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NIBIRU - The Date

Diego Antolini
According to the Mayan Calendar, says Jose' Arguelles in his book "The Mayan Factor" (which is the harmonic path representing the equivalence between the Earth's solar calendar and the Galactic Harmonic Grid), the cycle consists in 1,872,000 Kin (days); 5,200 Tun (each of 360 Kin, that is, less than one year every Tun); 260 Katun (of 7,200 Kin each or less than 20 years per Katun); 20 Ahau cycles (composed of 13 Katun or 93,600 days each); 13 Baktun (of 144,000 Kin each.)

The key unit to be referred to is the Baktun cycle: 1 Baktun corresponds to a little more than 394 solar years. When divided into 13 Baktun cycles, the Great Cycle (or the Galactic Sync Radius) replicates the numerical sequence 1-13. The Great Cycle Calendar is obtained by overlapping the series of 13 Baktun to the time period between 3113 BC to AD 2012

The most notable Baktun in our case is the last, because it pertains to the time period in which we currently live. And it is the Baktun of the transformation of matter (AD 1618- AD 2012).
The following events have occurred, or will occur, in this last period:

- Rise and Triumph of Scientific Materialism
- European Conquest of the World
- Industrial Revolution
- Democratic Revolutions in North America and Europe
- Colonization of Africa, Latin America, Asia
- Industrialization of Japan
- Karl Marx and the Rise of Communism
- Communist Revolutions in China and Russia
- World Wars I and II
- Atomic Bomb and Beginning of the Nuclear Age
- Rise of the Third World's Powers (Islam, Mexico, India)
- Global Terrorism and Collapsing of the Technological Civilization
- Earth's Cleansing and Final Age of Global Regeneration
- Age of the Information and Solar Crystals' Technology
- Galactic Synchronization

What appears to be a 'terrestrial' historical process is in fact an interplanetary one. The Earth's role in the Solar System (which, according to the Mayan Cosmology, had a central star – the Sun – and at least ten planets) is to maintain the resonating frequency, along with the other planets, as represented by its own orbit.

Every 394 years a rupture in the Baktun occurs. That is, a cyclical transition from an ending point to a new starting point; a new impulse forms, the one who gives a galactic magnitude to the while model of the Grand Cycle / Galactic Synchronization Beam, which will lead to the resonating transforming conclusion of the total cycle, in AD 2012.
The year 2012 represented in the Mayan cosmology the end of a cycle, a very important date because it marked an unprecedented evolutionary passage.
Arguelles notes common traits in the numerical symbolism of both the Maya and the Book of the Apocalypse (or Book of Revelation):

"...The fact that Jesus was the thirteenth in a group of twelve disciples...and the constant repetition of number seven...a mystical benchmark throughout all the Revelation...there are...the 144,000 chosen ones, which is the same number of days or Kin in a Baktun...considering that we are currently in the thirteenth cycle, or Baktun 12..."
A contrasting point between the two documents is, according to Arguelles, the fact that the Book of Revelation describes the End of Times, while in the "Mayan Factor" the end of the cycle is just a new starting point for the cosmic evolution of mankind.

From a spiritual standpoint, therefore, the evolutionary process leading humanity to the Cosmic Harmony, which had begun thousands of years ago, will come to an end in the AD 2012. That year will be the year of the final transformation. If Arguelles has pointed out several similarities between John's vision and the Mayan Factor, we can believe that there could be even more precise connections, although finding them may prove difficult; let's say that the Mayan culture was entrusted to keep a spiritual asset, that is, the Maya possessed the tools to calculate and foresee the phases of the cosmic evolutionary cycles; let's say that John's 'vision-revelation' pertained to more 'material' facts, that appeared before his eyes as though coming from the future: visions of stars and heavenly wonders which leave us with little optimism. Instead of confronting the two aspects and identify the common denominator, why can't we try to integrate the two documents together?
This way we would have a more complete perspective of what's coming for the Earth. For instance, that the spiritual evolution of mankind will be in parallel with the events described in the Apocalypse, events that could be triggered by the arrival of a celestial body capable of changing the Earth's actual structure, if not the whole Solar System.

Ok, but when is this going to happen? It could be in the same year described by "The Mayan Factor" (AD 2012), or...

Psychic Jelaila Starr said:

"Nibiru is already into our Solar System...its up to will reveal could 2003, 2005, 2010 or 2012..."

Nancy Lieder laid a more specific year. She says the date will be AD 2003, and so does Pasquale Borriello, author of a well documented study on the "Tenth Planet".
Adriano Forgione, during the 2nd Nexus Convention (October 2002) gave a completely different opinion, saying that Zecharia Sitchin's estimates would push Nibiru's arrival to 500 years more.
At the time of this study (2002) we can see that the year 2003 will features various astronomical events:

1) Meteor showers, with its peak on May 5
2) Total Eclipse of Sun: May 31 and November 23
3) Total Lunar Eclipse (May 16 and November 8-9)

On that same month (May) there will be two full moons (May 1 and May 30), a very rare case that hadn't occurred in a long time.

If we pay attention to the little signals that our life sends us every day, and if we gauge our mind not by the 'pure coincidence' meter but within the 'cause-effect' scientific paradigm, then it looks like that May could be a month of great changes. Whether they would be 'spiritual' (as 'The Mayan Factor' states) or physical and phenomenological we can't tell with absolute certainty.
We personally believe that the change will perfect itself in a fairly short amount of time (next year most likely) - but the conditions for it were laid out long time ago – and that the times are ripe for marking the end of the cosmic cycle we belong to. We must realign ourselves to the very essence of our Vital System. The change must occur first at a spiritual level, and the evidence, if one wants to find one, is in the man himself, in our everyday life, and in our relationship with the matter and the energy surrounding us.
Man cannot live without thinking; every second of our existence is measured by a naturally perfect mechanism between mind and body. Likewise the Universe, which is our interior mirror, and we its creature, operates in unfathomable ways: energetic cause-effect (psychological, spiritual, mental), material cause-effect (physical, rational, corporeal), etc, in an infinite cycle, endlessly perfect. Each cycle is marked by dimensional passages and our time, today, it the time of the next passage.
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