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GHOST FILE HK2017-2 – The Red Ghost

Hong Kong Files Part II

Diego Antolini

This abandoned school was supposedly the site of a Japanese massacre during WWII and is reputedly the most haunted school in Hong Kong. The girls’ washroom houses the ghost of an old principal's wife who committed suicide there and, clothed in a red dress, shrieks at anyone who dares venture too close. Nam Pak Rd, Yuen Long.

According to our research, the school was founded by the Tang clan, known to have a power second only to the Yuan dynasty.
Many stories have risen around the school over the years; one of them tells about a group of men who used to play war games in abandoned building constructions, and Tak Tak school was one of their chosen battlefields. While playing, the ones that were shot by the paint ball would have to go sit on the 'dead bench' (a bench where the losers sat on until the game was over); while they were sitting, one of them noticed a man kneeling in the corner of a room. They stood up and approached him, curious to find out who he was. As they pointed their flashlight on to him, the man vanished. The "benchers" were surprised, but continued to stay. Meanwhile, one of the players hid in the girl's bathroom, when he felt a presence next to him. He turned back to see, but nobody was there.
Another story has it that 12 young girls went into the Tak Tak school attracted by the rumors and the obscure past of the building, and while they explored the place they saw a lady in red near the girl's toilet window; one of the girls panicked and started to behave as if a demon had possessed her. When she regained control, she told the others that she saw people killing and committing suicide.
The link between the "Lady in Red" and the school seems to refer to the wife of the last principal who, after discovering her husband's repeated cheating, hanged herself inside the girls' restrooms. From that moment on, people reported of seeing a lady in red fluttering by the school's windows at night. The "Red Ghost", as the specter became known, is allegedly responsible for shrieks and screams that can be heard, at times, from the empty school.

We arrived on the site at night, parked the van on a secondary street, and immediately saw a series of well-kept tombs lining up on the side of the road, the side facing the school's property. On the other side there were houses. We were warned not to point our flashlights directly at the tombs, lest we would disturb the spirits of the ancestors and attract unfriendly energies upon us.
The school is built on a hilltop, so we had to climb a flight of stairs and plunge into a lush vegetation that once was a sport field. The basket ball ground was still visible among the grass, with the basket structure looming out like an eerie tower. Walking across the field we found a thick forest surrounding the hill; we had to be careful not to wake up snakes or other dangerous animals. We kept on walking, noticing that the real threat were swarms of mosquito that attacked us immediately. Our insect repellent didn't seem to work that much, at least on those of us who were not local.

We finally stopped at the Tak Tak School's front gates. At a first glance we realized that the entering would have been nearly impossible. The rusty, iron gate – which was locked by a heavy chain with a locker - was reinforced by a thick net and by some wooden planks. Clearly visitors were not welcome there. SZ-X performed the Dana ritual while TXP tried to find an entry point, but the only possible opening was a crack in the net above the gates. We should have climbed upon the metal doors, sneaked through the hole and land on the opposite side.
We checked the building through the bars, observing an unmounted scaffolding to the bottom of the barrack-like edifice. The windows and the doors seemed to be all closed, but we were looking at a building across a front yard at least fifty meters wide, and in complete darkness except our flash lights. SZ-X decided that breaking through the property would have not been advisable, therefore we had no choice but going back to the van as soon as the Dana ritual was completed.
During one of their past investigations, SZ-X could actually enter the school and explore its desolate corridors and rooms. While taking pictures and videos nothing was noted. But later, after they went back to base, one of their members who hadn't joined the trip noticed the red shape of a face in the corner of a window from one of the shot taken. That particular shot came from the visit of the second floor, as the ghost hunters were turning into the next corridor.  We personally saw that frame and it is pretty impressive, although the face is not clear enough to determine whether it is that of a man or of a woman. This only makes our failed attempt to enter the school more frustrating.
One of the thing that struck us was the presence of several tombs along the road adjacent to the school yard. Jeff explained us that they were probably built before the school was built, and that they were built there because of lack of available land elsewhere, a problem that has always affected Hong Kong. Moreover, it is not unusual that people build tombs around or near residential areas (on the other side of the road, opposite to the school there are houses), for Chinese believe that the deceased ancestors ensure protection and blessing to their offspring.
We found a source in the internet which claims that, having interviewed a man called Fat Uncle - the brother of Tak Tak school's last principal, learned that the grave yard consisted of the souls of the soldiers that died in the British war; however we found no evidence to corroborate this story.

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