenco Files #0

Diego Antolini
We first heard about Valmalenco in the late 2016, when we received a message from a local person asking if we knew anything about the events that were baffling people and authorities over there since at least 2011.
It took us several months of research to collect data and information about the various sightings reported and published in local newspapers and, in couple of cases, covered by national media.

We determined that the sightings and the stories coming from that small valley nested at the border with Switzerland was worth a closer look, so preparations for a field investigation began.
On June 2017 we went there for three days, met with our local contact, spoke with various witnesses (who were not so eager to speak up), and heard stories who went way beyond those published in the newspapers.

Then, we had the chance to look at some photographs, never published before, never disclosed to anybody. Those photographed made us realized the extent of the phenomena, and what it is really going on up there.
We couldn't take that material, but we promised to go back again.
The last evening we held a conference where we spoke about a Alien Interference, in the hope to let people understand that there have been similar cases, that are still happening and that they are not alone, as long as competent and knowledgeable people are informed about the various dynamics of the Valmalenco Phenomena, they can speak up for the locals and attempt an explanation.

A year went by, during which we never lost contact with Valmalenco. Occasionally we received news and updates, while we were silently working on getting to that unique photographic material that would  shock the Exobiology community from their very roots. Never in the history of the Alien presence on Earth we can recall to have seen such material published before.

2018. Nexus Italy's Tom Bosco and The X-Plan Group join forces to study the Valmalenco phenomena. This leads to our second field investigation – the first for Tom – in Valmalenco.
We arrived there in the middle of June, again for three days. But this time we were led to certain areas around the Pizzo Scalino, the mountain peak around which most of the sightings have occurred, and experienced a breach in our dimensional reality. All three of us, for several minutes, were completely isolated inside a "bubble" which didn't let any sound, any noise in. We could still hear our voices, but nothing from the outside.
This was our second experience in the "bubble", for in another extraordinary event, the appearance of the "Shadow of the Sibyl" in the Sibillini Mountains (Read the Article), we felt exactly the same thing: absence of sound, stillness of nature, as if everything around us had stopped. Now we can connect the dots.

Back to our cabin under a bright full moon which lit up the trail, we went to our rooms. About half an hour later we received a call: our guide was outside, watching two orange/yellow lights rising from the Bernina Mountains (approximately where the big Dam is located – a key point that we will develop in future articles) and hovering for a while in the sky, before fading away.
We couldn't get out in time to see them, but about 40 min later, another phone call urged us outside. Two metallic blue lights appeared in the woods on the opposite side from where we stood. The night, that about an hour before was as bright as daylight, was pitch black (and remained black for the whole time we observed the occurrence). We tried to see beyond the two lights, but our night binoculars didn't help. The lights were fixed, they were definitely not flashlights, there were not lanterns.
We observed them for almost an hour, then we retired.

The following morning we went to the area where the lights were, in search for signs of human presence, or some sort of equipment.
While still at the cabin checking our gear, 4 photographs were taken, right above us, showing an unconventional rounded object hovering still. To the naked eye we couldn't see anything, but the camera somehow was able to capture it.

The idea of being watched didn't hold us back. We went straight to the area of the blue lights and started to explore the mound, the depression behind, the rocks, shrubs and trees.

We found signs. Someone was there last night, from a spiked rock overlooking our cabin.
We found tracks. Three clawed fingers climbing the rock.
We found more tracks. The scratch mark of three claws on a soft patch between rocks
We found more tracks. Large, 4-fingered paws similar to those of a big cat or feline.
We found one more track. Very similar to the paw, only 3 times bigger.
What was there, watching, on that night? How many types?
Needless to say, the second night we stood outside, watching the sky, the full moon was shining in the sky and, although cloudy, never reached the blackness of the night before.

The evening of June 29 we again were hosted by the "Il Faro" bookstore in Sondrio, for an informal preview of our conference that we will hold at the end of July. During the two hours spent talking in front to about thirty people, we conveyed the message that forms the backbone for our investigation in Valmalenco: Exointegration, a word that in coming articles we will use it more and more as the key concept to unravel the events of that beautiful area of Italy.

Such events, which according to our TXP new classification fall under the CEX-I, CEX-II and CEX-III  levels, were to receive and outstanding corroboration. Out of the pictures taken during our speech, one shows a remarkable figure standing and watching. This figure looks solid, tri-dimensional, and very much alive. In the background, one of the decorations on the walls are illuminating. The painted twig seems to be an indication to read the beautiful quote in Italian:

"Remember, you who are watching...the Universe is within you..."

Nobody in the audience seemed to be aware of that presence, except the dog who, at some point during the night, moved from that area to the sofa where we were sitting, and remained with us until the end of the speaking. In 2016, during researcher Mauro Biglino’s conference in Sondrio, a similar entity was photographed. As far as we can see, both presences seem to belong to the same race. Perhaps the one who visited us has a different rank, given the size and the uniform.

Another peculiar detail we observed is the shadow behind the body of the "Watcher". What appears to be the shadow of that being, is in our opinion the "phasic offset" caused by the vibrational speed at which its molecular structure moves. In other words, we believe that the frequency of this entity runs at ultra short waves, making impossible for our eyes to see it. The camera, for some reason, could catch it as its body vibrates.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. What we are dealing with here, in Valmalenco, is something we can't fully comprehend yet, but it's perhaps the closest evidence to a multidimensional breach in our reality that we ever came across with.

Our investigation continues...
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