The House of Hearts

[Excerpt from the Introduction]

It was during one of our investigations in the Marche region that we were approached by a family from Rome who told us about some strange phenomena that they allegedly witnessed in a regular fashion. Such phenomena would revolve around single individuals, but would manifest with particular vigor within their house. After a series of interviews that we
held in order to understand the nature of the anomalies, we decided to investigate the phenomenon.
The investigation began on November, 2016 and lasted until April 2017. We performed two on-field investigations into the house.
The present article reports what we have collected, observed, and recorded during the time that we were actively involved. We have acquired several photographic material and some videos which were given us by the witnesses. Others, we have recorded directly in the course of our visits at the house.  
The building is a mansion built in the 70s upon a hilly terrain just outside Rome. It has an overall surface of about 1,000 square meters including the land around it. It is composed by two underground levels, a ground floor and a first floor.. Its architecture bears the peculiar shape of a shell or spiral.

Among the evidence we have collected there is a short clip sent us by one of the witnesses. The clip shows a Gallium thermometer whose temperature drops unnaturally fast from 38 ºC to 36.7-37 ºC, and there stops. According to the witness, this phenomenon would have repeated several times in sequence until the video was made, and as a message for us: a message from the witness' deceased father to confirm his constant presence inside the house.

We haven't been able to find a scientific explanation to this video as of yet...