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GHOST FILE HK2017-3 – The Haunted Hospice

Diego Antolini

The last place we visited on that long night was a former hospice located in a elegant residential area. The place had one large gate which was locked, so we had to enter through the side of the property, whose short wall made the climbing fairly easy.
Jeff said that we are not allowed to disclose the name of the hospice because there are still investment companies trying to develop the site, and attaching the “haunted” label to it could damage the property value. Truth of the matter is that, over the years, several contractors tried to tear down the old buildings to rebuild new ones, but they kept on experiencing strange occurrences, such as reports from workers who allegedly saw old people hanging around the premise while nobody has lived in that place for a long time. As such sinister reports kept on coming, the companies stopped the works and no one dared to disturb that land anymore.

The first villa house we entered was cluttered with all sorts of objects, from broken furniture to shattered glass, plastic, and pieces of stones fell off the ceiling. We attempted to go to the second floor but the structure was too damaged to guarantee safety, so we came out into the courtyard and looked at the other villas. We spotted one that seemed in good conditions and approached it. A careful examination confirmed that both the first and the second floor were accessible, so we proceeded with our investigation. On the second floor we used dowsing rods beside our modern EMF gear, to spot any energy variation in the area. We found one room with an intense energy coming from or near the window, and while we were performing the “scanning” with the rods, a bat came in from the outside and began to fly frantically in circles around the person holding the rods. That person, looking up at the animal, saw actually two bats, but later on the rest of the group assured that there was only one bat in the room, and the video taken during the investigation confirms that. A bat's normal behavior should be that to stay away from human presence; due to their echolocation ability, these nocturnal animals have extremely sensitive ears to detect objects or obstacles. In our case, a possible explanation for the bat actually coming into a place full of persons is that it might have been attracted by the flashlights, although our voices and the noise we made should have been enough to direct the animal elsewhere.
After scouting the entire second floor, we went back to ground level, and SZ-X prepared to summon any ghost which could still haunt the hospice.

The Ouija board used by SZ-X was the same as the Western version, with the difference that theirs had Chinese characters printed on the board in a circular pattern, and of different sizes. Each circle contains words divided by subject; when people, at least two (but in this case three people played with the board, 2 from SZ-X and one from TXP), place their middle fingers on the small cup standing in the center, they do so without exerting any force upon the cup. The man is supposed to use his left hand,while the woman her right hand. After the Sutra (i.e. prayer in Buddhism) is recited, asking the board to favor the summoning of spirits or ghosts that are nearby, it needs only to wait for an answer.
Firstly we asked the ghost's name, and the plate moved toward some characters. The meaning of it, however, was unintelligible. One of SZ-X members said that the ghost could be one of the former tenants of the hospice, and that it was too old a spirit to give out clear clues upon its identity.
Then, we asked two more questions, trying to make out the meaning of the cup's trail by analyzing the characters that it touched by taking them one by one in their individual meaning. It was like unraveling a riddle by picking up clues here and there.
After the questions, the ending Sutra was given in order to send the ghost away. It is absolutely forbidden to detach the fingers from the cup until the prayer is completed. And the Sutra will not end until the cup moves back to the center of the board. Failing to break this rule would cause the invited ghost(s) to haunt those who played with the board, forever.

Before leaving the premise we lit up a fire in the middle of the courtyard and performed the final Dana ritual, burning paper money, Buddhist prayers, and incense, in the hope that the spirits still trapped in our physical world could be freed from their residual bonds, and be allowed to go back to the “other side” once and for all.

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