Center for the Advancement of Humanity

The Center for the Advancement of Humanity is a spiritually based center
who is striving to investigate and explorer many of the world's greatest mysteries
as well as the secrets of our universe and to share back in all forms of media the
very best information we have uncover. We are a network of centers beginning to
open up all over the world.

K2Space Corp

K2Space (USA) is the landing platform for all Tokens, Coins, & NFT Projects that we host or create. One-stop service to launch your Crypto endeavors from the idea to reality with a mix of technical & creative skill sets; we strive to have a dynamic approach in every concept we develop, & it is meant to stay & evolve. We help launch start-ups and educate individuals about the Digital world, and educate them of new exciting opportunities in the Decentralized systems.


Energy2karma was established by Nikunj Irani in 2020.
Energy2karma is a digital marketing company based in Mumbai, INDIA.
We are a start-up which deals in media monetization. Currently we are using affiliate marketing to promote Indian and foreign brands on the internet through our blogs, YouTube channels, social media and influencers.

X-International, Co. Ltd

X-International (CHINA) has been committed to the production and sales of wigs for more than 7 years, with sufficient technology and experience to cater to all needs of aesthetics and high quality.
Main products include human hair wigs and synthetic wigs, which have been exported to many countries and regions worldwide.
Transparency and commitment are the company's core principles, product improvement is its eternal pursuit, and its duty that to provide customers with a complete service from design to delivery.


Nexus Edizioni



Eremon Edizioni

La Corona

Giochi Di Magia

C. R. Leonardo Da Vinci

Il Sito Del Mistero

Marina Dionisi

Chupacabra mania

Media Mystery - Misteri in TV