NIBIRU - Prophecies II

Part II

The Monk Basil (1660-1722), a Russian prophet from the orthodox Convent of Kalnin, experienced, during his life several "ecstatic visions" concerning the future of the mankind; Basil wrote all of his visions in prose, like the following:

"Upon the golden lamb the stars shall fall, and it will become ash. An empire shall fall and a pyramid will be shaken by the earthquake,
for a blasphemous use was made of the Eternal. Gold will turn into ash and ash into gold: the country on whose rivers flows honey, shall become the country of starvation, where Cain and Abel shall dwell. Nothing shall last of the stars. On the time when the golden lamb will be destroyed (that will be the time of the marine beast) you shall see signs in the sky and on earth. The Sun will change its path and the moon will be lost among the mountains, the stars shall fall upon earth and from East a voice shall raise, which will be heard till the West.
Invisible mountains shall go through the sky, and when one of them shall be seen, there will be no more time to pray. You shall then hear the cries of thousand mothers, for thousand men shall be crushed by the mountain. Within the time of the marine beast the sky will cast its messages so that no man will come unprepared to the final day. Legions of Saints will come through the clouds, when earth will be besieged by Satan. The angels will speak to the men, albeit few could hear their voice and few could see the angelic visions. Millions of heavenly spirits shall dwell the sky and millions of demons shall dwell the earth: the former, dressed with light, the latter, of selfishness and wickedness. On the day of the three Saints, the shining spirits will descend on earth to carry the crown of righteousness, and a despairing cry shall be heard in the valley of the golden lamb.

The passage "...The Sun will change its path...there will be no more time to pray..." could refer to the appearance of a new planet in the Solar System, planet which would produce changes on our planet such as the axes' sliding. This would necessarily lead to place the earth on different coordinates to the Sun and constellations. Furthermore:

"...The day will come on which you shall find the Black Sea over the Urals and the Caspian Sea upon the Volga highlands, for everything shall change...where there was once ice, now it shall burn the Sun...citrus...shall be collected from the ground of...Russia, whilst ice will rule over Northern Africa..."

As well as in the Black Spider's prophecies ("Christ dies along the Tiber and arises on the Volga"), here too is Russia the land of the "change"; deep and radical changes are expected, caused by the arrival of something "from the sky", from outer space, that is.
It is not certain whether it will be a meteor, a planet or any other celestial body; however its impact against our planet will cause dramatic electromagnetic and climate changes. [the "change" coming from the East is the same prophecy mentioned by Apocalypse of Ephesus and by the Black Spider].

Few it is known about the Nun of Dresden, beside that she lived on a convent near the Elba river between 1680 and 1706.
She experienced various ecstatic moments although she could barely read and write; however, during those moments, she could speak greek and latin correctly.
The Nun of Dresden spoke upon the time of the coming of Lucifer, which shall occur between 1940 and 2010:

"...The satanic Hierarchy will rule upon Earth, lead by a demon who will speak the tongue of Attila but will wear the dress of Caesar..."

Again the East is referred to as the place from which the Antichrist is supposed to come. Attila (Nostradamus' "Roy d'Angolmois"?) and Caesar, roman emperor, are here expressly mentioned. [The constellation of Orion is currently watched to the East, that being the alleged direction of the arrival of Nibiru]